Story: The mother -in -law is strong and the husband is stereotyped, marrying to the rich family of the capital in Beijing for half a year, and I left and left the book.


The richest thing around Taoyuan Village is the family. There is a horse in his family.

Like us, we do n’t even have a cow.

In recent years, the court fought with Liang Guo in the north, and the taxation of the service overwhelmed the backbone of the poor.

It can be seen that the so -called Taoyuan Village is not as worried about the nomads of the world.

My mother gave birth to her daughters in three consecutive births. Many people in the village joke on the ground. My dad not only picks up shoes, but also can’t stay.

My mother was carrying Kufu’s reputation in front of my father.

My mother didn’t want my dad to be joke, even if she was weak, she continued to give birth. When I was three years old, she finally got pregnant and had a result. After several years, she had no news.

The life of Taoist priests gave me a smile on my father’s face, and some people said that he was stupid.

"How can there be a scammer’s reason to give people silver!" My dad took out the twenty -two silver wrapped in the red cloth and refuted fiercely.

That’s right, that Taoist priest not only gave me a life, but also gave twenty or two silver, saying that it was good.

My father didn’t want it. After several miles, he didn’t catch up with the Taoist priests, and the silver naturally left.

However, he wants to leave the silver as a dowry, and the life of his life, plus this silver, can find a good family.

No matter how many people I have, it is obvious that the changes have brought about it. Since I was thirteen, I have come to the door from time to time to talk about relatives from time to time.

At the age of sixteen, I married the Zhou family of Zhou Bokang as Zhou Bokang. Several Zhuangzi Zhuangzi used to raise silkworms, as well as dyeing fabrics.

Scholars, farmers, industry, business, no matter how big the business is, the status of businessmen is low.

My mother -in -law made people say because of listening to my life. He also hoped that his son Dengke and the first became the official.

It was ridiculous that the night of the big wedding, Zhou Bokang opened my hijab and only noticed my bright red mouth.

He frowned and seemed to be more engraved with a square face. "The lady didn’t apply her mouth to so beautiful in the future, reminding me of the fox essence that describes the blood of people in the book."

My new wedding night got a fox nickname, but when he was in the room, he disliked me too rigid.

Why didn’t he marry a fox, everything is there!


Before marriage, I also looked forward to Wen Runru’s husband, and the dream of dreams broke overnight.

I do n’t know if my mother -in -law has or not, but she left me a bunch of rules on the second day of her marriage, all of which were sent according to the official of the official family.

She learned her four dislikes, walking like a puppet when she walked with her body.

Not only did she strictly control herself, but even Zhou Bokang had to talk about her in the same room with me.

I have become the rules of the Zhou family that can only follow the rules of the master and mother.

I miss the days when they are unmarried, although they are poor, they are physically and mentally.

I like to read books, but I don’t like to watch the female virtue and women who specialize in my mother -in -law. I stay in the yard for more than half a day. Occasionally, the birds fell on the branches and fluttered their wings to the distance.


I looked up at the corner of my mouth and watched the birds who didn’t know how many passing people passing by, but it was beaten from the air, and my smile stiffened on my face.

"Listening to the people said that I often sit in the courtyard to watch the birds. These miscellaneous birds are not familiar with it.

Zhou Bohao walked in from the door of the courtyard, holding a bird cage in his right hand, inside with a colorful eight brother.

I don’t know how long I taught, and I learned from me when I saw me: "There are beauty, in the water side."

Not a good bird!

Zhou Bohao gave birth to a pair of Danfeng eyes, and he followed him with more faces. When he looked at people, he was either squinting or raising the corner of his eyes, but it felt like it was contempt or serious.

The little sister behind him was holding a slingshot with one hand, and the birds hit by one hand.

I avoided Zhou Bohao’s intentional eyes and stared at the dead bird. "My uncle’s kindness I received, but the backyard, especially here, is where I live with your elder brother."

My mother -in -law did not allow me to go out at random. Even if I went out, I had to wear a hood. I couldn’t talk casually with men other than Zhou Bokang, let alone get along close.

Zhou Bokang was taught by his mother into a sour Confucianism, and I hated him.

Zhou Bohao learned business with his father -in -law. At a young age, he was said to be very exquisite.

He laughed, "The elder brother went to the state city to prepare for the exam. As a good brother, I sent some gadgets to unravel the boredom."


I frowned and turned to the room.

If the Taoist priest was approved, the emperor must be faint. After all, Zhou Bokang has not even been admitted to a person, and he is expected to be a jinshi.

"I probably don’t know that my good brother is so comfortable in the state city, and the red sleeves are fragrant day and night!"

