Talking about pregnancy, pregnancy is not sick, vomiting is life -threatening

There is a saying in English in English.Infertility made me a fat man who couldn’t lose weight. The words of sisters impressed me very deeply, especially in the past few months that made me deeply feel the meaning of the above sentence.

I used to think that joy was a shame. This impression may come from the ancient TV series; the heroine vomited somehow one day, and whispered shyly and whispered, "I have …", and then the people next to me are happy.The pregnancy of English is ‘Morning Sickness’, so I naively thought that pregnancy vomiting happened only in the morning.It may be that the HCG concentration is relatively high in the morning, so I vomit; maybe I smell some smell, so I vomit; maybe I have eaten something, so I vomit.Then, just finish vomiting.When I was pregnant, I was very envious of people’s pregnancy, and I wanted to feel the sweetness of pregnancy.

I can only say that I am too naive.

From the five weeks of pregnancy, I started to feel the gastroesophageal flow. The taste of things stuck on the throat and burning heart from time to time is really uncomfortable. When this symptom is coming, I will not stop hiccuping.After checking the information on the Internet, I also asked the doctor. The gastroesophageal reflux is a normal phenomenon of pregnancy. I can only endure it. I do n’t lie down immediately after eating.This situation has not improved until six weeks, but instead intensified.By the seven weeks of pregnancy, the feeling of disgusting was more like the feeling of disgusting.Coupled with the taste of my mouth, I always feel that my mouth seems to have been wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap, lost the taste, and has no taste to eat. Not only that, the whole mouth has a feeling of hate and disgusting.Feeling over.

One day when I was pregnant for seven weeks, I couldn’t stand it. I vomited. I vomited for the first time. I felt fresh. I also appeared after the vomiting: ‘I’ m harmful!’The happiness of happiness, the whole person seems to be surrounded by pink bubbles, because she can truly feel the pregnancy and feel sweet.As everyone knows, the next eight weeks of maternity and hell have been not as good as death.

Starting from the first pregnancy, the feeling of disgusting every day is increasing. The strange thing is that when I am more comfortable in the morning, I have almost no pregnancy in the morning, but as I get closer to noon, afternoon, and eveningThe clock walked every minute and performed more and more.At noon, I have lost their ability to move, and the whole person can only lie down.I originally thought that it would return to normal after the pregnancy vomiting. I might be vomiting again next time or smelling certain tastes. I do n’t know that the nausea of pregnancy does not snooze for 24 hours. I only have more comfortable when I sleep.I will start vomiting after two o’clock in the afternoon, and the highest record has been vomited about ten times a day. This feels that the more beautiful the night, the more beautiful. Every day at 5 pm is when I am most afraid, because the pregnancy vomiting enters the peak.I vomit once in an hour, but because I have to take steroids after three meals at that time, I will endure two hours of vomiting after taking the medicine. This feels really terrible, and it is supported by strong willpower.Many times, I lie on the sofa and stare at the ceiling. It is helpless and wants to cry, but I can’t cry.I know that after five o’clock, I was almost like the abandoned people, so I would take a bath before five o’clock and wait for the night to come. If I didn’t take a bath before five o’clock, I would have no effort to take a bath.I will sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening, because I only have more comfortable when I sleep, so the sooner you go to bed, the better.

I do n’t want to eat anything when I am sick, I am particularly afraid of smelling some tastes, such as meat, green onion ginger, garlic, oil smoke.It was a terrible time at noon, because the restaurants near my house drifted out the smell of oil fume. At this time, I really wanted to be fainted.Because of the extremely uncomfortable, I never cook it myself again, and sometimes I wicked when I saw fish.I just want to eat fruits, especially fruits with a lot of water, such as peaches and grapes. I am most afraid of eating too greasy things. I almost vomit.Hot soup or ice is better.I checked a lot of food to improve pregnancy on the Internet, which is not very useful for me. Only soda biscuits are a bit effective.During this period of pregnancy, I turned into a bird’s stomach, and sometimes I only eat only one apple for dinner.From time to time, some foods you want to eat will be jumped out of your head, such as hot and sour soup and shredded pork, but as long as these things have been eaten by me once, I don’t want to eat anymore.Later, I really didn’t want to eat anything, but I was most afraid of the empty stomach when I was pregnant, because the empty stomach would make the pregnancy vomiting more serious.So when I eat time, I will still force myself to eat. It is really painful to forage in foraging with a strong nausea. I go to fast food restaurants most often, which causes me to see the fast food restaurant near home.And some restaurants, I will feel very exclusive and disgusted. I think I should be restricted, because these places have already been equal to the uncomfortable painting of pregnancy. When you see the signboard, it reminds me of the pregnancy vomiting.The pain of pain.

