Stretch marks, the cost of being a mother?How can we be beautiful and "pattern"?

The pregnancy stripes on the stomach are not easy to eliminate, just like old bark, ugly, how many women can’t say the troubles, and they encounter their husband’s suspicion, so many people decide to eliminate it.What should we avoid and eliminate stretch marks in life?

During pregnancy, a large amount of hormones secrete the adrenal glandular glandular glandular gonads to increase the brittleness of the skin. When the skin stretchs the skin to a certain limit, it will cause a break from the skin tissue and cause stretch marks.

The emergence of stretch marks has brought us a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it affects the beauty of the abdomen. It can also cause itching and rash of the skin, because the skin is relaxed and wrinkled, it is easy to cause the breasts to not stand upright enough, it will become drooping, more dry and dryIt is particularly not good -looking, and stretch marks can also easily lead to fat accumulation. It has a negative impact on women’s posture and physical and mental health, leading to psychological unhealthy, which leads to postpartum depression.

How to avoid the occurrence of stretch marks?

When starting from the abdomen, use the belt in time to reduce the pulling of the abdomen well, which can help prevent stretch marks and reduce back pain.Before pregnancy, do the lower waist of the dance to enhance the stretching force of the belly skin. In yoga, the stretching of the cat can increase the abdominal elasticity very well.Before pregnancy, do the skin’s moisturizing, especially the butt and breasts of the belly. I often apply lotion. Do not wait until the stomach is big enough after pregnancy.

How to eliminate stretch marks?

1. Use repairing products and perform local massage at the same time. This method is comfortable. After massage, enhance blood circulation and help recover stretch marks.

2. Laser therapy, use a specific wavelength luminous device to directly laser laser to the leather to promote the formation of body tissue.The advantage is that the effect is good, but there is slight pain and weak effect.

3. RF technology, the principle of radio frequency is to use high thermal coupling to the skin, resulting in collagen contraction and re -forming new collagen. It is currently ideal for treating stretch marks.

Through the above content, we should all understand the reasons and disadvantages of stretch marks, so we should avoid it in advance in life. If you leave the child after giving birth, you have left ugly stretch marks, which affects the mood of life. ThenWe can choose the right method to eliminate.

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