Surrogate women, anesthetic embryo transplant surgery in an abandoned garage

"The operating room is located in an abandoned parking garage. We are waiting outside. One person comes out every ten minutes. Without anesthesia, they use a plastic tube of ten centimeters long to insert into my lower body directly. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts…. "When Xiao Tang talked about this scene, his face could not help twitching.On May 10, 2020, she performed embryonic transplantation in this warehouse. Five months later, she was sent to this garage again to perform anesthesia embryo drainage surgery."We almost gave our lives to the black institution, and every day was scared."

What did Xiao Tang have experienced in nearly 9 months of surrogacy?What is the operating room in that parking lot?A few days ago, the Morning News · Those who came to visit the reporter.

According to the "Administrative Measures for Human Assistance Reproductive Technology" issued by the former Ministry of Health: Medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology, which will face administrative sanctions in violation of this regulation; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

Surrogate women’s oral surrogacy experience

Want to make money to repay the loan, she was "stared" by the surrogate black institution

28 -year -old Xiao Tang came to Shanghai from an outer province at the end of 2018.Due to investment and other reasons, it owed about 200,000 yuan.Some of these money are overdrawn with credit cards, and the repayment pressure is relatively high.Earlier, she did customer service in a teaching institution.

She doesn’t want to return to her hometown or get married, because the marriage between her parents is failed, and she doesn’t want to repeat the embarrassment of her parents.According to her thoughts, in a few years, either the child of the brothers’ house or a IVF.

When a person thinks about it, Xiao Tang searched for information such as "IVF" and "egg donation" online, and left his contact information on the webpage.Her life changes.

It didn’t take long for a man who claimed to be Wang Zhengyong to contact her. First, he used the relationship between the fellow villagers, and then booed the cold every day to understand the work of Xiao Tang.After learning that Xiao Tang had a money, Wang Zhengyong said that he had the opportunity to make Xiao Tang earn a "fast money".

Surrogate women with black intermediaries "exchange" records

"I said that I can donate eggs. He said that donating eggs can’t make a few money, and it can hardly change my current living state.Doctors of "pregnancy -aged institutions.Because it is embryoed, it does not need ten months during pregnancy. If it is fast, it can be born in eight or nine months.During the period of pregnancy to childbirth, their institutions would eat and wrap them, and they did not need to spend a penny of Xiao Tang themselves.

Wang Zhengyong sent a price list to Xiao Tang, which wrote: Pure commission is 180,000 yuan, and paid in 5 phases, 10%of the 3 months pregnant, 5 months of pregnancy, 7 months, and 8 months.20%, settle the tail after childbirth, and pay the last 30%.

Because there is no commission until 3 months of pregnancy. Prior to this, the institution issued a "salary" of 1,000 yuan to the surrogate women every month.

In addition, there are some "bonuses", such as the test of 5,000 yuan after the fetal heart beating, 30 yuan/needle compensation for injections, 2000 yuan for clothing, adding 10,000 yuan in cesarean section, 20,000 yuan for twins, and 5,000 yuan for postpartum red envelopes.

All income is more than 220,000 yuan.Xiao Tang, who was eager to get this money, agreed.

So Xiao Tang retreated his leased house.Soon, Wang Zhengyong arranged for someone to drive to pick up Xiao Tang and send it to a house leased in Miyun Huayuan Community.

Eye to the garage with the eyes, embryo transplant surgery without anesthetic medicine

Xiao Tang prepared for pregnancy in Miyun Huayuan.

"Auntie Lai said that she is also a doctor. In addition to preparing meals for us, she is also responsible for recording our menstrual period. Which day is coming to menstruation and one day, she must write it down." Xiao Tang said, Auntie Lai also said.Give them medicine and injection.Take five or six kinds of medicines a day. The injections are hit on the belly. The medicine is called progesterone.

A needle that has been used in a full box of needle tube for embryonic transplantation

In the early morning of May 10, 2020, she got on a van with five other young sisters who lived.No one knows what to do.Before, they also asked Auntie Lai, and asked Wang Zhengyong when he went to do embryo transplantation, etc., and the other party did not answer, and only when he said.Among the 6 people in this car, like Xiao Tang, surrogacy, and several of them are egg donation.

