Take a cat to the hospital to know the moment you are pregnant: pregnancy?Isn’t it public?

For us human beings, a few most happiness in our lives must be a welcome to the arrival of new lives. I believe that for many parents, the impossible move at that moment cannot be forgotten in a lifetime, and for every oneFor my mother, since the moment she knows she is pregnant, she is nervous, excited, and warmth is surrounded by herself all the time. I believe that feeling is only as a mother …

However, I also know that I am pregnant. The expression of the cat below is very dramatic. I believe that many people will not help crying after watching it …

The cause of the matter is that our careful shovel officer recently discovered that the cats in their own family do not know why the amount of food has increased, and there are signs of the nipples.Decided to take it to the hospital for an examination …

Since it is to confirm whether the cat is pregnant, the easiest way to do it is to give it a B -ultrasound. With the inspection, the shovel officer found that not only did it be very serious.Seems to stare very seriously …

However, when it learned of the results of the inspection, the expression made everyone present laughing (covering his face)

Cat (shocked): "What? You said that Lao Tzu was pregnant? Isn’t it a public?"

Cat (shocked): "What? Lao Tzu is even a object, what are you joking?!"

Cat (shocked): "What? I want to be a mother? I don’t bring a bear child!"

Seeing the expression like a cat, the veterinarian Xiaoming laughed at his stomach pain, and couldn’t help but worry about this cat. Can it really be a named cat mother?

Finally, the veterinarian Xiaoming also reminded you here that if you find that his cat is pregnant, you should try to avoid taking it to a strange environment.Don’t let it be treated rudely.The veterinarian Xiaoming believes that since he is pregnant, he is his own cat. Netizens who are shoveling officers will definitely take care of them, and then welcome the arrival of new life with it.

The picture comes from the Internet. If it is simply a coincidence, you can contact the veterinarian Xiaoming if you have any questions.

If you have the problem of pet health and pets, pay attention to the veterinary Xiaoming for consultation.

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