Strawberry is "the most dirty fruits and vegetables"?How can I eat with confidence

Winter is the season of strawberries. Today, have you eaten strawberries?

Strawberries are not only tempting, sweet and sour, but also highly nutritious, which is loved by people.

But there are always rumors that strawberries are "the dirtiest fruits."Is strawberry really dirty?

Nine questions about strawberries, once clearly!


Strawberry is "the most dirty fruits and vegetables"?

There has been a "dirty fruit ranking" on the Internet, and it is very unfortunate that strawberries have occupied the top of the list for 7 consecutive years, because there are many farmers and disability.

Is strawberry really the most dirty fruit?

The saying "Strawberry is the dirty" comes from a list released by an organization called the "American Environmental Working Group".

From 2015, it will send the "Dirty Fruit and Vegetable List" every year. This year’s full name should be called the 2022 dirty fruit and vegetable rankings. Strawberries have always ranked topped with the list.

Many of the names of the name "US" and "Environmental Working Group" think how tall government agencies are, but they are completely opposite -it is just a folk environmental protection organization that releases this list every year.

But Americans themselves do not recognize this list.

Because this list gives the so -called most "dirty" ranking, the basis is that each strawberry can be detected the most pesticides on average, and not the most serious of the agricultural residue -that is, it is only detected pesticides, but there is no not.Excess.

In fact, although most fruits and vegetables will "detect" farmers ‘residues, and there are more than one type, the majority of farmers’ residues are far lower than limited standards, and they do not exceed the limited regulations of the US Department of Agriculture.

Because of this, both the US Department of Agriculture and the US FDA believe that the security products in the market are not worth worrying about.

As for our domestic strawberries, relevant national departments have also introduced the complete minimum standards for agricultural residues, and fruits and fruits must be tested before listing.

According to the latest data, the pass rate of Chinese agricultural products in 2022 was 97.7%.

It can be considered that as long as it is a vegetable and fruits purchased in regular channels, the possibility of excessive pesticide residues is low.The situation where strawberry farmers have exceeded standards are still rare, saying that it is "the dirtiest" is really unnecessary.


Will a lot of pesticides use the strawberry planting process?

Because many fruits and vegetables are in the process of planting, in order to prevent diseases and insect pests, pesticides need to be used.

This is the reason for taking medicine after life.

But this does not mean that you can be abused casually, and you can use it as much as you want.

In fact, my country has a clear national standard for which pesticides cannot be used, which can be used, which can be used and how much the amount is.

As long as you use it reasonably, you don’t need to worry about how much harm it is.

Because the dose determines toxicity.There is a pesticide residue that it does not mean that it is harmful to eat it. The key depends on how much the residue is and how much we eat.

As long as it is within the scope of security, it will not harm the human body.

Generally speaking, there are not many pesticide residues in strawberries. Considering that "strawberry freedom" is not so easy, everyone will not eat a lot, so don’t worry too much about this pesticide residue will harm health. Normal eating is normally.No problem.


Strawberry is large and the core is a bulging agent?

Many people say that strawberries with large strawberries and relatively hard cores are swollen.In fact, this statement is not reliable.

The size of strawberries has nothing to do with medication and hormones, but is related to varieties and management.

Some varieties are bigger, and some varieties are small.It’s like some people are tall, and some people are as small as their heads.

The hard strawberry may be picked without completely mature. It may be a variety of hard cores in itself, or it may be due to environmental impacts such as temperature and light.

In addition, there will be no safety issues even if the bulk agent is used.

The swelling agent is a plant growth regulator, which is widely used in fruits and vegetables. From the current results of the research, the swelling agent is still very safe.

Moreover, the swelling agent has a strong self -limiting, and a small amount of use can promote fruit growth, but it is not conducive to fruit growth, so it generally does not use too much.


White, green strawberry is the genetically modified?

In fact, this kind of strawberry is just an episode that occurs during the growth of strawberries. The episodes that occur due to the effects of weather and temperature are like the principles of spending spots and little freckles due to some external conditions.

It is not genetically modified, and there are no safety problems, so you can eat it with confidence.


Strawberry is so sweet, is it injected?

This possibility is minimal.

Because the injection is easy to break the strawberry, the strawberry is very delicate, and the transportation and storage can be easily broken.

Moreover, the sweetener of injection injection is also difficult to evenly disperse.This is completely worthless for merchants.


Is strawberry seeds protruding or sunken?

Strawberry seeds are the fruits of strawberries, which are commonly known as "seeds".

The red strawberries we eat are made of flowers, which we call them berry.

The protruding or depression of strawberry seeds is mainly due to the different varieties, and there is no good or bad.


What is the reason why strawberries are irregular?

There are usually two reasons for irregular fruits: one is that the temperature is low when the flower bud differentiation, resulting in poor differentiation, and the fruit deforms;

The second is that when flowering and pollination, the temperature is too high or too low, and the pollination of the bee is not good or not in time, resulting in irregular fruits.

In addition to affecting the appearance, it does not affect consumption.


Why are some strawberries rotten as soon as they are put?

Some have been gone for a long time?

This has a lot to do with the variety, picking period, and storage method of strawberries.

Some varieties of strawberries are not easy to bump itself, and the storage time is relatively long;

Some strawberries, it picks up early, is not completely mature, relatively hard, transportation and storage are more convenient, and it will be stored longer.

If it is a completely mature strawberry, it will be broken soon.

In addition, the storage method is also very impact. Some people will use fresh bags and foam when putting strawberries to prevent bumps. Some of them are directly plastic bags, so that the storage period must be different.


How to wash strawberries home?

As a kind of berry, the skin of strawberries gives a kind of poor feeling, and they dare not rub violently. Many people worry about the problem of being clean.

How to wash strawberries?

In fact, no matter what fruit, use clean flowing water to rub it appropriately for more than 30 seconds before eating, soak in water for 5-10 minutes, and rinse it again after soaking. The risk is already very low.

As for whether the cleaning water should be used to add washing, baking soda, salt and other things, it is not necessary, but it will make the strawberry taste worse and not delicious.

The group reminds strawberries that the nutritional value of strawberries is relatively high, but it should not be excessive when eating, otherwise it will increase the digestive burden of gastrointestinal tract, which may cause intestinal dysfunction.

Rainy day

Come a sour strawberry!

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