The car drove to a parking lot in Songjiang, and they were greeted and got out of the car and transferred to another car.There are two women on the other car, claiming to be a nurse.The nurses brought their eye masks for six people, and they were not allowed to look around.After a while, the car stopped and the destination arrived.

Xiao Tang got out of the car with everyone.

This is an abandoned plant.On the left side of the entrance is a two -story building, and on the right is a large factory -like parking garage.The two houses are connected.

After entering the door of the small building, the stairs leading to the second floor on the left side, a corridor on the right hand, the light is very dim.They were taken to the right corridor.Along the way, you can see frozen cabinets, B -ultrasound, and some medical appliances.

Xiao Tang and others were brought into a relatively large house and sat down on the sofa.There are two nurses next to the workbench at the door. They take out a record book and write a small card according to the name of the employer recorded above to let Xiao Tang and others sign and press the handprint.In the future, the children they gave birth to the employer.

"When I was waiting, I noticed that the person who shouted in the surgery could come out in about ten minutes, and lay on a operating bed next to the side.Xiao Tang knew that it was necessary to do embryo transplantation.Xiao Tang said that she was nervous, scared, and curious.

Xiao Tang told reporters that when she was preparing for pregnancy, she had thought about leaving, but her ID card had been collected by the institutional person, and the house was retreated, and her credit card had been overdue.She had to take a step.Until I got on the operating table, my heart was still disturbed.

It was Xiao Tang’s turn.

"It is a female doctor and a pregnant woman who is an embryo implantation surgery for me. I lie on the operating table with a blank mind, just like a puppet, and the female doctor takes about ten centimeters long.The transparent plastic tube is inserted directly into my lower body. It doesn’t hurt, it hurts. "

Soon, embryo transplantation surgery was completed.The female doctor told Xiao Tang: "Okay, you are already pregnant! In the future, you need to increase nutrition and drink more milk." Then Xiao Tang came out and lay flat for about half an hour as required.

After everyone had a good operation, they were put on the eye mask again and left the car.Xiao Tang quietly opened the corner of the eye mask.When I went out, I saw the house number on the door of the courtyard.

Terrible "tire reduction" surgery: straws pierce the uterus

After embryonic transplantation, about a month, Xiao Tang was brought to an unknown private hospital for a pregnancy test.

"Because of the establishment of a card, these inspections are registered with my own name." Xiao Tang said that during the pregnancy test, B -ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring showed that she was pregnant with twins.This makes Xiao Tang very difficult.

"I contacted Wang Zhengyong with WeChat. I said that I was only about 145cm tall, and I was severe anemia, calcium deficiency, and twins during pregnancy." Xiao Tang said that she asked Wang Zhengyong to give a decision: whether to kill one of one to kill one, Or do two be killed together?But Wang Zhengyong said that he would decide until 5 months pregnant.

Xiao Tang said: "The five -month -old child is big, and the hospital will not let people flow. Are you teasing me to play? I am still young, I still want to live in the future, I don’t want to leave sequelae."

The abandoned medical equipment and supplies within the underground hospital

Wang Zhengyong said: "I’m professional than you, don’t make me use these is useless!"

In the afternoon of more than 5 months of pregnancy, Wang Zhengyong suddenly called Auntie Lai and asked Auntie Lai to send Xiao Tang downstairs.

"I don’t know what to do. Wang Zhengyong waited for me in the car. After getting in the car, the car sent me directly to the garage of the last embryo transplantation." Xiao Tang said that the doctor said that she would "reduce the tire" for her.Operation.

The surgery still does not use anesthetic.

"They used a long straw to pierce my uterus and remove the fetal membrane, amniotic fluid and soft tissue. A baby is gone." Speaking of which, Xiao Tang still had a trace of sadness.She said that after all, the fetus had been pregnant for more than 5 months.

After half an hour in the garage operating room, Xiao Tang was sent back to the group."Auntie Lai made a bowl of noodles for me, let me lie on the bed, don’t come down, otherwise it will affect another fetus. Auntie Lai takes me twice a day."

