Such a fearless sacrifice on a gentle and graceful woman is the most regrettable

Among the women of the Republic of China, Zhang Youyi’s life may be the most inconspicuous than those talented women, just like her humble marriage.Have the most romantic husband, but his heart has never stayed on her, but even a moment, but she still loves him and respects him.

Such a fearless sacrifice is most pity on a gentle and graceful woman.However, she came out of this regret that she broke the cocoon into a butterfly, and finally practiced herself into a person he had to respect even if he didn’t love.


On December 29, 1900, in a small village in Baoshan County, Jiangsu, the Zhang family gave birth to a girl.

Parents named Zhang Jiazheng for this newborn, a nickname."玢" is a kind of jade. The word "young" contains goodness. "Yiyi" means a person’s appearance and dignified appearance.

The Zhang family was a local wealthy. His grandfather had been local officials in the Qing Dynasty. Her grandfather Zhang Zuze was a doctor who saved the wounded.He studied medicine from Cao Cangzhou in Suzhou, and then opened a clinic in Shanghai and Nanxiang. It is a well -known local Chinese medicine medicine.

Zhang Zuze picked up the words "Jia, Guo, Bang, Ming" for his descendants.Among them, "Jia" and "Ming" are homophonic "home" and "people", "Jiaguo Bangming" means "from home to the country and the people."Zhang Youyi belongs to the word "Jia".

Zhang Youyi can be described as a well -deserved lady.


15 years old is the first turning point of Zhang Youyi’s life because she is going to marry.The fourth brother told her that she was going to marry a talented and ideal young man.At that time, Zhang Youyi was happy and had some expectations.

The Xu family’s employment ceremony was quickly delivered. At that time, Zhang Youyi was studying in the second grade of the Second Women’s Normal School founded in Jiangsu Province, which was founded in Chengde De -Quan, Jiangsu Du Dunde, and Xu Zhimo was only 16 years old.

Because he was going to get married, Zhang Youyi was forced to leave the school for only three years.Her fourth brother Zhang Gongquan was the secretary of Zhu Rui, the governor of Zhejiang Du Du. When he inspected the schools, he found that a student’s composition was very prominent in Hangzhou No. 1 Middle School.There are great courage to Ren Gong Liang Qichao, and the calligraphy is handsome and talented.

After several explorations, Zhang Gongquan learned that the person’s name was Xu Zhimo, and was the only child of a landlord’s rich man’s family.The public power was volunteered and wrote a letter to Xu Zhimo Xu Shenru.Xu Shenru, of course, was overjoyed, and immediately wrote back and said, "I am fortunate to marry the sister of public power as a daughter -in -law."

In 1915, Zhang Youyi, who was only 15 years old, was coupled with Xu Zhimo, who was still studying at Peiping University, and then Zhang Youyi moved to Zhejiang Yanshi Xu family to be a young grandma.


On the wedding night, Xu Zhimo did not enter the cave, but hid in his grandma’s house and slept for one night.Later, due to the urging of the adults, Xu Zhimo entered a new house under the cluster of the servant.

After marriage, according to his father’s intention, Xu Zhimo should participate in some factories and workshops of the Xu family, but Xu Zhimo had no interest in these. He held the book all day and felt empty.

When it was really boring, Xu Zhimo said to Zhang Youyi when he was studying at the preparatory course in Hangzhou No.1 Middle School and Peiping University.The excitement, joy and nostalgia in the tone made Zhang Youyi very moved.She asked Xu Zhimo: "Since it is so good, why don’t you go to study now?"

Zhang Youyi looked at the lost Xu Zhimo and said gently, "You don’t have to worry, I’ll find a way for you."

Zhang Youyi is a smart person. She thought of the second brother Zhang Junxuan.Zhang Junxuan quickly helped Xu Zhimo contact the Shanghai Baptist School.

In 1917, Zhang Junli introduced Xu Zhimo to his teacher Liang Qichao during his studies in Japan. This Xu Zhimo idol -grade character accepted him as an entry disciple.At this time, Xu Zhimo had the idea of going to study in the United States, but he always had no hesitation to reject it with his father Xu Shenru. Until 1918, he and Zhang Youyi’s first son, Xu Jixuan, were born.

Therefore, on August 14, 1918, Xu Zhimo went to the United States to study at his own expense under the recommendation of Liang Qichao and studied at the history department of Clark University.

