Such teams can quickly "enter the palace"!The new rules for the Forbidden City are about to be implemented

From July 25, a team of more than 85%of minors can make an appointment 6 days in advance to enter the Forbidden City.

During the summer vacation, the number of audiences increased, and the high temperature weather was frequent. In order to optimize the order of admission to the hospital, on July 14, the Palace Museum issued the announcement of the rapid admission announcement.

At present, the Forbidden City receives the audience at 40,000 people per day.From 8:00 to 11:00 to the peak of visiting, the audience lined up for a long time.

The Forbidden City formulated the rapid appointment and ticket inspection measures for the summer vacation in 2023.Teams, organized by independent legal entities, account for more than 85%of minors, can make rapid appointments for minor teams through mailboxes 6 days in advance.Adults in the team need to make an appointment to buy tickets.Each email can only submit one minor team information.

In order to ensure the safety of visiting, each team is limited to 30 minors. The proportion of adults to minors in the team must not be less than 1:10, and the total number of teams is 35.The Forbidden City stated that it will be reviewed in accordance with this proportion, and it will not meet the requirements of admission.The Forbidden City receives 400 minors daily, and the reception time order will be expired.As a result, the application unit will be informed by email.

After the appointment is successful, the "Application Application Application", "List of Visitors", "List of Visitors" and "Promise", which are consistent with the information of the appointment email information of the leader of the leader, and go to the ticket window on the west side of the Duanmen Square.The minor team holds a relevant voucher and can be admitted to the hospital from the noon door.In the peak of the guests, the Forbidden City will adjust the "Love Channel" on the west side of the Wumen and the nearby fast channels to a special channel for the minor team.

The Forbidden City reminds that if the information held by the team is inconsistent with the appointment information, it will be refused to be admitted to the hospital.At the same time, the unit was eligible for the appointment of the minor team in 2023.The minor team must abide by the "Palace Museum Visit Instructions", etc., and obey the management of the staff at the scene, which does not prevent other audiences from visiting normally.Otherwise, admission will also be prohibited, and the unit will be eligible for the appointment of the minor team of minors in 2023.

From the 19th, the Forbidden City will begin to accept the appointment of the minor team to make an appointment.It was implemented on July 25.

In response to the large passenger flow of the summer, the Forbidden City reminds that the audience should be admitted to the hospital according to the appointment time, and visit the peak.In order to shorten the queue and security check time, the audience reminds the audience to use the original ID card to check the ticket. Those who bring a large amount of luggage can go to the west side of the side of Duanmen Square for storage.

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Source: China Economic Network

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