Poor conditions for eating and accommodation, 9 surrogates and egg donation women live together

During the pregnancy, although the doctor asked her to drink more milk, they had no milk at all in the group houses of Miyun Huayuan, and the institutions were not provided. They could only buy it himself.

In fact, their living conditions here are very bad.

"It was a three -bedroom and one -living house. There were 10 people in total. The managing our Auntie Lai lived alone. 9 people lived in two, 9 people had surrogacy, and there were egg donations." Xiao TangSaid, there are four or five 1.2 meters wide beds in a room, which is full, and it is not convenient to walk.There are also beds in the living room, just like a group of rental dormitories.

Eat badly."Each meal is usually two dishes. You can’t talk about nutrition and you can eat it. The dishes are not dry, or you don’t wash it, or you mix your hair inside."In the swallow, nine women had to take takeaway frequently.

However, the organization banned them from entering the house number when ordering the single, and can only write the name of the community.After the takeaway was delivered, they called them to get it, and they asked Auntie Lai to take it.

The confidentiality work of the institution is very strict."Wang Zhengyong and others often come to check our mobile phones. We are not allowed to add WeChat or leave other contact information with each other. If so, they will delete it directly. It is not allowed to leak any secrets on social platforms. If we are not obedient, they willTo deduct money. After all, most of the money is still in their hands. "

There are two WeChat signals in Xiao Tang.She sent some materials into another WeChat signal, and some evidence was retained.

Living with Xiao Tang, a girl with a tall figure, born in 1996.She claimed to be "big brother", so everyone called her "little brother".

"Little Brother" squatted in this institution for a long time, and has been transplanted several times without conception, which has caused her emotional unstable.Xiao Tang was the first of these nine people who successfully conceived. Since then, the relationship between everyone has begun to be subtle.

"I used to persuade her that since she was not pregnant, give up, go out to do something else, and can earn money." After more than two months of pregnancy, she persuaded "Little Brother" to leave.This time, the "little brother" was furious, calling Xiao Tang Shao in his spare trouble, and don’t delay her money."She said that I can stimulate her with her own pregnancy."

At that time, Xiao Tang had a fierce conflict with "Little Brother", and even physical conflicts.

After the fighting incident, a 30 -year -old woman named Zhong Lili came and transferred Xiao Tang to Baoshan Road. A community called Xin Zhiyuan lived.

The den was checked, and the institution quickly transferred to a surrogate woman

At the den at Xinzhiyuan, there were 7 women in total, and two were already conceived, which was almost the same as Xiao Tang’s month. There was a post -90s girl who was an undergraduate graduate and came to donate eggs.

Aunt "Ou Guan" is still the surname Lai, and she is a sister relationship with the aunt "Su Guan" in front of Miyun Huayuan.

Here, they eat a little better.Because Auntie Lai bought the vegetables back, these surrogate women cook by themselves, which is much better than before.

Every day, Xiao Tang and her roommates are basically holding their mobile phones.Xiao Tang read more than ten books and investment books in the app."Either look at the mobile phone or dazed." Xiao Tang said, this is their main life, very boring.

Xiao Tang said that this "stable" day is very short.

One morning in September 2020, the neighborhood committee and the people at the police station came to check them."At that time, I was in the bathroom, and after coming out, the police shouted as a transcript. Afterwards, Auntie Lai was taken away by the police."

In fact, before that, they had heard "wind sounds", saying that recently cracking down on illegal medical practice and illegal surrogacy is relatively tight. The institution asked them to keep vigilance, and three surrogate women were transferred in advance.

After finishing the transcript, the police and the neighborhood committee left and left four of them, which was helpless.Later, Zhong Lili came again, drove the car, transferred the four of them to a hotel, and lived for a few days.When the house over the other side was rented, they moved to Jiading.