Eight to 12 weeks of pregnancy is the highest peak of my pregnancy. During that period, I wanted to vomit water, so water must be added with honey.Sometimes I drink a little soda, or eat a few mouthfuls of ice, so that the disgusting taste in my mouth disappears for a few seconds, I am cool, or it is a bit useful to eat throat sugar, super cold gum, and sour plums.In fact, what I want to eat most is hot pot, or very spicy, but because during the previous two pregnancy, I love to eat hot pot and eat it almost two or three times a week.High, even if I want to eat, I dare not touch.One afternoon, I was lying on the sofa, searching for pictures of hot pot, and I saw more than a hundred pictures of hot pot. I felt delicious. I imagined the taste of hot pot in my head.‘Wang Hot Pot stops vomiting ‘.

One night was the most torn, and I was already asleep. At about two or three in the morning, I dreamed that I was cooking broccoli. The picture and taste were so real. I woke up and rushed to the toilet immediately.Nothing, just spit out a bile and stomach acid, even dreaming will make me vomit, you say it is exaggerated.The two months of the two months were very pitiful, because I wanted to vomit any taste, and once, Mr. had to close the door and stand in the kitchen for dinner.When I was very uncomfortable, I asked Mr. not to talk to me, because I had no strength to answer, and sometimes I was uncomfortable to hear the voice of my husband, or I wanted to vomit when I heard the sound of my husband’s snoring.I think I was really difficult during that period. The whole person was very uncomfortable. I hope someone is accompanied. In the morning, my husband went to work in the morning and closed the house, and I wanted to cry. I was very happy to see my husband go home at night.During this period, I seemed to be locked in the jail, had no strength to go out, and didn’t want to go out, so I didn’t talk to ‘Ren "all day. I was so happy that I could talk to me when I went home.EssenceBut the most hate Mr. I asked me, ‘What do you eat?‘Eating is torture for me, and just want to vomit when I think of food.

One day it was so vomiting too much. I cried out, and my head had a thought: ‘I miss it when I’ m not pregnant ’. I cried on the bed and cried.Mr. said, ‘You ca n’t complain, because this is what we want’, I said, ‘I know, but I just want to cry’.I know that this has been looking forward to it for three years. Now they are really in my stomach, and I can’t complain.And people say that the more severe the pregnancy, the more stable the embryo is, and I should be grateful.

During a pregnancy test, I told the doctor that I was very severe during pregnancy. The doctor prescribed a stop vomiting and vitamin B6.I originally thought that vomiting was Xian Dan. I should be comfortable after eating it, but it was not the same thing at all. The stop vomiting was not useful for me.The next retracement is that I still vomit the doctor. The doctor said that this is the normal phenomenon of pregnancy. Especially with twins, pregnancy vomiting will be more severe, and I can only endure. The embryo will bring the embryo for a bento three months ago.You don’t need to force it to eat.

In fact, during that period, I was very afraid of the re -examination of the checkup. I almost got up to change my clothes by the last trace of strength, and then took the car on my husband, endured the road along the road. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I rushed to the toilet and vomited.Spit it up almost every half an hour.It also caused me to see the street scene near the hospital now. I would be very disgusted. It was really called ‘Touching the Scenery’. I do n’t want to think of that kind of strong discomfort.And I found that I don’t need to see food, and sometimes I was disgusting when I saw the name of the food on the signboard.

During that time, as long as I went to the restaurant or where I went for the first time, I would definitely see where the toilet was, because I knew that I might go to the toilet at any time.In fact, I do n’t like to vomit in the place where I do n’t, because the toilets in public places are terrible. Sometimes I really do n’t have to choose. When I see the dirty toilet, I vomit.And when you vomit, the water in the toilet sometimes spray it on the face, and these at that time. I think I should often stick to the toilet water on each toilet on the face of those two months.

One night when I forgot, when I vomited to die, I found that the food was spit and started to vomit bile and stomach acid. This was not surprising. Until the mouth spit out a different taste, there was a pork liver in the toilet.In the color liquid, I found that I had vomited blood.My husband was almost nervous, but I was no longer nervous, and I found that many people vomited blood after the Internet, and I didn’t care very much.The next day we went to the nearby obstetrics and gynecology department, the doctor was still calm and said, ‘This is normal because the esophagus is burned by stomach acid, so it will be a bit bleeding’.From that day, every time I was pregnant, I used vomiting blood as ending, and I was no wonder.But I do n’t know if it ’s because of the burns of the esophagus. In a few days, I started coughing. I often cough very hard. It’ s so so. I ’m too lazy to explore the reason. I think it should be normal.

