Story: He wants to give the property to Bai Yueguang’s child before dying, me: Do you have fertility?

Tonight, Su Yanan was busy finishing work.

As soon as she walked out of the company’s building, she saw a woman familiar to a woman from a distance.

Suddenly, she was slightly stunned and stopped.

That woman is not someone else, it is Bai Jing, the best female girlfriend in her college.

Two years ago, Bai Jing and Su Yanan’s husband, Yu Sheng, was a mixed meeting in the house sent by Su Yanan’s house and was caught by her on the spot.

The girlfriend’s love no longer exists, and the two teared their faces and became enemies.

Su Yanan had abandoned the derailment and betrayed her husband’s dirty, and wanted to immediately propose a divorce with him, and let him roll up.Ke Yu Sheng’s lion said, asking Su Yan to give him half of the property, and he was only willing to sign a divorce.

The husband and wife had been married for five years, and most of the property was working hard to work hard. There were two real estate that was given her to her parents after their marriage.

How could Su Yanan, or the real estate that her father and mother worked hard to earn her, gave this shameful scumbag?

Isn’t this cheaper? Bai Jing?

Therefore, she would rather consume Yu Sheng, and did not want to divorce him, dividing half of his property.

Yu Sheng was even more mad, and he moved to Bai Jing with his eyes. He mixed with her all day and was unwilling to go home to see Su Yan’s smelly face.

Su Yanan’s heart was hurt by him. Regardless of him, he would go wherever he loved, and he loved anyone. As long as he did not come back, he was shaking in front of her, and she would be satisfied.

In the past two years, Su Yanan has no contact with Yu Sheng, has never seen each other, did not call, and did not send information.

Now seeing Bai Jing came to her, she felt a nausea in her heart, and almost vomited.

"What are you doing here?" Su Yanan walked in front of Bai Jing and asked coldly. "I don’t grab a man with you. If you run here, I’m not afraid that I will grab you about my husband.Promote it? "

After two years, Bai Jing seemed to be much old, her hair was yellow, her face was pale, and her eyes became dull.

She looked at the people around and looked at the passers -by in a hurry, her eyes were even more dim.

In the end, she fell into Su Yanan’s body and said some regrets:

"Su Yanan, if time can flow back, I really don’t want to grab a man with you."

Listening to her ridiculous and absurd words, Su Yanan was laughed at:

"Then why did you want to grab my men with those despicable means at the beginning?"

Recalling that once, Su Yanan hated Bai Jing to grit her teeth.

At the beginning of college, Su Yanan’s family was in good family, and she was the only daughter in the family. Naturally, she was loved by her parents and other elders.

Bai Jing comes from the distant small villa. Four or five brothers and sisters in the family. Parents are old and do not say that they often go to the hospital to take medicine.

Bai Jing’s college food costs every month are not enough. Three meals a day almost eat buns and are boiling water.

Su Yanan is a enthusiastic and kind girl. She couldn’t bear to look at her friends so poverty.She called her parents and asked them if they could help Bai Jing, and supported her every month to support some living expenses.

If the second child of the Su family said, he agreed.

Therefore, Bai Jing’s living expenses for four years are assisted by the Su family.

But where did the Su family expected? Bai Jing was actually such a white -eyed wolf who had revenge.

Bai Jing fascinated Su Yanan’s husband, Yu Sheng, snatched her original happy marriage life, destroyed pure white love in her mind, and trust in men!

Two years after graduating from college, Su Yanan and his beloved Yu Sheng entered the palace of marriage.At the wedding, Su Yanan also invited Bai Jing as her bridesmaid, and threw her bouquet in her hand to her. I hope she can find Ruyi Langjun as soon as possible to live her expectations.

But Bai Jing was attracted by Yu Sheng, who was handsome and clear, and could no longer see other men in her eyes.

In order to get close to Yu Sheng, in order to know more about him, when she was chatting with Su Yan, she often pretended to talk to her inadvertently about Yu Sheng.

At that time, Su Yanan was very naive, so he shared the fun of his husband and the sweetness between his husband and wife, and shared it with Bai Jing.

Bai Jing kept the preferences and taboos about Yu Sheng in his heart silently …

One thing Su Yanan’s last regret was::

Once, she had to run to City C for a business trip. It took more than half a month.

Yu Sheng is engaged in scientific research, and his own ability to take care of himself is poor.After she was worried that after she left, her husband was not good at taking takeaway every day, and he was afraid that he would get tired.

