Such secretions occur during pregnancy, be careful of premature birth

There has always been a very intriguing phenomenon in the clinic:

When you talk about vaginitis during pregnancy, there is a meaning of "taboos" -all kinds of hiding, hiding, twisting, it takes a lot of energy to understand that Ang, it turned out to be the case.

In fact, this is a very common female disease. Besides, what age is this? What is the traditional concept?

According to surveys, more than half of women with sexual life have suffered from vaginitis, and although vaginitis during pregnancy does not have such a large proportion, it is also very common and common.

Moreover, vaginitis during pregnancy is not as mysterious and difficult as you think.On the contrary, vaginitis during pregnancy is as normal as a cold and drinking water, and the treatment is quite simple.

Common vaginitis is nothing more than these four types: bacterial vaginitis, mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and senile vaginitis.Among them, bacterial vaginitis and fungal vaginitis are the most common, and trichomonal vaginitis is mostly a category of sexually transmitted diseases. Generally, it will not be encountered during pregnancy, and senile vaginitis is not within our consideration.

How do you know which vaginitis you are

You can see the leucorrhea report.

Just look at the column I drew "cleanliness", divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and ⅳ degree.

Among them, Ⅰ and Ⅱ represents normal, and Ⅲ and IV represent infection.

Other data are used to specifically distinguish the type of vaginitis, such as bacterial or moldy or trichomonas.

● Bacterial vaginitis

Features: fishy odor, especially after sexual intercourse.The increased vaginal secretions can be accompanied by itching and burning sensation.

Cleanline: III or;

Other tips: increased number of white blood cells, or clue cell positive

● Mold vaginitis

Features: Finded bean slag samples or custody vaginal secretions.

Cleanline: III or;

Other tips: showing spores and (or) fake feds.

Treatment of the vagina during pregnancy will not affect the fetus

Many pregnant mothers are worried that the treatment of vaginitis will affect the baby’s baby. On the contrary, if it is not treated, it will affect the fetus.

If you suffer from vaginitis during pregnancy, if you do not add treatment, you may cause the fetal membrane to rupture due to inflammation and infection, causing some harm to the baby’s baby.If the pregnancy weeks occur earlier, the possibility of natural abortion and premature birth will occur.

At the same time, bacteria retrograde can also cause uterine cavity infections, which will cause the baby’s environment to damage and increase the risk of baby infection.If a smooth removal or mitigation is required, the chance of surgical infection will increase, which is not conducive to postoperative recovery. Over time, it may cause chronic pelvic inflammation.

Therefore, once vaginitis occurs during pregnancy, it must be treated as soon as possible. If there is vaginitis before pregnancy, it is best to cure and then get pregnant.

The cost of treatment is actually not high

In fact, the treatment cost of vaginitis during pregnancy is not high, but because of some other problems, such as repeated seizures, etc., often a simple vaginitis is expensive.It is often not ideal.

The complexity of simple problems is that a doctor needs to simplify the complex problems in order to analyze and study cases in more thorough analysis and study cases. It is what a doctor needs to do.

Medical care itself should also follow the simplest principle. For common pregnancy vaginitis, it should be just like facing a cold and cough, and face it calmly. After all, this is a very common and easy -to -treat disease.Some small hospitals were scared.

The method of treatment must be correct

"I also use XX clean, wash healthier,"

This almost brainwashing magic advertisement is actually completely misleading the patient. The actual situation is that don’t use XX to clean it and wash it worse. At the same time, the method of "washing liquid" should be resisted.

As an environment that is connected with the outside world, the vagina is easily invaded by the external bacteria, but there is a bacteria "vaginal" in the vagina that does not hurt the human body.

Because of the existence of this "indigenous resident", foreignic invaders cannot settle down and breed here.

If the vaginal washing fluid is used, the flora balance in the vagina that will be broken, including vaginal bacteria, then the vagina is more likely to be infected when the "foreign species" invade.

How to correct vaginitis during pregnancy

● Bacterial vaginitis

Recommended: metronidazole, one night, 7th or 8th.For the specific reference manual, a box is a course of treatment with a cure rate of about 80%.Stop drugs for more than 3 days for review, and the cost of treatment is about 20 yuan.If the treatment fails, it can be added with clinomycin at the same time, 300mg, and takes two oral time a day for 7 days.

Remarks: The authoritative FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has listed metronidazole as a Class B drug, which means that it can be used safely during pregnancy. If you need to take medicine during breastfeeding, it is recommended to stop breastfeeding within 24 h.

● Mold vaginitis


<1> Kermiumzole preparation, 1 capsule (500mg), a single medication; or 1 capsule per night (150 mg), for 7 days;

<2> Mi Kangzole Preparation, one capsule (200mg) per night, 7 days in a row; or 1 capsule (400mg) per night, 3 days in a row; or 1 (1200 mg), a single medication;

<3> Motimoin, 1 capsule (100,000 U) per night, uses 10 to 14 days in a row.

In fact, many diseases in our lives are not as terrible as expected, especially many gynecological diseases–

On the one hand, it is the influence of traditional concepts, and it is difficult to open up in front of a doctor or others; on the other hand, it makes our own lack of medical knowledge, so that some illegal merchants have been empty.Cervical erosion is the biggest example. How many people have been pitted without saying, and put their health in their health.

If you encounter these similar problems in the future, you must keep your senses and not be scared by the clouds. If you ca n’t do it, you can also ask me directly. As long as I see it, I will reply to you.

I wish you all health and good pregnancy.

I am an October bacteria, and I serve the mother of the world.

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