In June 1919, Xu Zhimo graduated from Clark University.In September of the same year, he was admitted to the Economic Department of Columbia University, a well -known Columbia University.On September 24, 1920, Xu Zhimo went to Britain.It is precisely because of the British trip that Xu Zhimo met Lin Huiyin and fell in love with Lin Huiyin.

In order to pursue Lin Huiyin, Xu Zhimo left Zhang Youyi, who was accompanied by British reading and pregnancy. This is the darkest day of Zhang Youyi’s life. It was his brother who received the isolated sister and had children in Berlin.

Later, Xu Zhimo chased Berlin to find Zhang Youyi to sign a divorce agreement, because at that time Lin Huiyin had returned to China, and he was anxious to return to China to pursue Lin Huiyin.Before Xu Zhimo returned to China, he did a surprise thing before returning to China -on the "Divorce" of the "New Friends" in the "New Zhejiang" deputy journal "New Zhejiang" on November 8, 1922, he published the first Chinese in China.Western -style divorce notice.

At this time, Zhang Youyi, who was extremely desperate, considers the life of herself and children.

She thought that it was so simple to disappear from the world and end this tragedy!

Later, she remembered the first filial piety basic rules on the "Filial Scripture": "The body is skin -skinned, and the parents of the body will not be damaged, and the beginning of filial piety."

In this way, Zhang Youyi spent the first difficulty of life with her amazing personality power. She chose to learn more easily, live more freely, and watch her son grow up happily.


In 1924, Zhang Youyi, Germany, was not decadent after the divorce. She hired a nanny, studied German hard, and entered Fistrozi College to study early childhood education.

After Peter died, she did not complain, but instead returned to China with a ability.Germany’s loneliness and noise are obscure, and she has accumulated capital for her back to China.

In the summer of 1926, Zhang Youyi returned to Shanghai.At this time, Zhang Youyi’s fourth brother Zhang Jiazheng was already the vice president of Bank of China and presided over bank affairs in Shanghai. Xu Shenru also gave Zhang Youyi at 125 Hyege Road, so that she had nothing to worry about in Shanghai.

The second old man of the Xu family treated Zhang Youyi over his biological daughter, and they even divided the family property into three: Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman, the grandchildren Xu Jizheng and Zhang Youyi, and the old two.

In 5 years in Germany, Zhang Youyi was like a Phoenix Nirvana, and he was reborn.After returning home, Zhang Youyi founded China’s first women’s commercial bank and served as vice president.She set the office in the bank lobby, and the work efficiency of the staff was greatly improved, allowing the Shanghai Women’s Savings Bank, which was on the verge of closure.

While Zhang Youyi became the vice president of Shanghai Women’s Commercial Bank, the eighth brother Zhang Yujiu and Xu Zhimo and other four people opened a Yunshang clothing company at Jing’an Temple Road. Zhang Youyi became the general manager.


After the divorce, Zhang Youyi has always maintained a friend’s relationship with Xu Zhimo, and at the moment of his crisis, he relieved Xu Zhimo’s life.On November 19, 1931, Xu Zhimo was killed in the party ’s plane near Jinan. Zhang Youyi sent a 13 -year -old son Xu Jizheng to cook the ex -husband with the eight brother, and later presided over the funeral of Xu Zhimo.

After Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman got married, Zhang Youyi still took care of the Xu family’s parents.In 1931, Xu’s mother was seriously ill.

In 1949, Zhang Youyi settled in Hong Kong and met her tenant Su Jizhi.The doctor was gentle and elegant, but his wife abandoned him. He raised 4 children alone.Similar destiny made Zhang Youyi and Su Jizhi’s cherishment, and living together, like a family, inevitably love for a long time.In 1953, Su Jizhi proposed to Zhang Youyi.

In August 1953, Zhang Youyi, who had been lonely for 31 years, held a grand wedding in a large hotel in Tokyo Bank Street, Japan.

At the wedding, the 54 -year -old bride’s elegant face was filled with the happiness of the girl’s general happiness.


Zhang Youyi said that she did not hate Lu Xiaoman. She hated Lin Huiyin, but what she hated was not that she had dismantled her marriage, but that she agreed to Xu Zhimo, but regretted it and dumped him.

After the second husband died, Zhang Youyi lived in New York. Until she died in 1988, she was the longest person living in Xu Zhimo’s emotional life.Maybe Zhang Youyi is the woman who loves Xu Zhimo the most.

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