At the last residence, the people of the organization came every two or three days to buy them some foods. They cook themselves.Other roommates left, and only Xiao Tang left in the end.Among them, Xiao Tan is relatively young. Because menstruation does not come, he has not been used to transplant embryo.The conditions at home are also good, and they are "flickered".After the police checked in Xin Zhiyuan, she was uneasy all day.Under the persuasion of Xiao Tang, Xiao Tan gave up and quietly left.

After about a month, Xiao Tang’s delivery period is getting closer and closer.At the request of the employer and Xiao Tang, the institution agreed to move back to the city and rented a house to live in a house at the private Shanghai Hengshan Rainbow Women and Child Hospital.

Building a card in a private hospital, the institutional staff accompanied the pregnancy test

Xiao Tang’s pregnant woman’s delivery card was built with the identity information of Ms. Geng.

"Several pregnancy examinations, the doctor from Hengshan Rainbow Maternal and Children’s Hospital asked me, you are Geng XX? I said yes. The doctor asked again, this age is not right with you! Are you 47 years old? At this time, you accompany youThe people of the institution will come forward to coordinate, "Xiao Tang said.

According to the agreement, Xiao Tang did not allow contact with employers privately.Although Xiao Tang also met with the employer before, accompanied by institutional staff, the two sides could not leave any contact information.

During a pregnancy test, Xiao Tang saw Ms. Geng sitting in the lobby of Hengshan Rainbow Women and Children’s Hospital, and she wrote a note to take a chance to take a chance and stuffed it into Ms. Geng’s hand.The note reads: "SOS, help me!" There are also phone numbers.

Ms. Geng added Xiao Tang’s WeChat, and the two often chatted.Ms. Geng told Xiaotang that she had produced twice when she was young, and later she was not pregnant due to work and other reasons.

Since then, Ms. Geng sends some nutrients to Xiao Tang every other time.During the time when Xiao Tang lived in Jiading, because the institutions did not often go, Ms. Geng took more opportunities to take care of Xiao Tang.When Ms. Geng was chatting with Xiao Tang, he comforted Xiao Tang, saying that she is now in good deeds, and good people must have a good report.After giving birth to a child, raising your body, go to find a job, make good money, and find a good person to marry in the future.

In fact, Ms. Geng also protested to the agency.Because the difference between Xiao Tang’s height and heel institution is too much.

"The institution told Ms. Geng that the surrogacy mother she was looking for was very tall, she had children, and had experience." Xiaotang said that Ms. Geng also recognized it, because she was pregnant, because she was pregnant with her childIt’s smooth.

If there is danger during production, the agency requires to protect the child first

On the evening of January 25, 2021, Xiao Tang felt angry when he rented a house.She went out to get a taxi and went straight to the Hengshan Rainbow Women and Children’s Hospital. She had only planned to "absorb oxygen".

"Because I have been pregnant for more than 8 months, I am afraid that my child will be hypoxic. I think it is very simple. After absorbing oxygen, I take a taxi back." Xiao Tang said that the hospital did not think so.While sucking oxygen, I asked Xiao Tang to contact the institution immediately."If I don’t contact, they won’t let me go."

Later, the intermediary asked Xiao Tang to stay in the hospital.The next day, the intermediary came.The doctor checked Xiao Tang and found that her palace mouth opened a finger.On January 27, she was promoted to the operating room, artificially breaking water, and giving birth.

Xiao Tang chose to give birth, but she had no experience, and she had no elders before telling her."I was lying there, and the doctor told me, just as hard as the stool, and I can pull it up. At that time, I was very tired and weak. I was born for a long time.The child’s heart beats to 180. If the head is still not coming out, it will endanger the child’s life. At that time, they will only protect the child and will not protect me.

In this case, Xiao Tang said she agreed with a cesarean section.However, the signature was sent to the operating room and asked the institution to sign it.Xiao Tang said that the doctor did not ask what the person who signed outside had a relationship with her.

Xiao Tang performed a cesarean section under the condition of a semi -hemp."I felt that they took the child away from my stomach. At the beginning, the child didn’t cry. A male doctor patted the child, and I heard the child’s cry. Then, the doctor took the child to me to meFollowed me, I showed it to me and confirmed that it was a white and fat boy. At that moment, my tears flowed down. This is the child I gave birth to after all! "

On the fourth day after giving birth, the child took her away and was hacked

Zhong Lili of the institution has been with Xiao Tang and children in the hospital."They don’t let me hug my child or let me breastfeed. I always put the child’s small bed on the door, I can’t."

