Suddenly the child has diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain (gastroenteritis). What should I do?


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Q children suddenly have diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain (gastroenteritis). What should I do?

A method of gastroenteritis:

Key processing: prevent dehydration and sufficient oral liquid;

Although gastroenteritis is serious, it is actually very simple to deal with.The most important thing is to prevent dehydration, especially the younger children, the more severe consequences such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and shock after gastroenteritis.

If there are children with diarrhea at home, parents should pay attention to evaluating the symptoms of dehydration.If you have dehydration, just seek medical treatment immediately.

The symptoms of dehydration are:

The amount of urination is reduced (the baby within 1 year of age is replaced less than 4 times without wet urine, or the larger child is more than 8 hours without urine); dark yellow concentrated urine appears;

Thirst is serious;

Dry skin, lips and tongue;

No tears;

Rapid heartbeat;

Right or irritable.

It can appear when dehydration is severe:

Eye socket depression;

婴 囟 depression (a soft area on the top of the baby’s head);

Dissatious or coma.

If the following situation occurs, you should seek medical treatment immediately:

The number of diarrhea is increased;

There are blood, mucus or pus in the stool;

Continuous abdominal pain;

Continuous high fever, poor activity, etc.

The following are the principles of treatment recommendations for infants and young children’s diarrhea and vomiting for infants and young children: WHO, the American Centers for Pediatrics and the United States Centers for Pediatrics:

1. Use over -the -counter oral replenishment salt, [oral] liquid.

2. Children should quickly accept oral replenishment (within 3 or 4 hours after the symptoms appear).

3. If your child breastfeeds, breastfeeding should be continued.If the baby is thirsty after breastfeeding, or continues to vomit, or the baby’s urination is reduced, and the mother is not sure if her milk is enough, then you can give your baby some oral replenishment when not feeding.But don’t feed Baishui for babies that may be dehydrated.

4. If it is a formula milk, do not dilute the formula milk, and usually do not need to replace the special formula.If the formula milk makes the child’s diarrhea more serious, the temporary (2 weeks) can be considered (2 weeks).

5. Once the dehydration is corrected, restores to the usual diet.

6. Use additional oral replenishment salt to supplement the loss of body fluid caused by continuous diarrhea.

7. Avoid drugs and unnecessary laboratory inspections.

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