Sun Yizhen attended a friend wedding in the late pregnancy, and went to Xuan Bin alone, and the pregnant belly obviously grabbed the limelight.

Speaking of couples who are in love, Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin must be on the list.The two of them have a similar age because of the "forced landing of love" and the same three views, and soon they have a good relationship.Their wedding scene was still in memory, but they did not expect to become, and the two began to attend the wedding of others.

Sun Yizhen attended a friend wedding in the late pregnancy

On October 16, South Korean netizens attended. During the wedding of Alibaba TV host Lina Kwon, he encountered Sun Yizhen, who was in the third trimester.She wore a loose version of the black dress, and because of the weather, there was a long -white coat with a handbag with a handbag and was shooting the groom and bride with heart.

It is reported that Sun Yizhen held a wedding in March this year and was pregnant in June. It was calculated according to time, and it was less than the third trimester.However, according to various signs, Sun Yizhen only announced the good news after 3 months of pregnancy.

The first is that her sisters posted a post saying that Sun Yizhen was pregnant with a little tiger, which will be produced at the end of this year.On September 5th, Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin were encountered during the early morning inspection. According to netizens, it was 24 weeks at that time, so now she was in the third trimester.

Go to Xuan Bin alone

According to the time of the netizens, it was 30 weeks of pregnancy when attending the wedding, and the pregnancy belly at the scene was very obvious. Even a loose jacket could not cover it.

But he did not see Xuan Bin. The two have always been loving couples. His wife participated in more crowded activities during the third trimester. How can he not be accompanied as a husband.In fact, the two people divided their private lives and work very lightly. Even if they attended the event during pregnancy, Sun Yizhen did not want to reveal the pregnant belly, and did not want everyone to pay too much attention to their private life.

This is also a consensus with Hyun Bin. In addition to the common activities of the husband and wife, he faced the family problems asked by reporters.Presumably this time because Xuan Bin had a job, and Sun Yizhen did not want to go to him because of his own private affairs.

The pregnant belly obviously grabs the limelight

Even without her husband’s company, Sun Yizhen did not lose her good mood. She looked at her friend to hold a wedding, her eyes became crescent -shaped, attracting a lot of eyes on the scene.Even though she focused on looking at the newcomers on the stage, the audience on the stage was watching her, which really grabbed the limelight.

Although Sun Yizhen is very low -key, she likes to share her life with everyone. This time, she also shared photos with you on social platforms.The clothes and bags in the photo can correspond to the scene, but the difference is that the pregnant belly in the photo is not obvious. I do n’t know if it is intentionally observed to find an angle or a trimming.

In the photos at the scene, she did look at it for 30 weeks. The pregnant belly was very obvious, but her arm was still slender and she didn’t get much fat.


Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen not only is happy, but also brings good luck to the people around him. When the wedding is held, the bouquet was received by his friend Kong Xiaozhen, and he also held a wedding in October.It is inconvenient to be able to participate, it must be a great regret.

But this time I can attend the wedding of another friend is also very happy.I hope that Sun Yizhen will always be happy and give birth to a baby healthy and healthy.

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