Surprising!Come to menstruation after pregnancy is normal. Have you ever encountered this situation?

The first two days of the unit’s physical examination, 28 -year -old Xiao Zhou encountered a very strange thing. She visited her two weeks ago. During the medical examination, the doctor said that she had been pregnant for more than a month.It turned out that Xiao Zhou and her husband have been preparing for pregnancy in the past six months, but Xiao Zhou’s belly has not moved. The husband and wife think that they are not pregnant and are very anxious.Half a month ago, Xiao Zhou’s aunt visited as scheduled, but the menstrual blood volume was much less than before. Xiao Zhou thought that he was too nervous, causing endocrine disorders, and he was not attentive.I did not expect that the doctor now said that she was pregnant for more than a month. What was going on last time?Is this child something wrong when he doesn’t know?Will you cause your baby’s deformity by yourself? Can this child still need it?

We often say that a obvious symptom of pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation.Therefore, in people’s impression, it is impossible to come to menstruation after pregnancy.However, doctors say that this is not the case. In outpatient clinics, menstruation is often seen after a woman’s pregnancy meeting, and some expectant mothers will even visit on time every three months after pregnancy.

Why does this happen?This is due to different personal constitution.Although under normal circumstances, after the expectant mothers are pregnant, the ovaries will secrete a large amount of progesterone and estrogen, which will "gain weight" to the endometrium, so that it will become a fertile soil where the fertilized eggs will go smoothly.At this time, the endometrium is the hotbed where the fertilized egg depends on the survival, and naturally it will not fall off, so the expectant mothers will not have menstruation after pregnancy.

However, the physical constitution is different. Some expectant mothers have a low level of progesterone secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, and the endometrium of a small molecular uterine in which the progesterone is not nourished will continue to fall off, so these expectant mothers will be inContinue to menstruation after pregnancy, but the menstrual flow is much less than before.

After the expectant mothers are pregnant for 3 months, the placenta of the baby and expectant mothers have been completely mature. It can completely replace the ovaries of the expectant mother to secrete progestone, so that the progesterone in the expectant mother can maintain a fixed level for a long time.At this time, the endometrium will not continue to fall off, and the expectant mothers will not come again.

Therefore, when the menstruation does not stop, it will not be pregnant. When the women who are preparing for pregnancy discover that their menstrual flow suddenly decreases, do not think that they are not pregnant without taking medicine, or make other behaviors that may hurt the baby.Moreover, although you find that your menstruation is visited on time, but the menstrual flow is significantly reduced, you must be alert to whether you are pregnant. Timely use test strips or go to the hospital to draw blood, and do B -ultrasound.Essence

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