Take the wrong medicine when you are pregnant, should children "flow" or "stay"?

Regardless of whether it is working or consulting with friends and relatives, what should I do when asked about the most questions during pregnancy, "I accidentally took contraceptives?"

Today, we invited Tian Jishun, Dr. Lilac Medical Medical Director, to tell us about this problem.

The "all or no" effect of emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptives are commonly used in synthetic progesterone (generally oltyopatonone) such as "Yuting", and macyehone.

From the perspective of drug classification, these two are X categories.That is to say, if you are pregnant clearly, clinical is banned.

But from time to time, the time to take emergency contraceptives is within 72 hours after sexual intercourse.

Therefore, this time either has not been bed or just bed, the impact on the embryo should follow "all or no" -ly if the drug affects, it will directly act on the embryo cells, causing the direct embryonic to direct the embryo directDeath; or there are not enough cells that affect, without any serious consequences.

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Therefore, if you take emergency contraceptives immediately after sex, and the result is still pregnant, then you can continue your pregnancy.

However, some people may take the time to take medicine, or have continuous medication within a month, or have no protective sexual life before this medication.In these cases, the impact on the fetus is hard to say.

Ford risk of drugs during pregnancy

In fact, things are far less simple, and there are more problems about medication during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women need to continue medication during pregnancy due to complications and complications during pregnancy.When a doctor gives a drug doctor, the first reaction of many pregnant women is not the effect of the treatment of this medicine on their disease, but whether the medicine will affect the fetus.

This sounds like a righteous idea, after all, everyone will pay attention to the fetus in the stomach.However, if you want to talk about fetal medicine, most people’s attention has changed 180 degrees.

When many people are just pregnant, they are afraid that the embryo that just pregnant is not enough "stable", so many people will want to make some tires’ protection.At this time, everyone’s attention is on the "preservation of tires".

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So that the situation of extreme contradictions will occur from time to time, that is, the doctor just consulted before, whether it was not safe after taking a certain medicine, and then let the doctor prescribe some tires to protect the fetus.

The biggest problem in this is to magnify the risk of known, but ignore the unknown harm.

Many drugs do have potential teratogenic risks.For example, according to the classification of medication during pregnancy, many clinical commonly used drugs are divided into Class C and D, that is, at least in the zoom trials, this drug has a teratogenic effect on embryo.

However, through clinical observation of human beings, the risk of deformed may be far from what you think.

Let’s take a look at the problem of drug tears.

In fact, most clinical commonly used drugs are not very risks, and they are basically within 5%.

That is to say, if you live in an absolutely safe environment, there is no water, soil and air pollution in this environment, and of course there is no radiation, no genetic food -that is, no external factors will cause your embryo to deformEssence

Now, you have used some kind of teratogenic risk, which may cause 5% risk of your embryo.Most medicines are less than 5%, and may be 1 to 2%, even 3%.

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Why do you say this 3%?Because there is a situation called "background teratogenic", this background teratogenic rate is about 3%.

What is the background teratogenic?That is to say, because you live on the earth, this is not an absolutely safe environment; even if the earth is transformed into an absolutely safe environment, there is a certain risk of randomness during the replication of embryo genes, causing the embryo to deform.

In other words, even if you do not have any exogenous stimuli, the embryo itself may develop deformity spontaneously during the development of the embryo itself.The complex environment you survive and the random risk of embryo gene copying process formed this background teratogenic rate, about 3%.

Many drugs make your embryo the risk of deformity. In fact, even the background teratogenic rate is not available, or it is equivalent to a background teratogenic level.

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To put it plainly, even if you have n’t used any medicine, there is still the possibility of embryo deformity.And this risk is not much smaller than your medication.

From another perspective, what factors are the fetal that have already occurred?There are many influencing factors, such as genetic factors, environmental factors, drug factors, and so on.Among all these factors, the highest proportion is called "the reason is unknown", which accounts for 50 to 60% of all teratogenic factors -we have more than half of the causes of teratings, which are still unclear.

And how much does the drug factors occupy?It’s less than 1%!

In other words, on the problem of fetal malformations, the teratogenic terators you have heard only occupy the corner of the iceberg, and more danger exists in those unknown!And just because you don’t know, so you ignore them.

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Therefore, in medicine, one principle of medication during pregnancy is that if pregnant women have diseases that need to be treated with drugs, they should not abandon treatment because of pregnancy. Under the circumstances of weighing the advantages and disadvantages, drugs can still be used.

Under this principle, it is not absolutely taboo to use chemotherapy drugs during pregnancy -as long as the benefit of the medication is greater than the risk!

In this case, those women who accidentally take a certain drug during pregnancy have no reason to kill the child because of this medicine.

Therefore, if some patients come to consult, I will tell her after informing the risk in detail that it is the early pregnancy period, and you have the initiative to this embryo. You can choose to stay or kill it.Same.

If you only look at the medical profession, if you choose to stay, then you need to bear the risk of malformations; if you choose to kill, then you must bear the risk of abortion.

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