Zhou Bohao smashed my last thought, and I completely became a clay sculpture that only meaning ‘Xiangrui’.


"Xiao Liu, how far is it?"

Sitting on the carriage bumps for two days and one night, my intestines were almost spit out.

The girl in the carriage, Xiaozhu, took out the prepared plums to give me, and hit the curtains and came in.

For the first time, I knew that I was so courageous, because Zhou Bohao deceived my mother -in -law on the grounds of praying for Zhou Bangxiang to pray for blessings.

I want to go to the state city, and I want to ask Zhou Bokang what I am in his eyes!

The only confidence I can argue with it is that the hexagram is criticized, but the power of the wife is so weak that it can be ignored.

I don’t know what such a crazy move.

Xiao Liu, who was sitting outside, said to me back to me, "There is a half -day journey, do the lady stop for a while?"

I wave my hand, "It’s faster."

Let me either vomit on the road, or see Zhou Bokang confront him as soon as possible.

When we were completely dark, we finally arrived in the state city, and the carriage stopped outside Yuhua Lane’s penultimate yard.

Xiao Liu and Xiaozhu held me out of the carriage left and right. I stepped on the ground softly and felt that my body was shaking.

I stood for a while and came over to somehow and said, "Xiao Liu, go to shoot the door."

"Madam, don’t you find a inn to find Lang Jun tomorrow?" Xiao Liu was a little bit.

I shook my head and said that I didn’t need it. I was afraid that I fell asleep and fell away.

Xiao Liu took a few times the door, and the door opened a slightly fat black face woman.

Her voice was thick and large, and a pair of evil slaves was a good dog.

Xiao Liu stepped back a few steps and helped me to see it in the right hand: "Do Zhou Jialangjun live here?"

Black -faced woman with nostrils’ um, ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘, and said impatiently: “Lang Jun has a wife to serve, and a fox essence smells.”

My anger rose to the top of my head instantly, and said coldly, "The wife lives in it, what is my Song Qingmei! Roll in and let Zhou Bokang come out to answer me!"

At this moment, I am fortunate that my mother -in -law’s ears are forcing me to learn the factions of the officials of the official family. Three or two sentences are full of momentum, and the black -faced woman was scared by me.


I did not expect that the woman called the wife in this yard was actually Tao Yan. Before that, she was just the mother -in -law who was serving in front of her.

Zhou Bokang had two tongs before marrying me, but her mother -in -law only regarded them as slaves who accompanied their son’s bed.

Both of them stayed in the big house, so that my mother -in -law did not allow me to follow, and there was nothing good.

But what is this woman now?

Zhou Bokang didn’t feel where he did something wrong. The first sentence asked: "Why are you here, do you let you come to see me?"

I sank to the bottom of the valley, and only pointed at Tao Yan, who took off her face and looked at the virgin.

My breath of his chest was undulating, and only asked Zhou Bokang: "Lang Jun, is this woman who entered the house or the mother pointed to you?"

He face coldly, "What is your tone, just a concubine, what I give by my mother still can’t ask you to ask for the main quality. I also rushed to Wen Shu to participate in the Police.go."

Actually gave me the name of the room, and it was ridiculous that I was unknown as my wife.

I thought he was reading a fool, and he put on the dignity of a man for a while.

Tao Yan mocked his proud gaze and stabbed like a needle, stabbing me to settle down.

At this moment, I am like a clown, and no one will care about my face.

I remembered my eldest sister. When she left the scholar she rescued, I was only six years old. The villagers said that she elopelessly eloped the face of the woman.

The eldest sister is not such a person. She seems to be different from me, or she is not the same as the people in Taoyuan Village. She is unwilling to succumb to the fate of blind marriage.

She said that Ning Ning did not make a phoenix, and she was going to Emperor Jing to make a famous hall.

Ten years later we have not received her words. Some people have rumored that she has fallen to the largest green building of Fengguo, and some people say that she has become a wealthy master of Emperor Jing.

Daddy and mother are not allowed to raise sisters. At this moment, I suddenly want to know that she has achieved her dreams or scattered into mud.

I have the life of his life, but I am ridiculed by a concubine. How far can the elder sister go alone?


I didn’t quarrel with Zhou Bokang, nor did I admire the right wife with the theoretical room of Tao Yan. I was like a lonely soul who entered the grave and walked around and left blankly.

"Madam, do we go back?" Xiao Liu asked carefully.

"Back to where?"

County Zhou Family Mansion?It’s not my home there.

