Take a kiss scene to eat garlic, Sun Honglei took a shadow, the self -protection of the actress

When it comes to Sun Honglei, people can’t help but think of the man described by Venus as "the man who stands up on the shoulder of a woman".Sun Honglei’s family is very ordinary. It is not easy to want to be in the entertainment industry with his own efforts, but Sun Honglei has a good luck. After he knows the film, the two still have a good opinion of each other. After learning about his situation, heShe began to use her relationship to introduce some famous directors for Sun Honglei.

Sun Honglei appeared in movies and TV series for the first time. It was also successful because Ding Jiali helped him. Because of this, Sun Honglei became angry, and his acting skills were beyond doubt. Several movies he starred in.It has a good ratings with the TV series, especially in his variety show. His "friendly" face, and the expression pack of hitting his face with a certain animal, was spread by countless people. Of courseSuspicious.

Because of a cooperation, Hong Lei Ge was scared of the kiss scene. It seemed to leave him a shadow. At that time, his cooperation was very beautiful Li Xiaoran.One scene is that the two kissed. This is a very difficult thing for the newcomer of Honglei Ge, but for Li Xiaoran, this kind of thing is familiar with driving light, so this scene is not difficult.

Before filming, Hong Lei Ge was fully prepared. He refused to have any taste. In the morning, noon, evening, he would rinse his mouth after dinner, and he would use all kinds of to remove the taste.Things are to prevent Li Xiaoran from having any bad thoughts.Hong Lei, who had been prepared for a long time, did not expect that Li Xiaoran would eat leeks before filming, and still intentionally ate. When the director announced that he was about to start, he had to continue filming."I specially ate chives, you relax, don’t worry."

Then, after shooting Hong Lei, he ran into the bathroom.Since then, Hong Lei can no longer forget Xiao Ran. In the subsequent filming, as soon as he kissed the actress, he would subconsciously associate Xiao Ran.Therefore, in a show, the host asked Hong Lei Brother, you filmed with these beauties, do you have any favorite cooperation, he said, "I don’t like the most, but I hate Li Xiaoran."

In fact, Li Xiaoran did not hate him like this, just to make him do not have that awkward feeling, and did that. In an interview, Hong Lei Ge said that he did n’t like it, but later said to thank her.At first he was a little scared, because he had no experience, but Li Xiaoran’s move made him not have that awkward feeling.

I believe everyone is curious. When the two are filming together, how can they control their bodies and not let themselves not cause a physiological reaction. Whether it is ancient or modern, there will be some kissing shots, so that they can improveRatings.This is a difficult thing for male artists, because they must devote themselves to their work, and pay attention to physical discomfort. Many female artists choose to eat spicy things such as garlic before shooting.

Our pheasant brother Chen Xiaochun once said that when shooting intimate shots, his body will have some awkward reactions. Even those experienced bones, it is difficult to avoid this kind of red -ears and red ears.Said that this is a very difficult thing for young men.Yang Mi is even known as the male god harvester. In the play, Yang Mi and Huang Xuan have a kissing drama. Huang Xuan’s ears are red because they cannot enter the role.I can’t help but embarrassed.

Yang Mi can be said to be a well -deserved first actress who eats garlic kissing. During the shooting with Huang Xuan, she also took a bite of garlic. Although Huang Xuan knew Yang Mi’s intention, when the two kissed, they would still appear.Some embarrassing scenes, then Huang Xuan ran away after shooting, leaving only Yang Mi standing alone.In this circle, this kind of thing is commonplace. In order to prevent himself from getting into such a dilemma, many actresses eat some flavored foods to avoid this.Just say that you will never kiss anymore in the future.

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