"At the beginning, I did it as a business. Slowly, I had feelings." Xiao Tang said, especially when the child was fetal, she would think that this is not a general sale.It’s a small life."Actually, I gave him a name long ago, called Xiaobin. When he moved well, I would sing children’s songs, sing and love me, hug me."

"One night, Zhong Lili was so sleepy, and the child was very fierce again. I told her that you coaxed me to coax me. She has given me. Since the delivery, my breasts have been swollen.I quietly unbuttoned my clothes and hugged the child in front of my chest. "Xiao Tang said that when the child was drinking milk, she also thought that if he took the child away, he might be able to do it.But she also has concerns: on the one hand, her body has not recovered, and on the other hand, Ms. Geng is not bad. On the other hand, the child may be better than to follow her in the employer’s house in the future.

Since then, Xiao Tang no longer has the opportunity to contact the child alone.

On the fourth day after giving birth, the hospital was discharged from Xiao Tang.At an intersection, Zhong Lili hugged the child into another car, and Xiao Tang was sent to a pre -daily residence.

On the same day, she received a red envelope from the organization of the institution and the employer Ms. Geng’s family.Before and after, she received a total of about 210,000 yuan.Subsequently, the agency pulled her from the WeChat group.

"It’s over, everything is over. I’m going to start again." Xiao Tang said, she bought a ticket to return to her hometown, was going to leave Shanghai, go back to my hometown to rest for a while, and go to another strange city to restart life to restart life.Essence

On January 31, Zhong Lili left Xiao Tang to Hongqiao Airport and left."When I was waiting, I suddenly had a strong impulse. I had to see the child and make a last farewell to him. I can be at ease in this life." Xiao Tang said, she took up her luggage, walked out of the waiting hall, stoppedThe last taxi, I found a hotel and stayed.

Through various channels, Xiao Tang found the employer’s house.She rented a room to stay at the closest place to the child.Because there was no door card, she couldn’t enter the elevator. Less than a week after the cesarean section was given, she climbed the 20 -story stairs and came to the door of the employer’s house.She put a recording device in the shoe rack by the employer’s house, just to record the child’s cry.

Xiao Tang negotiated with the employer’s house several times and saw the child, and did not get permission.Xiao Tang chose to call the police.At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Visit the garage operating room, and after checking, a wolf borrows inside

On the morning of March 5, the reporter came to 918 Songsheng Road, which was the place where Xiao Tang was sent to the operation twice.This is an abandoned factory building, which is consistent with the description of Xiao Tang.It’s just that all doors are closed.

Next to the factory building is a large garbage recycling station.The courtyard wall was brushed.

Enter from the hidden courtyard door, the reporter went straight to the small building.The door was not locked, and only one wooden stick was inserted from the door and pulled it from the outside.

In the room, some medical staff worn in the room on the left side of the first floor.The stairs on the second floor were full of dust, and obviously no one had been here for a while.

At the entrance of the second floor, there is a carton containing a medical waste, which is filled with slender plastic tubes and a person’s name, which is very similar to the embryo -transplanted straw described by Xiao Tang.The number of straws is difficult to count. It is full of four or five hundred boxes.

Go right from the lobby on the first floor and see the wolf borrowing in the room.Synmizers, ice bags, medical cotton swabs, gauze, etc., sprinkled it.The lounge described by Xiao Tang is still there, there are only a row of sofas, a coffee table, and a TV on the wall.

There are also some name stickers scattered on the nurse, with the names of the employer and the name of the surrogate woman. The names of the surrogate women are printed with red fingers.

In the parking garage what Xiao Tang said, some green surgical clothes were lost by the door, and the slippers were full.Obviously, the relevant departments had checked here before the reporter came.

Source | Morning Post Chief Reporter Ye Songli Picture: Morning News reporter Zhang Jiaqi

Source: News Morning News

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