But I didn’t want to return to Taoyuan Village. Everyone thought that I would marry well and became the official of the official after becoming a rich lady.

I was so sad that I had lost my soul and went back to my father and mother.

"Do you go to your aunt’s house for a few days?" Xiaozhu realized that she was reckless after finishing saying, and quickly changed her mouth: "Let’s return to the county seat.

My aunt married Huayang County. After seeing her last two years, I was envious of her jealousy.

I was a little moved, "Xiao Liu, you hire a carriage, we go to Huayang."

She looked very scared. It was enough to advise me to go back earlier. It was enough to provoke my mother -in -law’s anger.

It was nothing more than a hat that gave me a unattended woman.

I no longer want to be fooled by the so -called batch of people, and I don’t want to let my mother -in -law continue to pinch me as the mud.

Xiaoliu was just a girl, and she signed a deed. Her life and death were all in my hands.

Sitting on a bumpy carriage again, I realized that I had the courage to deceive my mother -in -law to go out.

I can’t say that this feeling is good or bad, but I don’t have the kind of depression in the Zhou family.

It’s okay to move towards this, I move forward without hesitation.

My aunt was surprised by my arrival, and was surprised that it was just a word or two of the words, and then pulled me down and asked the situation at home.

We are talking about the home of Taoyuan Village, and I picked it back to the good place.

She asked the Zhou family how to treat me again. I smiled at the corner of my mouth, "They can’t wait to take me as a bodhisattva, otherwise I can say that you can take the maid and go away."

"Count their eyes bright, but not everyone is blessed to be a life -saving lady." Aunt and glory smiled.

I sighed in my heart, and turned the topic calmly, "Aunt, have you heard the news of my eldest sister?"

She touched my head as a child, and the sadness in her eyes passed by but smiled and comforted me: "No news is the best news. Qingye is a smart girl. She always knows what she wants."

I nodded, and my heart became more firm.


I have a decision than deceiving my mother -in -law. I want to go to the elder sister along the source of the rumors. The most thing I say is that she has fallen into the largest green building in Dijing.

Unfortunately, before I had time to say goodbye to my aunt, I welcomed a nasty person -Zhou Bohao.

He held a gift to find his aunt’s house. In the words, my mother -in -law was not assured that I asked him to pick it up in person.

His tone was more like my husband than Zhou Bokang. The aunt heard a string of expressions on his face and rolled around, saying that he explained that I took me into the West House.

"Qingmei, what’s the matter? Even if your husband is busy with Wen Shu’s exam, there is no uncle to pick up the truth!"

Not only no reason, but also no rules!

She said that the Zhou family is also a rich household, and she is not reliable than poor people.

I barely laughed: "The Zhou family is a bit different from someone else’s family. There is nothing. I want to come and my mother -in -law will not rest assured that the talent will arrange him."

I know that Zhou Bohao was not here to pick me up, and his mother -in -law must be angry.

I didn’t want to worry about her aunt. She appealed to her carriage and Zhou Bohao back.

He rode beside him, and asked across the car curtain: "Don’t worry, everything has me."

I frowned and said with a sultry voice: "If you don’t work, your uncle will bother, I will recognize how my mother -in -law should be punished."

It happened that I also wanted to ask her why she deliberately arranged a close -fitting girl for Zhou Bokang, and she also lifted her.

Zhou Bohao laughed, "Isn’t it the worst that the worst is nothing more than being returned to her mother’s house?"

I didn’t answer, in fact I did think that.

He also said from Gu Zi: "I think too simple. My mother must not be able to lie to her. Do you know what the ending of my dad’s third room and the chamber of the room?"

"I don’t want to know, I’m tired and want to rest for a while." I hated this noise sound.

He still said, "The room was punished kneeling. After half a month, he gave half a bowl of porridge every day without distinction. Finally, the knee was destroyed into a half -residue.","

I was stiff, and I wanted to say what I was tasteless. I simply closed my eyes.

The sound of noise finally stopped.


When I returned to Huayang County, Zhou Bohao told me while resting: "No one wants to eat more suffering. I hope I don’t want to step on the back of the chamber. Do you really don’t consider my proposal?"

I decisively refuse: "No."

If you have any considerations, I am Zhou Bokang’s wife, not a concubine. My mother -in -law wants to let me kneel on my legs and learn well.

I would rather carry the reputation of being suspected of hooking up with the wild man. I didn’t want to be involved with Zhou Bohao.

He turned around and asked, "Do you want to leave with my elder brother and leave?"

It is not difficult to marry a wife.

I ca n’t take any idea of him, but it is undeniable that the proposal is very exciting. For the first time, I looked at him. "Do you want to help me or hurt me?"

