Tattoos make the liver blue?These 8 kinds of people are in danger, see if you are shot

With the development of the beauty industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, beautiful men and women like to toss their bodies.Women may prefer pierced ears and nails, and men like to have a handsome pattern on their bodies.In recent years, tattoos have become more and more popular.The fashionable men and women walking on the street are also countless. Most of them use tattoos as a symbol of their own personality.

More and more people are keen on tattoos and make the tattoo industry develop in full swing.However, a series of problems caused by tattoos are endless, and some people say that tattoos can cause skin cancer!Will tattoos really induce skin cancer?Who is not suitable for tattoos?Deputy Director Li Dongni, deputy director of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Beauty of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, once explained this kind of problem on the "100,000 Healthy Health" experts on the family doctor.

Recently, a young man came to a hospital in Hubei because of physical discomfort. The doctor was shocked while performing gallstones for him.The whole liver of this guy turned out to be blue and exuding a metallic luster.According to the previous medical experience, the doctor quickly found the reason why the liver became blue.It turned out that the liver turning blue was actually related to the wolf face tattoo on the young man.

Why can tattoos lead to "blue liver"?The doctor explained that after tattoos, the skin would absorb dyes, and these dyes entered the blood.Human liver is useful to remove blood toxin cells, and its ability to absorb toxins is very strong.It is these cells that have changed the color of the dye that the normal color changes.However, the "blue liver" is specifically caused by what substances in the dye, and it is not yet known.

Is it possible that the "blue liver" caused by unqualified dyes?The doctor believes that even if it is a qualified dye, there may be components that can change the liver.Maybe many people who pass their lives have become blue, but they don’t know it.

So does tattoo really cause "blue liver"?Generally speaking, as long as the tattoo area and tattoo patterns are large enough, the liver can become blue.If it is just a small pattern such as a general name, heart shape, it will not bring too much burden on the liver.

Deputy Director Li Dongni pointed out that the tattoo is to make some patterns or words on the skin with acupuncture with color, that is, refers to piercing the skin and applying pigments to make the body with permanent patterns on the body.There are many types of tattoos, and many of them are chemicals. Entering these chemicals into the human body will cause dermatitis and allergies, so that local itching, pain, burning, numbness, etc.This is a prelude to cancer.Therefore, tattoos need to be cautious, and it is necessary to remind 8 kinds of people that 8 people are not suitable for tattoos.

1. People with skin infectious diseases

These people are not suitable for tattoos, mainly because the trauma caused by tattoos is not healing, and because of the relationship between its own skin condition, the tattoo effect will be greatly reduced.

2. Diabetes patients

Patients with diabetes are most afraid of "immune dysfunction".

3. Patients with heart disease

Such people are high -risk groups, and strong stimuli may cause patients’ disease attacks.

4. Allergies of color and anesthetic

Tattoos may cause skin allergies and physical discomfort, and will also affect the pattern quality of tattoos.

5. Menstrual women

During this period, the girls were fragile, poor immune, and not suitable for tattoos.

6. Pregnant women

The stimulus during tattoos may affect the normal development of the fetus.

7. Those who are drunk and unclear

This kind of people are not suitable for tattoos. One is that the process of tattooing may be more complicated, and the other is because it is easy to cause post -afterwards.

8. Those who are under 18 years old

The state stipulates that the age of tattoos must be 18 years old.

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