Talk about those things that pregnant mothers "take medicine"

Source: Henan Daily

As the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic in the province continues to improve, the diagnosis and treatment services of medical institutions at all levels in our province have returned to normal. Recently, the author learned from the Henan Provincial People’s Hospital that the hospital’s medical genetic research institute opened 5 ordinary outpatient clinics, 2A referral green passage clinic is at the same time, but the doctors are still very busy from morning to night. Most patients in the consultation are "prospective mothers" and are particularly concerned about "taking medicine" during pregnancy.Liao Shixiu, director of the Institute of Medical Genetics of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, said that pregnant mothers are "taking medicine".

First of all, strengthening nutrition is not to eat health products by yourself.Liao Shixiu said that pregnancy does need to supplement nutrition, but it is necessary to pay attention to science and moderate.Strengthening nutrition can be carried out through two aspects: daily life and drug assistance.In terms of life, the couple who prepare for pregnancy should adjust their lifestyle half a year to about one year in advance; at the same time, it is recommended that both the couple go to the hospital’s eugenics and preferential education clinic for consultation.Supplement folic acid in an appropriate amount.In terms of drug assistance, supplements, health products, vitamins, etc. should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.If the patient uses itself without discerning, there may be some substances supplement, causing physical discomfort, and even poisoning symptoms.

Secondly, taking medicine during pregnancy is not harmful to the fetus. On the contrary, it is a very dangerous behavior to refuse to use drugs.Liao Shixiu said that the necessary examination and drug assist therapy can promote the recovery of the human body as soon as possible, maintain a good state, and then ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

For hypertension, there are patients with asthma, diabetes, and thyroid dysfunction. Patients with chronic diseases who need long -term medication for long -term medication need to be explained to the doctor when preparing.Essence

For people who encounter common diseases such as colds and diarrhea during pregnancy, they need to be treated differently.If it is a slight cold, diarrhea, etc., you can temporarily observe for a while; if high fever and diarrhea are severe, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause weakness, dehydration, and electrolyte disorders. At this time, it is very dangerous to pregnant women and fetuses.

Liao Shixiu reminded some people who use anticancer drugs, as well as people who continue to use hormone drugs, antibiotics, and heat -relieving analgesics that this type of drug is indeed harmful to the fetus.The use of the above drugs should be used according to the patient’s condition, gestational weeks, comprehensive specialists and obstetrics and gynecologists, and consider the time and frequency of good medication for eugenics and inspection.(Yin Yan)

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