"Then it depends on how I look at me." He was slightly raised, "He must be free after he leaves.

Does he know what?

I looked at Xiao Liu and Xiaozhu, and next time I denied this doubt, I didn’t mention it to them.

Is Zhou Bohao mentioning it casually or unique?

I didn’t respond directly to his question, "Why do the uncle help me, have it conditions?"

He laughed: "I don’t like the name of 嫂, I want to change it to a ‘lady."

"You’re crazy!" I was angry, holding my fist to hold back the impulse to slap him.

I really regret that I want to pin out the point from the Zhou family to this kind of person. I know he is not a good person, isn’t it?

I’m so stupid!

I was completely dead, even if his eyes stared at my back, I didn’t take a word.

Back to the Zhou family silently, the mother -in -law who was in front of her mother -in -law and Yan Qiu came to let me pass.

At this moment, I thought I thought I would be embarrassed and scared, but when I was really facing, I was relieved.

My mother -in -law must not be able to accommodate her daughter -in -law, and I would rather be a cousin.

Zhou Bohao’s shamelessly followed him. I was too lazy to control it, and I had no power to tube back to this house.


My mother -in -law was sitting on the upper position with a frost. As soon as I stepped into the door, she threw the tea cup in my hand towards me, "Kneeling!"

The tea was hot, and the wet shoulders were hot and painful.

I stood stubbornly. "My father and mother have raised me for sixteen years. I will not send you to the door as a slave. If you are dissatisfied with me, give me a rest.of."

What kind of shit, my wife, I am not rare!

I don’t love Gao Gao wealth, I want to live freely than my face.

"Aversion to the sky! My reputation of the Zhou family has made you throw away!" The mother -in -law was furious, pointing at Yan Qiu angrily: "You’re blind? Don’t press the things on the ground on the ground!"

I also worked hard at home. I pushed Yanqiu and stared at my mother -in -law. "My face was earned by myself, not by others! I married my husband for less than half a year, and you arranged him a concubine warmly.Where do you put the Zhou family’s face again? "

My resistance ushered in her greater anger, and pulled her throat to let Yan Qiu go to find a strong old mother to come in to clean me. The image of her lady couldn’t pretend.

Zhou Bohao entered the door to stop Yan Qiu. "Mother, Dasao is wrong, she shouldn’t lie to you, but she also missed the big brother to find someone in a moment.

My mother -in -law pointed at him angrily: "What are you doing, you can’t get out of your mouth here, roll out!"

"My mother is angry and scolds me. I am wrong.

My face is white, "You are nonsense!"

The mother -in -law was also split by the thunder, and she was afraid that her family was ugly and hurriedly instructed Yan Qiu to leave all the servants in the yard.

She trembled angrily, staring at Zhou Bohao and asked: "You can say it again!"

Zhou Bohao knelt on the ground, "Mother, my elder brother and Tao Yan ghosts mixed with the ghosts.

I think I am dreaming, it is ridiculous!

What does he think of me first? I have never seen him before marrying the Zhou family.

He really wants to destroy me!

My mother -in -law stared at me viciously, "Is you a cheap product that is not guarding the lady, right?"

I sneered, "I don’t keep the woman’s way. I still meet your good son in front of the two girls. Are you satisfied?"

Even if I was soaked in a pig cage, I had to drag Zhou Bohao as the villain.


The mother -in -law’s face was innocent, and immediately let Yan Qiu call Xiao Liu and Xiaozhu, and carefully asked them that I could leave them in the past few days.

Xiaozhu shook his head again and again, but Xiao Liu said, "On the night before the night before, the wife and the second son were in the same house for nearly two hours. After the second son left, the wife also ordered the slave to let the inn burn the hot water to bathe, but did not leave the slave.Servant in front. "

I looked at it suddenly, "How much silver did you accept Zhou Bohao? Or is it a person who has become his person as soon as he is waiting for Tao Yan?"

This is a trap!

I was so stupid that I thought she controlled her life and death.

She also vowed to say: "The traces of the wife’s neck on the second day did not disappear, and you lied that he was bitten by a mosquito."

I don’t want to let her continue to pour dirty water. "You don’t just want to be a slut, or so on, let’s soak the pig cage, let’s do it!"

"Mother, all of this blame me!" Zhou Bohao continued to act disgustingly, and he also pulled me affectionately, "Qingmei, didn’t you say that all responsibilities that night should be responsible for me?"

I threw away him, "Don’t touch me, I feel dirty at a glance at you!"

