Take you through the process of pregnancy during pregnancy diary

Today, let’s talk about the pregnancy of pregnancy. By the way, the reason why it has stopped so long is mainly because of severe pregnancy. Regarding pregnancy, I still do n’t want to mention it.

We set up files here to go to the county maternal and child health care hospital. I used to see that there are community hospitals or something on the Internet before. It may be different regulations. We can only be in women and children.

The information required for the archives finally uses the identity documents of both husband and wife.I see what I said online: hukou book, marriage certificate -none.B -ultrasound -the hospital will let the day do it, so you don’t need to bring it yourself (they have a place to recognize the B -ultrasound of the hospital, I don’t know if the actual operation is).Before going to the empty stomach, because you need to check the blood, the following is a specific talk.

The day I went to build a file was 12 weeks of pregnancy.We arrived at more than 7:30 in the morning. The reason why I went so early is because I was sick and vomited.I didn’t expect that the doctor was already in the office after going, so the doctor gave the list, saying that it was B -ultrasound first, because it was 12 weeks, the doctor said that he could do NT together. This can be discount. I asked the blood first.No, I can’t answer it, the reason will be known later.

Because it has not yet been at eight o’clock, the B -ultrasound room does not have to line up at all. There is a small doctor (the position of the B -ultrasound is sitting in front of the computer.Do it for me. Who knows a few minutes later, she called "bad, the image was not collected", and I was cold at a time, thinking that I felt like it was over.Let’s do it again. After a few times, I do n’t know where to get stuck. She called a younger female doctor, so I changed my doctor to do it for me.After coughing several times, about ten minutes later, the male doctor in this post came and changed the male doctor. During the time, the little doctor communicated with the male doctor and said that she measured this value, but did not pick up the image.

It was almost half an hour before and after, and it was finally over. Fortunately, everything was normal. The only B -ultrasound was estimated to have written 13 weeks and 1 day.I must have no glass heart about this "big" result, because I heard their conversations during the B -ultrasound. The little doctor said that she tested for 12 weeks and 2 days. The female doctor was 12 weeks and 3 days.This male doctor was 13 weeks. I thought at the time, can the error be so big?

After doing the B -ultrasound was an electrocardiogram, the female doctor was fierce several times. After a while, she said that she did not show her ankle, and she didn’t show her chest for a while. She also asked me if I didn’t do it. I said no.The memory should be done in a high school medical examination. How can you remember to do an electrocardiogram so thinly?

Give the B -ultrasound list to the doctor. The doctor said that it could be applied for a free pregnancy test within 12 weeks of pregnancy. Now I have been over two days, but I still give me free. I vomit it. I was just 12 weeks.So the doctor gave the list, went to a small house, filled out the free pregnancy examination application form, and a young lady paid attention to the public account, and then operated in it, and then went to draw blood.

When I took blood, I always twisted my head and didn’t dare to see it. Afterwards, he asked his husband, and he said that he had a four -tube.After the blood was drawn, the urine was taken, and then the results were told in the afternoon.

After these, I went to a hut that built files. The younger sister asked some questions, entered the computer, copied the B -ultrasound, copied the identity card of both parties, and collected the avatars of both husband and wife. At that time, I thought that no one reminded the file to build files.I need to take my husband from time to time. How can those husbands do not go to collect images?

After collecting here, she had to go to the younger sister who was at the table.

After writing here, it’s okay in the morning. It was less than nine o’clock. Fortunately, we had many people when we left.

In the afternoon, I went to get a blood test report. There are liver function, blood routine, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis, urine routine, etc. I read these lists on the free pregnancy test package, and one is the exercise.There is no free word on this, and the list is also separated. It should be the self -funded project. I just checked in another hospital before, because when I went to the hospital, I had a consultation card.I didn’t ask, and I gave the list without mention, and my heart was a little speechless.

In short, everything is normal, and the journey to build a file ended so smoothly.The only small tail was too hurried in the afternoon. I forgot to retreat the money in the diagnosis card. At that time, I was charged 400 yuan in, and I did n’t know how much it was left.free.

The last summary, the establishment of the file is actually very simple;

Appropriate time -12 weeks ago

ID card -both parties

Empty stomach


Baby Scale-(24inch)