Supplementing folic acid is not the "patent" of pregnant mothers, do you want to be a father?Folic acid should also eat

"Prepare your baby, don’t forget to eat folic acid in advance!" This is common sense that all pregnant girls know. Doctors also suggest that they are so good.But what is folic acid?Why eat it?What is the use of eating?Many people may not be completely clear.Do you even know?Men also need to supplement folic acid.

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble vitamin.The human body cannot synthesize folic acid and can only be obtained in food. The demand for folic acid in pregnant women is prone to folic acid deficiency.Folic acid participates in the formation of red blood cells and the synthesis of protein, etc., and plays an important role.

We all know that pregnant mothers need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy to prevent diseases such as anemia, premature birth, and prevention of fetal spinal canal malformations.However, it is not only the need for mother to supplement folic acid, but dads also have to eat folic acid.

Men also need to eat folic acid during pregnancy.There are several reasons for specific aspects:

Reason one: If the level of folic acid in men is too low, it will cause the semen concentration to decrease, the sperm vitality weakens, and the ability to bind with the eggs is not conducive to conception.

Reason two: If men lack folic acid, the number of chromosomes carried in semen is either too much or too little.If the eggs are combined with these abnormal sperm, it may cause newborns defects, such as the Tang syndrome, and increase the chance of women’s abortion.

Reason three: Increase the risk of cancer when the baby grows up.Folic acid can synthesize folic acid in the human body with other substances. If a male lacks folic acid in men, it will also increase the chance of chromosomal defects in the baby, which increases the risk of cancer when the baby grows up.

In addition, studies have shown that the high sperm DNA fragment rate is the primary cause of abortion caused by men.Sperm hypertrophic O² directly leads to high sperm malformation and high sperm DNA fragment rate, increasing the risk of fetal malformations and embryo discontinuation and infertility.

Supplementing composite protein folic acid DHA can solve this problem well. Compound protein folic acid DHA can improve sperm ox, reduce sperm deformity and sperm DNA fragment rate, and enhance male "sperm".

Studies have shown that an average daily intake of 722 ~ 1500 microneic acid with an average sperm risk coefficient will be reduced by 20%to 30%.Therefore, I hope to be a dad’s man to add folic acid appropriately.

Because folic acid is unstable and easy to lose activity when it comes to heat, there are not many folic acid we can get from food. You can choose Saobi Lan Composite protein folic acid DHA, not only folic acid ingredients but also rich in zinc, selenium, tomato, tomatoThe trace elements required for men’s pregnancy can effectively improve the quantity, quality and vitality of sperm.

Usage and dosage: Adults, each time a bag, it is recommended to 1-2 bags (3G-6G) per day. It is best to consult a pharmacist or doctor to take it.

Note: You can drink it with warm water. Because this product is a nutritional supplementary food, it cannot replace the drug.In addition, because of this product DHA, there are more content.The fishy smell is large, and the whole fat milk powder is neutralized. If you drink, there is still a slight odor, which is a normal flavor, so you don’t need to worry.

Of course, during pregnancy, men also need to strictly quit smoking and perform appropriate sports activities, which are very important for improving sperm quality and vitality.If you want to have a healthy and lively baby, men play a vital role in the infrastructure of the embryo, so the majority of male friends must also join the ranks of positive pregnancy.

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