I don’t want to care about the real purpose of him, but what he does can’t wait to peel him and cramp.

Since he deliberately told me that Zhou Bokang found another woman, it was restless, and I fell into his trap step by step.

Xiaozhu did not testify for my innocence does not mean that she was not purchased, otherwise how could she be brave and proposed that I would go to my aunt and wait until Zhou Bokang appeared?

This trap is really a ring one by one.

My mother -in -law kept me into the room and made people look at it. I was sitting and thinking about this ridiculous marriage.

If time can flow back, I want to kill the nonsense Taoist.

His life was buried in my life.

But I don’t think he understands why he should do this. Twenty -two silver is not a small number, and his father and mother have never offended.

I have been closed for nearly two months, and I have not been sinned except for diet deductions.

Probably Zhou Bohao’s pseudo -gentleman was so good in front of her mother -in -law.

Zhou Bokang returned, and rushed into the door with anger and gave me a slap.

"Body! No wonder I can’t get it, it’s all you hurt!"

He fell on the list again, and did not pass the exam three times.

Think about it. Every day, I was tossed by Tao Yan, so I have a lot of energy to read, let alone he is not reading.

I laughed wildly, "I am a fool, you are also a fool with your mother, and you actually believe in the weird talk of his life."

"I want to kill you, you destroy my career!" He pushed my neck with force.

I can’t make it open, he is a weak scholar and a man.

I feel that I am about to die, or die, and this absurd day either end the day.


When I was almost strangled, Zhou Bohao came, and I did not die, watching the two brothers fight.

I threw the scissors under the pillow. "What is the meaning of punches and kicking, it is a man to be a bit bloody."

I am happy no matter who is dead, it is best to die!

Unfortunately, Zhou Bokang fell to the ground with a scissors into Zhou Bohao’s thigh.

A farce ended with Zhou Bohao’s injury. He forced my father -in -law to give me a paper rest on the grounds that Zhou Bokang was sued Zhou Bokang on the grounds of the gate, but also lost the two shops to him.

The current court does not allow the scholar with the bottom of the case to take the exam. The Zhou family hopes that a son’s son’s eyes are about to be green.

I was stunned by my mother -in -law, and she did not mention the incident of returning to the gift. I dismissed that thing that was greedy.

I only memorized a small bag, the cloth clothing and Jingye, and I would not have it.

When I walked out of the alley, I betrayed my Xiaozhu as it seemed that it had been waiting. "Miss, the second son has already cooked everything. If he explains that if you go to Emperor Jing, he arranges someone to send you.Just come to mention kiss. "

I was all laughed at, "Where did his face feel that I wouldn’t marry him? Or do you think I can’t live without a man?"

Although I wished to leave the Zhou family, I don’t get this love.

Right now, many people will say that I can do it as long as possible. Soon after the newly married, they hooked up with their uncle and made their house restless.

My father and mother couldn’t raise their heads because of the sisters’ rumors, and they knew that I knew that I had incest and was resting and didn’t know what would be angry.

All this is given by Zhou Bohao!

Xiaozhu also argued for her master: "The second son is also a last resort. If the lady wants to solve the puzzle, she can go to Emperor Jing to see your sister."

My eyes were dull and asked coldly, "What do you mean, what does this have to do with my elder sister!"

"In the final analysis, it is nothing more than the four words" Yin Different Yang "."

Her answer is ambiguous, no matter how much she is, she refuses to say it.


I embarked on the unknown path to Emperor Jing. The trustee brought a letter to my father and mother, and only said that Zhou Bokang’s wife was going to find the elder sister.

Xiaozhu continued to do the duty of the girl, but what I said to her should not exceed three sentences a day.

I have arranged properly along the top of the top, and I have discovered it when I saw the towering city walls of the Emperor Jing. It turned out that when I thought it was far away, it was almost when I took the first step.

The carriage turned into a lane at the last house and stopped outside. Xiaozhu raised the curtain and said, "The lady will take a good rest today. When the slaves go to Ming Ming when you meet your sister, you have to listen to her arrangement."

I did n’t need to help her jump out of the carriage without having to help her. At this moment, I have a feeling of timidity in the countryside, and I am looking forward to seeing the elder sister. I ’m really scared here.

Listening to Xiaozhu’s tone, the elder sister should have done it well. Why didn’t you give a little letter at home for ten years?

Or is it true that she has already fallen into the dust, and the scenery is just a strong smile?

I didn’t close my eyes overnight, and Xiaozhu said that I gave me to see my elder sister at night.

Suddenly I regret finding this regardless of this, maybe the elder sister didn’t want to see me.