She thought of her girlfriend Bai Jing, shouted her home, gave her thousands of dollars of living expenses, and asked her to do dinner for her husband after get off work.

Bai Jing’s cooking skills are very good. Every time Su Yanan eats the meals she made, her mood will become particularly good.

As soon as Bai Jing heard the invitation of his friend, he deliberately asked:

"Yanan, let me go to your house and cook for your husband, will this be inconvenient?"

Su Yanan laughed on the phone and immediately laughed:

"Oh, you are my best girlfriend, and my husband is the most trusted man in my life. You are cooking and eating, how can there be any inconvenience?"

Bai Jing listened on the side of the phone. Although she laughed on her mouth, she said secretly in her heart:

"Su Yanan, God is too grateful to you, so that you will have a golden key as soon as you are born. You live like a princess without worry. Even the men looking for are so handsome and talented.If you don’t grab a little things with you, you will never realize what is the suffering of the world. "

Later, she set up a trap and took Yu Sheng from her net step by step, letting him follow her, love her …

But now, Bai Jing returned to find Su Yanan again.

She saw her little face is still beautiful, her eyes were clear, her skin was white and tender, and her appearance was beautiful.

Compared with her, she is really a hell and a paradise!

Su Yanan, her husband ran away with her, her life still lived so well, and her material and spirit were still so full and full.

Bai Jing was jealous and crazy.

She looked at Su Yanan resentfully:

"Su Yanan, you are really lucky! You really are the darling of God."

"Say less nonsense." Su Yanan looked at her in disgust, "If you have anything, you can say it.

Bai Jing pursed her dry lips, and told her quietly:

"Yu Sheng’s illness fell, and the lung cancer was late, and the time was not much. He asked me to come to you and want to deal with you the property that belongs to his name."


Su Yanan looked at her eyes, and she was stunned for a while, but her heart was nauseous like swallowing flies.

"He suffers from cancer when he suffers from cancer. Why come back to me?

Really, I want to come back to find her trouble after dying. Isn’t it better to hang up by this kind of scum?

Bai Jing pulled the corners of his lips, showing a strange smile.

"I don’t want him to die like this."

"Of course, you are so baby." Su Yanan said ironically.

"No no no." Bai Jing shook his head and pressed his hand gently on his stomach. "I hope he can divide the property with you and leave all the money in my belly, and he dies."

At this time, Su Yanan noticed Bai Jing’s bulging belly. It seemed that she had been pregnant for seven or eight months.

Su Yanan laughed twice and cursed:

"Bai Jing, you are really worthy of Yu Sheng!"

For money, she was so poisonous that she didn’t even want her face and dignity. She wanted Yu Sheng to compete with Su Yanan.After Yu Sheng died, the property he competed was Bai Jing.

Bai Jing was ridiculed by her. Not only did she not be annoyed, but she said shamelessly:

"No way, I’m too poor, I need money too much."

Su Ya glanced at her scornfully:

"I talk nonsense, your affairs have nothing to do with me. Take me to see Yu Sheng. I have dealt with him earlier to deal with the divorce, so you can get rid of it early, and stay away from your pair of dogs and women."


Bai Jing led Su Yanan, walking towards their rental house …

Soon, Su Yan saw her husband who had left home for two years.

She looked at the bed with a stunned man. Her husband who was not sick was not at all, looking at his thin body, and his empty eyes, she didn’t feel at all.

She looked at his eyes, as if he saw an unrelated stranger, instead of seeing the husband who was about to die, and was distraught.

Not only was she not sad, but she also thought of it. Maybe he died earlier, then she would not have other troubles. At that time, no one would come to compete with her for property.

Then, she can start a new relationship and a new marriage freely!

"Yu Sheng, do you let Bai Jing look for me to tell me about divorce and property?"

"Yes." Yu Sheng nodded with weakness.

"Huh, you have been dying shortly, what is the use of going to my property?"

"The child in her belly is my blood, and I have to leave the money to the child." Junan said with his fingers at Bai Jinglong’s abdomen.

Su Yanan listened, covering his mouth with his hands, giggling.

She smiled and squeezed out. After laughing, she raised her hand to wipe the tears in the corner of her eyes, sank, and asked Yu Sheng in a cold voice:

"Yu Sheng, you have been married to me for five years, and we have never had children. Bai Jing was pregnant during your illness, don’t you think it was strange?"

"Also, do you have fertility?"

Before finishing, to be continued!(Endless code, there is another chapter)

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