Super detailed production inspection strategy, precautions for production inspection at all stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers must see

From the beginning of confirming that I went to the hospital for pregnancy for the first time to do pregnancy examination, to the smooth birth of a healthy baby, the hospital was a place where all expectant mothers had to go.Preparatory inspections are also a major matter that expectant mothers must do before production.Preparatory examinations seem to be simple, but the process is a bit cumbersome, because there are many precautions for prenatal examinations. Then, let’s talk about the production inspections during all stages during pregnancy. What should expectant mothers pay attention to?

Before starting to talk about the precautions of the production inspection at all stages, I must first emphasize the most important point of paying attention to the most attention during the checkup, that is, do not wear skirts, because most of the production inspections are B -ultrasound. IfYou wear skirts, do the B time of the B time, ask you to pick up the skirt, which is really a large scene of the community.Of course, it may be slightly better in winter. After all, you will wear bottom pants. Moms who have done production inspections know.

Before the archives during pregnancy, the projects that expectant mothers need to check are: early pregnancy test strip test paper for 4-5 weeks of pregnancy and B-ultrasound examination at 6-9 weeks of pregnancy.

Note: Because the fetal location is relatively down in the first three months of pregnancy, and there are fewer amniotic fluid, it is generally necessary to take urine in the first three months of pregnancy.

12 weeks of pregnancy need to go to local hospitals to build files. There are many contents of archives, including blood drawing, doing B -ultrasound, urine testing, filling in personal information, and so on.

Note: To build files at 12 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers are best to go to the hospital on an empty stomach, because there are many blood -drawn inspection items.In addition, in addition to drawing blood, there are urine tests and B -ultrasound. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers wear convenient clothes and shoes.

NT is also a transparent layer of the fetal neck. It is a fetal discharge examination item in the early pregnancy. The best examination time is 11-13 (+6 days).

Note: NT examination is mainly performed through the B -ultrasound. In fact, when the file is under construction, the expectant mother can check the NT together. NT check does not require urinating or an empty stomach.

Tang Si is a Tang family screening. The production examination items for examination of fetal chromosomes are not high. If high -risk is displayed, it needs to be used to do non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture to further confirm the diagnosis.

Note: The accuracy rate of the Tang screen test is not high. Because Tang Si needs to combine the age, gestational weeks, fetal size and other factors to evaluate the risk of the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to do non -invasive DNA directly.

Four dimensions are fetal abnormalities, which are the production examination items that cannot be ignored throughout pregnancy. Many expectant mothers will encounter more or less problems at this level, such as the fetus does not cooperate or the fetal development is slightly abnormal.

Note: Before you do the fetal row, you must be full, exercise more, and you can bring some snacks (recommended candy, chocolate, etc.).If the fetus does not cooperate, the doctor may ask you to rest for a while. Do n’t worry about this situation. You can go out and eat, feel that the baby is active and actively cooperate with the doctor to continue the examinationEssence

Sugar sieve is the screening of gestational diabetes. It is mainly aimed at the blood glucose value of expectant mothers. There are many precautions for sugar screening testing, and it is also more uncomfortable.

Note: General sugar screening test requires both an empty stomach and drinking sugar. In addition, in order to successfully pass the production inspection, it is recommended that expectant mothers control their diet three days in advance, eat less sugar and starch foods, and drink a small amount when drinking sugar wateruncomfortable.I did not experience this part of this part, because I did not do this inspection during pregnancy, so I couldn’t make targeted suggestions.

Fetal heart monitoring can detect the development of the fetus in real time. Generally, starting from 34 weeks of pregnancy, it must be carried out every week.

Note: The customs clearance skills of fetal heart monitoring are: walk more, pat your belly gently.If the fetal heart monitoring does not pass the level, you need to review it once.

In addition to the above important checkups, there are some other inspection items during pregnancy.The main thing to pay attention to pregnant moms is:

Quality blood pressure: rest for a while, calm down and then measure

Blood test: Do you need to ask the doctor clearly in advance if you want to take an empty stomach

Reimbursement of the expenses during pregnancy: The cost of delivery during pregnancy can be reimbursed.As long as the comprehensive medical insurance is participated, some check -ups can be reimbursed. The cost of this part will be automatically exempted when checking.

Materials that need to be prepared during pregnancy during pregnancy: ID cards, marriage certificates, hukou books, and quasi -student permits (canceled).

Others: The pregnancy test throughout pregnancy is best held in the same hospital, and the same doctor will make an appointment, so that the doctor will know your specific circumstances more and to provide you with targeted pregnancy tests.If abnormal conditions occur during pregnancy, you should go to the doctor in time, and you don’t have to wait until the prescribed time before checking it.

Under normal circumstances, doctors will do the necessary examinations on pregnant women according to their needs, but those high -end technical examinations that harm the fetus should not be done as much as possible, and expensive examinations are not necessarily useful.In addition, don’t always have negative emotions. If you are too worried about the safety of the fetus, you will make more examinations, because no doctor can ensure that your fetus will be safe.

Finally, I wish all the expectant mothers with a green light all the way to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.Continue to share my production list tomorrow. If you are interested, remember to continue to pay attention, we see you next time.

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