The emotions have been maintained until Xiaozhu led me into the largest green building -Qian color square.

I was sad in my heart, and all the guess became true, and I will tear off my elder sister for ten years.

I think I am wrong!

"Little sister." A sister -in -law walked towards me, and her eyes flashed.

I rushed into her arms and shouted with choking: "Sister!"

I think God is too mean to the Song family. My dad hopes to have three daughters. My mother is weak and insists that the child is recognized by the fourth child as a son but slippery.

The older sister’s appearance was the most out of the wind. After the second sister married, it was difficult to die, and I added a shame to the Song family.

Is this life?

The elder sister patted my back gently, soothing for a while and took me into the room.

She didn’t take a long time to talk about the experience of these ten years. Her identity is now the old man of Qian Seerfang, and it is renamed ‘Thousand Machines’.

She said with a gentle smile: "I am not as difficult as you think. I chose this path by myself. I did n’t rely on sex to wait for people to do what I like.”

"Sister, don’t say it, I shouldn’t be stupid to come to you."

She said it was bland, but I cried into tears. In my opinion, she just told me the side of the scenery and swallowed her.

She helped me tears, "I know your business is too late. I’m wrong. I shouldn’t think it is for you."

I stunned, what is to arrange my life?


I guess the beginning. The one who gave me a batch of life was arranged by the elder sister, and the Zhou family also picked it.

But she missed the twists and turns in the middle. She picked me Zhou Bohao, but because my former mother -in -law claimed that it was replaced by Zhou Bokang.

I don’t know what to hate the elder sister. If I do n’t have the order of ordering, I may not marry a high -door household, and I will worry about my livelihood, but I do n’t have to worry about the husband and the husband.

She blame herself, "I can’t make up for what has happened, but the Zhou family treats you to pay the price. Zhou Bohao solves the trouble for you but counts how to deal with you."

To put it bluntly, I and Zhou Bohao’s dirty water is not clean. I am afraid that no man is willing to marry me a messy woman like me.

I want to marry the only way to Zhou Bohao, he broke my future.

I don’t want to mention this person again, "Sister, can we go home? Daddy and mother are thinking about you, we can change to a place to live, far from the familiar place."

She shook her head, "What I do is very important when I can’t leave yet, and I can’t leave. Where do you want to go, I can arrange it, and I can connect with my father and mother."

"What are you doing, someone is forcing you?"

I was very anxious, and now my mind was sober and a little bit.

And it is easy to solve some things that I think it’s difficult to listen to her tone. Who gives her so much power?

"Some things don’t know the best. You don’t have to worry about my safety. You should be scattered during this period. When you decide to go home or go wherever you go."

The elder sister was unwilling to let me contact more things. I arranged a courtyard nearby, picked up two clever girls to serve, and gave me a batch of expensive clothes jewelry.

I was sullen for several days, and I knew that I was stupid to help the elder sister, but I just worried about her.

She was attentive to prevent me from getting infected with those things. The two girls could say that whenever I asked who the elder sister did something for her, she would take the topic.

I wanted to secretly investigate, but every time I was caught by the girl at a critical moment.

I think of a person, maybe he can solve the confusion for me.


I saw Zhou Bohao as expected. He was locked in the water prison of the house outside the city, and the whole person was tossed like a skinny.

His frozen mouth was purple and laughed, "Miss San also remembered me, the value of this suffering."

I frowned, "You are really crazy, even if you don’t add fuel and vinegar to slander me, I will not be with you when I leave the Zhou family."

Until now, I can’t understand why he did that. He should know that the eldest sister would never be light, and I would hate him even more.

He smiled bitterly, "My mother always hopes that my elder brother can study scientific research. There is no chance to give me a choice. Fortunately, seven years ago, I met your elder sister, and she let me know that the way I want to go can fight by myself."

Zhou Bohao said that I saw me several times before I married into the Zhou family. The elder sister received my portrait every year from his hand.

He didn’t like business. With the help of the eldest sister, he got a new identity and had successfully lifted it. He only waited to go home and told his parents the good news and then mentioned to me.

As a result, Yin Yiyang went home and met the robbers on the way home. After the injury was raised, everything was forefront.

I didn’t feel much about this. What I really want to say is probably nothing. "I come to see you not to listen to this. I want to know who my elder sister is doing things."

Zhou Bohao lowered his head, "I’m sorry, I don’t know."

"You lie!" I shouted angrily: "You are proud and arrogant, you will not avoid the eyes of others!"

After speaking, I stunned, why is it so sure?

Or why do I know so much?

