Sun Yan responded to the illness and made netizens feel distressed!This disease specializes in the mother, and the 4 signals will seek medical treatment in time

The ancestor of the Clan Clan went on a hot search again, but this time it was not because of the new drama, but when she talked with Cai Kangyong, she revealed that she was suspected of having a problem with the thyroid gland because of her eyes too big.

I couldn’t rest assured that she went to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no danger, simply because of big eyes.

However, the worries of netizens can not be said to be unreasonable, because the problem of thyroid is really attacking the group of mothers.

Especially the symptoms of hypothyroidism (thyroid dysfunction), just take it out, mothers can shoot a large area.

Before Tan Zhuo played a mother’s role, it can be said that the long -term mental was suppressed and the detailed details were performed.

The irritability and anger of hypothyroidism women ↓

Duo Khan ↓

And when my daughter was a demon, while thinking about talking well, I couldn’t control the delicate emotions of the fire.

Under the influence of hypothyroidism, the anxiety and emotional depression of the second child have not been pregnant.

When sharing this drama at the time, the first reaction of many sisters was:

Damn, isn’t I also hypothyroidism, right?(Really ~ performed too realistic)

There are more than 1,800 people who praise the nailing science.

We checked the information and found that the hypothyroidism is really angry and prefer to harm women!The incidence of women is 10 times that of men!

For the health of your sisters, we asked the doctor to talk about hypothyroidism. Everyone remember to share it with friends with thyroid problems around.

These four situations occur

Remember to check the thyroid gland

Speaking of hypothyroidism, everyone may be more familiar with its twin sisters -hyperthyroidism.Including when watching the show, some netizens asked: Ding Meixi’s situation is more like hyperthyroidism …

Regardless of whether hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, in the final analysis, the thyroid function has abnormalities. Excessive or too much secretion of thyroid hormones, and patients with hypothyroidism may also cause irritability and anger.

In addition, the most common cause of hypothyroidism -Hashimoto thyroiditis may first occur in hyperthyroidism before the symptoms of hypotonia.

Like hyperthyroidism, the impact of hypothyroidism on women’s health is also very great.

▲ Common symptoms of hypothyroidism

Have you been scared by these symptoms, did you not expect that the impact of hypothyroidism on the body was so much?

In view of its preferences to harm women, everyone should still be vigilant, especially pay attention to the following four abnormalities, which may have something to do with thyroid.

01 emotional abnormalities

Angry, anger, and emotional depression. In addition to being angry and disappointed with her husband, it may also be thyroid abnormalities, especially it is easier to lose temper than before, and it is difficult to control your emotions.

02 Out weight

There is no diet or exercise, but people are inexplicably thin. Don’t be too happy; if you don’t eat too much, you will get fat every day. Don’t be sad. These weight changes may be that the thyroid hormone secretes problems.

03 Stool abnormal

Long -term constipation and diarrhea for no reason, in addition to intestinal problems, may also be that thyroid hormone affects intestinal peristalsis.

Especially when the dietary habits are very healthy, constipation is still the problem of heart thyroid.

04 skin abnormalities

The impact of thyroid has a great impact on the skin.If we find that the skin is not delicate and smooth before, and the hair and eyebrows have fallen significantly, we can not rush to various medical aesthetics projects and use various anti -shampoo.

You can go to the hospital’s endocrinology department to register a number and check the thyroid function. When necessary, you can do another B -ultrasound. If it is a thyroid problem, it is much saving more than medical beauty.

What should I do if I have a hypothyroidism?

First of all, it is necessary to tell you that hypothyroidism is really not incurable. It has a very mature, effective and safe treatment plan in medicine: supplementation of thyroxine.

Many people are a bit resistant to taking medicine for a long time, but thyroxine has many years of application experience. It is used to supplement the part of insufficient secretion of its own thyroid ainoma.Generally, adverse reactions will not occur.

In terms of diet, patients with hypothyroidism generally do not have a special need for taboos, mainly two points:

Don’t take ingu iodine -rich foods such as kelp and skirts.

Eating less vegetables in the family can have a bad impact on the thyroid gland, but if it is cooked, the impact is generally not great.

The vegetables mentioned above do not eat raw, I really want to eat raw, do not exceed one pound every day.

Remind everyone again: A hypothyroidism is really a very good disease. You really don’t have to be too scared, and there is no need to seek a variety of remedies for treatment.

According to the doctor’s guidance, the re -examination and review are the simplest and safest treatments.

Away from hypothyroidism

It’s important to do these

No matter how simple it is cured, everyone still does not want to get sick, which leads to hypothyroidism. If you want to prevent, you can start from the following directions.

01 Do not smoke, stay away from second -hand smoke

Smoking and second -hand smoke are risk factors for hypothyroidism and other hypothyroidism. It may be related to smoking easily causes the immune system disorders.

For our own health, we do not want to smoke, but also persuade the people at home to quit smoking as soon as possible.

02 Reasonable iodine

If you want to synthesize thyroid hormones, iodine is indispensable. More than 80% of iodine in the human body comes from food iodine.If you eat less iodine, it will cause iodine deficiency thyroidistness (large neck disease).

However, there is no need to excessively replenish iodine. Now in the edible salt in each place, an appropriate amount of iodine has been added according to the local situation. The healthy people are enough to use the edible salt and then reasonably match the seafood.

03 Relax and stay up late

The most common thyroiditis is related to the disorders of the immune system, while staying up late and mental and psychological pressure have a great impact on the immune system.

Like Ding Meixi in the TV series, she worked two jobs. Parents who cope with difficulty + difficulty in spy, she did not pay attention to her life, and her daughter who did not fight for her worried.

Living every day in this high -pressure state, there is a problem with the thyroid gland, which is not surprising at all.

04 Time medical examination

Common symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as constipation, edema, hair loss, are more likely to remind ordinary people to think of other diseases, and rarely think about thyroid.

Many sisters have been edema, constipation, and emotional problems for a long time. The physical examination found that the hypothyroidism was found, only to remember: Oh, the previous situation was because of the hypothyroidism!

During the physical examination every year, check the thyroid gland and find problems. Early treatment can suffer a lot of sins.

Of course, I still hope that everyone will cherish ourselves well, we are less sick.

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