Taboo taboos with severe smoking!Experts remind you to pick the crowd, and these situations should not plant teeth

"A good bite is comparable to one gold." With the development of medical technology and the improvement of living standards, many old people who lack teeth want to get "new teeth" through dental implants.In the face of overwhelming dental implants ads, how should we choose correctly?Recently, the Nandu Health Lecture Hall invited Li Jiang, the dean of the dental hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University to bring you a live lecture on "How to Scientific View Dental Infurst" and get 12W+attention.Li Jiang said that breeding tooth is not one for all, and it is important to regulate the process of breeding.

Dean Lijiang (left) of the Stomatology Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University was interviewed by Sister Zeng, the host of the Nandu Health Lecture Hall.Photo by Nandu reporter Deng Qixiang

Chinese oral implant consumption has exceeded 4 million

"We often compare our teeth to big trees. The dental implant sounds like planting trees, but it does not really plant the seeds into the mouth and make the new teeth grow.Tooth root), the alveolar bone in the destructive area is combined with bone bone. As a member of the International Dental Medical College, Li Jiang said that the dental implants are roughly divided into three parts: implant, base platform, and crown crown.It is the root of the tree, the base platform is a trunk, and the crown is branches and leaves. It is because of the more prominent advantages compared with traditional activities and fixed dentures. Dental implants are called "the third teeth of human beings".At present, the consumption of Chinese oral implants has exceeded 4 million. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the 10 -year success rate of oral planting has reached 80%in the upper jaw and the jaw reaches 90%.

According to Li Jiang, traditional activities are often referred to as dentures. They must be picked every day, and many people will feel a foreign body.Fixed teeth need to rely on natural teeth, fix it with teeth on both sides, and grind a crown space, and then make a crown. Such fixed repair will cause certain damage to the neighboring teeth."If the roots cannot be repaired, you can consider planting dentures." Li Jiang said, "Dental implants do not require damage to natural teeth, but it is just a metal implant implant.It is necessary to spend two neighboring teeth for fixed dental dental dental dental. "

According to reports, dental implants have four major advantages -beautiful and comfortable, wide range of applications, good solid effects, and no damage to neighboring teeth.Beautiful and comfortable means that its appearance is almost the same as real teeth. "Compared to traditional activities, there is no need to pick up daily. There is no physical feeling. Fixed teeth are only suitable for a single teeth.It can be done. From the perspective of chewing function recovery, the dentures can only be restored to 30%-40%, and fixed dentures cannot be recovered 100%, which will cause other natural dental burdens.The efficiency recovers 100%. "Li Jiang explained.

The body is not allowed to have money and it is difficult to grow teeth

In the lecture, Li Jiang emphasized that although dental implants have many advantages, not everyone can do it. Before planting, it must undergo a strict health check.It can only be done in the case of tolerance, otherwise it is easy to infected. "Li Jiang added," And, the patient itself has multiple teeth, unwilling to accept the dentures, the remaining teeth can not meet the fixed repair conditions or the regular repair method can not be obtained.Can."

"If there are systemic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., you can do it if you control it, otherwise there will be danger. Patients with local inflammatory reactions, root residues, and cysts have certain risks.It can only be planted after the orthodontic is completed. "Li Jiang reminded.However, if patients with systemic diseases and poor control can not plant teeth, such as chemotherapy or just finished cardiac surgery.Those who are taking aspirin intestinal tablets and sodium gal -sodium tablets, with the advice of internal medicine doctors, can be done for a week, and they cannot be done if they cannot stop the medicine.Pregnant or pregnant women, severe smoking, alcoholic, severe periodontal disease, no systematic treatment, mandibular cysts, osteomyelitis, and severe tissue lesions or bad bite habits such as night -moving teeth."Trying cases with severe smoking, after finishing, the wounds cannot be healed. In short, the whole body and the local area must be healthy. Surgery never rely on economic ability. The most important thing is to depend on whether the physical condition can be done." Li Jiang said.

Planting cannot be retracted once and for all

Even if the physical condition meets the requirements of planting, there are many places to pay attention to before, middle and later, and in the before, middle and late stages of dental implants.The standard tooth breeding process cannot be saved every step.Before planting, you must do a full -body examination, not only a medical history, but more importantly, hematology examination.Li Jiang reminded that dental implants must be done in a capable and qualified hospital to ensure safety and quality, and patients must truthfully explain the medical history and do not conceal it, otherwise the doctor will cause misjudgment. "According to reports, in order to avoid planting failure, plantingThere is also a necessary step in the front of the tooth. Li Jiang said that the anesthesia of dental implant surgery is generally local anesthesia. It does not need to be a general anesthesia. Just relax.

Can the teeth be done once and for all?Li Jiang’s answer is negative."Dental implants do not dental dental caries, but if you do not pay attention to oral hygiene, the periodontal tissue of dental implants will cause inflammation, which will also cause planting failure." Li Jiang suggested that patients should take the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions and perform hot and cold compresses, at least daily at least dailyClean teeth 3 times.Within 1 year, it is necessary to transition from soft to hard foods, and avoid bite hard foods, such as nuts.In addition, it is very important to retract on time and regular maintenance. Be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the oral cavity. It is best to use dental floss and flushing device after brushing. In addition, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months after planting need to need to be planted.Review, then review every six months to ensure that dental implants can serve you for a long time.

As long as the physical conditions are good, you can plant teeth

The standard of the World Health Organization for tooth health is "8020" -monges 80 -year -old people should have at least 20 functional teeth, that is, they can chew food normally and not loose teeth.According to the results of the fourth national oral health epidemiological survey, about 80%of the 65-74-year-olds in my country have lack of teeth, about half of them have not been repaired.Among people over 65 years old, 5%-10%of patients with full mouth are missing.However, for the elderly, Li Jiang suggested that the local fixed fixed repair can be repaired. "In the past, the age of fixed repair was 18-55, but now with the economic and social development, the physical condition of the elderly has improved.Limited to the age, we have even made dental implants for 99 -year -old people. But this mainly depends on the patient’s whole body and local condition. The elderly generally have a bad bone mass and the physical condition will change at any time.It is good to meet the restoration of the chewing function, and it is necessary to consider economic problems. Medical insurance has not yet covered it. "

Dean Li Jiang, Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University Affiliated to the Oral Hospital, explained to everyone in Nandu Health Lecture Hall. Photo by Deng Qixiang, a reporter from Nantu, a dental implanted knowledge

"If the old man only lacks one or two teeth and can eat normally, it does not affect the occlusion and pronunciation. There is no need to do dental implants," Li Jiang added.Regarding whether Parkinson’s patients can do dental implants, Li Jiang believes that this doctor is a challenge, because doctors have no way to get the cooperation of patients and need to be cautious.Regarding the current problem of dental implants, Li Jiang also answered, "Due to the processing process, the standardized implants are indeed high, and there may be differences in individual implant quality that causes the price to difference, but the quality of the material is good or bad.Rate has an important impact. "In the end, Li Jiang also said that dental implants will not have the same tooth decay as real teeth, but the surrounding bone tissue and soft tissue will cause inflammation. Therefore, it must be cleaned.To quit smoking, drink less carbonated drinks.

Anchor/Caiwan: Zeng Wenqiong

Photography: Deng Qixiang

Intern: Guo Qianqian

Correspondent: Li Yaowen

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