I dare not think about it, and attribute this to him more than Zhou Bokang.

He looked up at me sharply and touched his iron chain. "I’m glad you can understand this, but the reason I don’t want to say is the same as your elder sister."

I have no vent of my stomach, and I treat me as a fool and idiot!

Originally, I still felt that the eldest sister was inappropriate for him to commit crimes. In a furious, I was only a bad person who was a bad evil, and it was best to die in the water prison.

After a few days, the elder sister asked me, "Do you want to let Zhou Bohao die?"

I don’t like this feeling, "Sister, although I don’t know the things you conceal me, but I don’t want you to be a person who determines the life and death of others at will. It is difficult to kill someone, but when you open your headNo. "

I couldn’t wait for Zhou Bohao to die, but this idea was limited to thinking about it. What he did was not to control life and death by me.

In my opinion, the killing of killings will make people numb when it is done.

The elder sister laughed: "Okay, I promise you. But you give up this opportunity, and I can’t sleep anymore in a few days later."

"How do he have nothing to do with me, elder sister, I don’t want to stay here anymore."

I am a little discouraged. I have no ability to stop the elder sister. How can I care about Zhou Bohao in the future.

But I don’t want to get a relationship with him again and again, I can only escape.


The elder sister did not barely leave me. After setting up the Qian color square, she took me to the other scenes of Emperor Jing.

She temporarily put down the identity of a thousand machines, and I also deliberately forgot to marry the fact that she had been married and played happily for a few days.

I do n’t know when I can see you again this time. On the way back, I feel heavier than when I came.

I just got out of the carriage at the door of the house just when I saw my mother came out. I ran over with the corner of the skirt and was shocked and happy. "Mother, are you having another body again?"

Her abdomen was slightly bulging, and it seemed that it had been four or five months old. I realized that it had been nearly a year since the last time I went home.

She has been more than forty, and she is desperate for her son. Have she regretted removing again?

Suddenly I was glad that Zhou Bokang was rested.

"The month is still shallow." She pulled my hand tightly, "Just come back, it will always be your home here."

As soon as my eyes were hot, I was crying, and I hurriedly opened the topic and said, "Mother, I have seen the elder sister, she is very good now, helping a large family manages the satin villages."

The latter sentence is not a lie, the eldest sister does still care about a few shops, not only satin villages, but also rouge flour shops.

Mother probably didn’t want to mention the Zhou family, and asked the elder sister’s affairs carefully along my words.

I did n’t change the word with my elder sister. The scholar was not a good person. She had to find a good -looking person, and she could meet the best.

When my father came back, he just heard that I said here. He opened his mouth and said that he was going to Di Jing to tie the elder sister back. How could there be a girl’s family who didn’t want to marry a person to marry someone outside.

I sighed and stared at the desktop, what would be good to meet people.

My mother slapped on my father’s back. "My daughter has her own idea and it has become a paving. What is bad?

"I’m not worried that she was bullied outside." My father whispered, and said to me to me, "The Zhou family is not a good thing, it is okay to leave that stinky pit."

I was so sultry, ah, and I was tired of returning to the house with excuses.

Mother whispered out of dispute with her father. I couldn’t hear what they said and had no intention of overheard.

I was lying on the bed stunned, as if I had a long dream, and I sweated when I woke up.

I can’t remember what I dream of, but the clearest thing is the bloody scene, as if many people have died.

I feel uneasy, and I always feel that this is a omen.

I was worried that my elder sister would have an accident, and immediately went to the girl who came back with me. "You hurried back to Emperor Jing to make my sister be careful. I dreamed that it was a bad thing."

She is a stable girl. I comforted me and said, "Don’t be anxious, dreams are reversed, I write to find someone to take it back."

I thought it was right, and a girl’s house took a carriage back and said that it would be more than half a month and was not safe.

I look forward to the elder sister’s reply every day. After a month, I finally look forward to it. She will be at ease and let me be at home recently.

I repeatedly confirmed that she was temporarily put down anxiety after her handwriting.

I gave half of the silver given by my elder sister to my father, half of it gave me my mother, and more than a thousand or two moved to the county town to set up a large courtyard.

Dad said that he was used to live in the field for most of his life, and he only repaired the courtyard.

I hope that the life is faster, and the mother gave birth to a child, and then …

Then I was confused again. Everyone has their own way. Where is my way?


The mother finally gave birth to a son. My father was happy to put several artillery battles, and the knot of the heart of more than ten years was finally solved.

After the banquet of the younger brother, I mentioned the idea of going to Emperor Jing. My father and mother did not agree, but I was a stubborn temperament.

