Super comprehensive method of detecting ovulation, let’s teach you how to detect!

Women will ovulate once a month. If you miss ovulation, you can only wait for the next ovulation. Therefore, monitoring ovulation is very important for women who are preparing for pregnancy.So how to monitor ovulation?

Menstrual cycle calculation

Ovulation occurred 14 days before the next menstrual tide, that is, the menstrual cycle decreased by 14 days as the ovulation period.If 28 days are a menstrual cycle, the menstrual tide is 14 days (28 days-14 days = 14 days) is the ovulation period; if 32 days are the menstrual cycle, the menstrual period is 18 days (32 days-14 days = 18 days)For ovulation.

This method is simple and convenient, but it is not suitable for women with irregular menstruation, and ovulation may occur early or delayed due to environmental and mood influence. In the same way, it is also unreliable by calculating the safety period as a contraceptive method.

Basic body temperature determination

Start from the first day of menstruation to determine the basic body temperature, start the basal body temperature from the tongue (5-7 o’clock) every morning (5-7 o’clock), and record the temperature change of the body.Stepping 0.3 ° C-0.5 ° C, which lasts 12-14 days, shows bilateral temperature changes.

This method is simple and easy to operate, but it needs to be determined at the same time daily, and there are strict requirements, such as the unable to speak, urination, etc. before the measurement, etc., to prevent the measurement of inaccurate measurement and affect the judgment of the results.

Change of cervical mucus

The vaginal secretion of women during ovulation becomes thin, such as egg white, longing.Women can determine the ovulation period based on the change of cervical mucus, but some women’s changes are not significant.

Moglin -level measurement

After ovulation, the level of progesterone in serum can be increased at 6-7 days. Therefore, changes in progesterone can be detected in the second half of menstruation.

This method is more accurate and can also judge the function of the luteal, but it needs to be detected.

B ultrasound detection ovulation

At present, the most commonly used method is to combine urine LH measurement and vaginal B -ultrasound monitoring and synchronous monitoring of follicle growth and development to observe whether ovulation is ovulation.

Generally speaking, normal women with ovulation generally develop an advantageous follicles every month and discharge a mature egg cells.For patients with outpatient clinics to instruct or artificial insemination after ovulation, we generally use a micro-stimulus ovulation promotion solution to obtain 1-2 developed mature follicles and synchronized endometrium.

The Royal Reproductive Society stipulates that if this cycle has ≥4 superior follicle development (the average diameter of the follicles is ≥14mm), in order to avoid excessive stimulation of the ovaries and the occurrence of multi -fetal, it is necessary to strictly contraception and cancel artificial insemination.

General plan for follicles monitoring

For women with a menstrual cycle of 28-30 days, the advantageous follicles develop from the 6th-8th day of the menstrual cycle. You can determine the next monitoring time based on the size of the superior follicles on the 10th day of the menstrual cycle. Usually, the next monitoring time is usually decided. UsuallyThe monitoring time of each cycle B-ultrasound is 3-4 times. The specific time is:

When the largest follicle diameter <10mm, the next monitoring time interval is 6-7 days;

The diameter of the superior follicle diameter is 10-12mm, and the time interval monitoring time is 3-4 days;

The superior follicle diameter is 13-15mm, and the time interval for the next monitoring is 2-3 days;

When the superior follicle diameter is more than 16mm, the next monitoring time interval is 1-2 days;

After the natural cycle base temperature rises, the B -ultrasound monitors the disappearance or collapse of the follicles, indicating that ovulation has been ovulated.When the ovulation promotion cycle, when the follicular diameter> 18-20mm, it means that the follicles are mature, and the HCG can be injected, and after 48 hours, observe whether ovulation.

Individualization plan for follicles monitoring

Patients with irregular menstrual cycles should adjust the time of the initial monitoring appropriately according to the length of the menstrual cycle. The elderly menstrual cycle should be properly pushed back, and those with shorter menstrual cycles are appropriately advanced in advance.

Based on the speed of the development of follicles in the past, the time interval of this monitoring is adjusted accordingly; for patients with early ovulation ovulation in the past, when the follicles develop to more than 14mm, the monitoring frequency will be increased.When the advantages of ovulation are mature to 18-23mm in diameter, the natural cycle can self-test the basal body temperature, increase the B-ultrasound after the> 0.5 ° C (about 36.7 ° C), and observe whether ovulation has occurred.

If the cycle is about 20-25 days of the cycle, the advantageous follicles are still not observed, and it can be regarded as an ovulation-free cycle. You need to consult the doctor to clearly deal with it.

In order to ensure ovulation, to better grasp the time of ovulation, better grasp the time of pregnancy, and enhance the luteal function, conventional velvet furring gonadotropin (HCG) injection induces ovulation and guides patients and couples to conceive.After the HCG injection, the B -ultrasound is reviewed 48 hours. If the mature follicles have disappeared or collapsed, it can be appropriately given to progesterone for luteal support for 14 days. After 14 days, the menstrual futures are given, and the urine HCG is further judged.

Determine whether there is pregnancy, such as HCG positive, continue to support the luteal, and the vaginal B ultrasound monitoring is performed in about 5 weeks after ovulation.If this cycle is not conceived, you can stop the drug and wait for the menstrual tide. From the first day of the next menstrual cycle, you need to start a new cycle of ovulation promotional treatment.

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