Talk about pregnancy

It is said that pregnant women are a treasure at home. Everyone lets her and cares about her, but I do n’t have such preferential treatment. When I ’m pregnant, I have a good mental state. Only occasionally during the morning.I could sleep, and the conditions were limited at that time. I was going to take a long way to take a bus every day, so my daughter grew up with the sound of the bus broadcaster. In the second trimester, my belly was so dangling that the stomach was shaking so danglingI was worried that I would shake out for a time. Those who have taken the bus should also realize that the bus drivers have been stopped and stopped [cover your face].

My appetite has not changed, but I still have to be hot and spicy. At that time, my hair was dark and bright. My colleague said to me at a glance, it must be a daughter, I do n’t believe it, and it turned her to say [Smiling], I still remember to buy a bowl of beancurds when I got out of work every night. I wonder if this was the reason. The daughter who had just born, her skin was like peeled eggs, was really white and tender.

Because I was in my twenties at the time, my body recovered was really fast. I was almost 160 pounds before giving birth. I became more than 120 pounds after giving birth. The doctor said that I had more amniotic fluid. After three months of birth, my figure returned to the beginning.The second child was not so lucky, and the weight was slowly recovered in about a year, but I did n’t have any protection with excessive confidence. The belly was very loose, older, less collagen, and the skin could not be recovered.

As soon as the second child was pregnant, the doctor prescribed the medicine when the doctor was not tested. As a result, after taking the headache of the medicine, I stopped. The laboratory was still low.Individual differences, as long as there is no uncomfortable or bleeding, you don’t have to care about it at all. Later, I firmly strengthened my beliefs.So there is no need to worry about the same situation.

I did n’t believe in the dream of fetal, but I often dreamed of fish, turtles, gorillas, big monsters and the like after I was pregnant with my second child, and it was easy to sleep. As a result, it was a son. When I was pregnant, I had no baby dream!

When her husband was in the second child, her husband was doing projects and often traveled. At that time, we did not live with the old man. I dragged my daughter to school first every day, and then flew to the company, because the kindergarten could only open the door 7:45.It doesn’t work for a minute, so I can’t go early, but after the delivery, my work time becomes very nervous. Every day, my son is galloping. This is how my son grows up in the heart environment that I beat in my fast beating every day.Hurry up, they have grown up!

I am lucky. Girls’ pregnancy is really learned before, so girls can understand girls, and hope that her husband will cherish his wife, and children filially filial piety to their mother

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