Luthenian, who went to Emperor Jing again, laughed: "Fang owner expected that the lady couldn’t let go. No wonder you bought the yard before you left."

"Don’t blame me to interfere with her?"

"How can you blame you in the care of the owner of the Fang? She is not easy to have been in the past ten years. It can be said that it is often like a thin ice. This is why I did not communicate with my family."

Weaving Dreams told me a lot along the way. Except for the owners behind the elder sister, they did not disclose what they could say.

The more I know, the more I am scared. I always feel that Di Jing is like a huge net, and the people inside cannot escape or earn.

I can’t help asking myself, what can I help the elder sister when I go to Di Jing?

I can live a needle line but I can’t reach the level of embroidery mother. I don’t know a few words to be a female master. The craftsmanship for cooking is still far from the chef.

I seem to be useless.

When the elder sister, she dispelled my denial of myself, "Little sister, you forgot what you are best at, do you remember what you like to pinch with mud?"

Of course I remember that at that time, I was proud of this, but unfortunately I couldn’t play with my age.

After I agreed, the elder sister invited me to a master, not to teach me to pinch mud, but to be able to do with 容.

In this regard, I seem to be really talented. It took only half a year to make the two skeletons not as much as possible.

After that, my dreams will be weaving every other time.

I am immersed in such a day, don’t care about who the elder sister can do things, and don’t think about what I can do.

Breaking this tranquility day was when the first snow was in winter three years later. Weaving Dream brought a man without a portrait.

She said, "Miss, please make him easy to be Zhou Bohao."

Zhou Bohao?

I almost forgot this person. I subconsciously wanted to refuse, but in the end, I moved.

Mid -way I didn’t stop to confirm that it was not like, until the end of the dream and exclaimed: "After a lapse of three years, the lady can even figure out the exactly the same!"

My face was white, and I made a rhetoric that I didn’t believe: "Cooked can make it happen."

Emperor Jing’s heaven changed, and the emperor’s collapse was said to be a prince that many people did not expect.

Because of the funeral period of the Emperor, Qian Square was temporarily closed, and the dream weaving also had a long period of time without taking people to make me easy.

I know that there is a relationship, and the owner behind the elder sister seems to be clear.

What will be the ending?Cunning rabbit to cook dogs?

If so, I probably can’t escape.


The elder sister noticed my anxiety, "It seems you guessed, but don’t worry, we leave Emperor Jing."

"What’s up?"

She laughed: "You know when you arrive."

I waited for more than a year. When I saw Zhou Bohao, I was a little surprised and unexpected. After all, no matter whether the elder sister or dream weaving always mentioned him from time to time.

"Miss San, now I am the Ministry of Criminal Ministry of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs. Although I can’t ask you the name of Mrs. Life, it will not be too long."

I was not surprised when I heard this, as if a long waiting was for such an ending.

I smiled easily, "From the day I married your elder brother, I doubted the so -called life, until I was abandoned, I would not believe it."

I admit that I have been tortured by that batch of life for a long time, but in the final analysis of the mistakes, isn’t it because I believe in destiny?

But fate should be in my hands, I understand this truth.

He looked at me with a scorching gaze, "Miss San didn’t believe or believe me?"

I have forgotten his lightness. I couldn’t bear such a sight for a while. I missed my head.

He really wants to help me. If you do n’t happen, I might be trapped in the backyard of the Zhou family for a lifetime.

I wo n’t see the vast world like Di Jing, nor do I feel what I like to do.

Even worse, I will become as stubborn and exciting as my former mother -in -law, to maintain the dignity of others in order to maintain the status of my wife.

Zhou Bohao smiled, "Forget to tell you that I have been renamed Lin Chengqi, Zhou Bohao is dead."

I remembered the man who Yi Rongcheng had him, and couldn’t help but ask, "Is it true or false?"

He said with emotion: "The man was sentenced to death. I promised to take care of his family on behalf of him. He changed a way to die."

I ‘oh”, as if I had nothing to say.

He was also silent, and we stood under a banana tree across two.

He didn’t wait until he wanted the answer, and left a sentence when he left: "If you want to look back one day, I have been standing in the original place."

I didn’t respond, standing alone until the rain fell on my face.

My elder sister and I returned to Taoyuan Village. The younger brother had grown into a naughty child. A few days later, he stuck me, and he would shout "Three Sisters" everywhere.

There is another interesting day, you don’t need to think about how to be a good wife and how to teach your son.

I didn’t marry again, and I heard that Zhou Bohao had never married.

I am still used to call him like this.(Original title: "Mrs. Life")

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