After vomiting, I also found some tricks.I feel that the most afraid of pregnancy is that there is nothing to vomit, vomiting bile and stomach acid is more painful and wounded the esophagus, so it is really important to eat a small amount of meals, so that foods with inventory in the stomach are prepared to be spit out.Eating too dry is that it is difficult to vomit. There is no water. It is difficult to spit it out. I feel that I vomit so much about choking myself.So when I know that I am about to vomit, I will drink a lot of saliva, which will at least vomit.The taste of vomiting after eating toast is very disgusting. It may be because the toast has the relationship with milk, and the vomit will have a smell of milk.When I vomit to the highest peak, I often have not finished the sip, and I have reached my throat in the next bite. I feel that I really don’t get angry and keep panting. After each time I vomit, I will cough fiercely.Toming, it was not more comfortable in the end, but because there was really nothing to vomit.After vomiting, you must brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, because vomiting and gastric acid can hurt your teeth, and what pregnant women are most afraid of are the problem of teeth during pregnancy.After I was rinsed with my mouth, I continued to lie on the sofa and stared at the ceiling, thinking about when the painful days ended, and I can understand why someone was required to stop pregnancy because of severe pregnancy.

People say that they will vomit in three months before pregnancy, but after three months, they suddenly don’t vomit, and then they start eating special food.Twelve weeks ago, my weight did not increase at all. Strangely, I spit it out, and my weight did not decrease, which was exactly the same as before pregnancy.I am obsessed with the arrival of the magical ‘that day’ suddenly said in the mouth.On the day of the twelve weeks, I woke up at noon. I suddenly felt disgusting. The appetite that night was better. I thought it was amazing.Is it over?My situation is two days after two days. In those two days, I vomited only twice a day at night, but after two days, the pregnancy vomiting was not far away from me. The condition was just a short period of illusion.From 5 pm to seven o’clock in the evening, and then to nine o’clock in the evening.My mother also vomited very much when she was pregnant. She said that she could only lie down every day at that time. If she was swimming, she even made her vomiting when she heard the sound of a spatula when she heard the neighbor cooking. I can understand it.I asked my mother when she vomited, and my mother said that it would be about four months, and one day I would not vomit. That day it seemed to be far away for me. I didn’t want to vomit some pregnant women.I also told my husband that asking him to stun me. During this period, I inserted the gastric tube and feed it. On the day of my life, I woke me up.

Doctors say that the twin pregnancy vomiting will be delayed for a long time, but it usually relieves significantly after fourteen or fifteen weeks.So twelve weeks later, I continued to wait.In the fourteen weeks, the situation was really better. I vomited about once a day. I did n’t vomit all day when it was good, but I did n’t say it suddenly.But this does not mean that I am comfortable in the paradise during pregnancy. In fact, I still feel nauseous every day, just within the scope of tolerance.It is much better than the peak period of the pregnancy vomiting before, and it will vomit when it brushes a few times, or drink water to spit it out.The appetite is much better than before, because the nutrition of the baby now comes from the mother’s body, so although I feel slightly nauseous from time to time, I still force myself to eat.Now in seventeen weeks, the feeling of disgusting still appears from time to time, and there is much less pregnancy, but I return to the gastroesophageal backflow again. I will start to be uncomfortable after dinner.Like Cinderella, I must go to bed at 10:00, otherwise I will start gastric esophageal currents. I want to vomit, and I can’t fall asleep on the bed.I do n’t know when it will come when I ’m comfortable?When can I enter the paradise during pregnancy?

This is my pregnancy memorial, so when I was pregnant, except knowing the ecstasy during pregnancy, I didn’t seem to feel very happy, it was all because of the joy of pregnancy over pregnancy.The two months of crazy pregnancy seemed to be a dead person in Harry Potter, absorbing my happiness, because there was no appetite and no strength. I almost did not leave home for two months. The most familiar scene in front of me was the ceiling of the living room., I often stare at the ceiling, crying without tears.In the past two months, assuming that I spit twice a day, I also vomited 120 times, and this number was only conservative estimation.In fact, I am very envious of pregnant women who are not uncomfortable at all.Pregnancy vomiting is like infertility. I really do n’t know how I came over for three years infertility. For two months of pregnancy, I really do n’t know how I support it.It’s better.I really can’t say that pregnancy vomiting is a sweet burden, because it is too painful. I will definitely not dare to give birth to a child because of pregnancy, but as Mr. said, this is what we want and cannot complain.Moreover, if the pregnancy can be exchanged for twins in the stomach, let me vomit.

Recently, my husband fell in love with bubbles. I only found out that bubble water is definitely a must -have for every pregnant woman. It is cold and bubbles. It can take away the nausea in my mouth and replenish water. It is really wonderful.I have also fell in love with bubbles with lemon flavors recently, and I have a feeling of seeing each other.But to be honest, there is really no antidote for pregnancy. Every doctor said that he can only endure, and every time you hear the endurance of my mind, this passage appears: "The sky will be reduced to the people., To do their bones, hungry their skin, and lack their body.‘

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