Sun Yizhen announced that the recent photos were exposed after pregnancy.

On June 27th, the Korean entertainment industry ushered in another happy event. Sun Yizhen, 40, announced his pregnancy!

She posted a post on her personal social account, saying that she had a good life. There was a careful and happy news to tell everyone: a new life came to us.

Sun Yizhen also exposed his current situation, saying that he is still confused, and every day he is worried and excited to experience changes in the body.Sun Yizhen said that although it is grateful, but because he is too careful, he has not told the people around him.So I was afraid that it was too late to announce it, and I chose to tell you now.Sun Yizhen bluntly said: "We will protect this precious new life."

In addition to surprised netizens, this wave also made the CP fan straight.

Sun Yizhen and Hyun Bin publicly in early 2021. On February 10 this year, the official announced the marriage. On March 31, the "Century Wedding" was held. On April 11, he departed to the United States for Honeymoon and returned to South Korea on April 28.At the same time, the two have been married for more than four months. For nearly three months of the wedding, a new good news has ushered in, and it is fast.

Netizens have begun to look forward to the value of the baby.

After the official announcement, Sun Yizhen’s recent photos were also exposed. At the end of May, Sun Yizhen shared the recent photos on social accounts, and then did not take his photos again. Most of them were pictures of life photos or dogs.

Judging from the recent photos of Sun Yizhen, she was facing the camera at the time. Although she was wearing a tulle skirt, it can be seen that the lower abdomen was slightly convex, and she couldn’t cover her pregnancy.

The advertisements taken earlier were also faintly "pregnant".It seems that before the stomach is highlighted, Sun Yizhen also seized the opportunity to shoot materials, so as not to work in the pregnancy cycle, resulting in the advertisement cannot be performed.

However, I have to say that the self -discipline of female stars is still shocking. Even if she is pregnant, Sun Yizhen can’t see the blessing, but there is a little swelling.

Sun Yizhen is 40 years old and belongs to an elderly woman. Naturally, the two people are getting early after marriage. The better the body. Xuan Bin is 39 years old. After the baby is born, the two can have a lot of time to accompany them. It is normal to think about it.

The two met from cooperation, became friends for many years, and then cooperated again in "The Devrene of Love", and there were a large number of CP fans. Then they met in the United States and then had feelings. Then they had a public relationship.Until today, Idol drama dare not write like this!

It’s no wonder that CP fans will say that they will win, who is happy.Moreover, the two people are talented, and Xuan Bin also cares about Sun Yizhen, and love is written on his face. How can such feelings be unreasonable!

Finally, I wish the babies of the two people be born smoothly and form a family of three!

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