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In March 2021, Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital and Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital established a cross -regional maternal and child specialist medical couple’s "counterpart assistance" unit.Experts from the chief physician Wang Luying, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department, and deputy chief guard Bo Qiufang came to Xichang for a year -long "biography" assistance.They brought the advanced concepts and clinical experience of the women and children, and carried out standardized training and professional technical training. Through management+technical output, the high -quality and high levels of work of the Xichang Maternal Institute of Women’s Insurance Institute made women and children in Xichang City.Households enjoy homogeneous medical and health services at the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital.

10 months of transformation from high to the key section

Dr. Zhang Ning is a deputy chief physician of the PICU of the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital. He is very outstanding in technology and ability.In September 2021, Zhang Ning came to Xichang with his concerns about his family and his parents’ health.

In the first month, she first found the hospital’s pediatrics, especially for a high case and comprehensive analysis of the high influence rate.Through research and analysis, the high referral rate is not that there are no medical equipment, but are subject to problems such as talent bottlenecks. In addition, there are fewer medical staff. In addition to responding to ordinary pediatric diseases, there are not many opportunities for learning and operation.

How to "blood transfusion" "blood transfusion" and truly bring medical technology and advanced concepts here to improve the service capabilities and levels of the department?Next, Dr. Zhang Ning put forward strict requirements on himself. He held 2-4 academic lectures in the department each month and 4-6 times of business training for business training.Academic activities, enhance the academic atmosphere and combat ability of the department.With the active cooperation of colleagues, she helped the department to establish a new management system and process.In order to improve the ability of pediatrics, Zhang Ning took the lead in new technologies such as food allergies, inhalation allergies, and skill training such as neonatal tracheal intubation, ventilator use, etc. Each training she personally participated in and led the team to conduct on -site reviews.Point out the problem and propose rectification measures.

In just 10 months, the hospital’s pediatrics have changed significantly from management to clinical work. At present, pediatricians have increased from the initial increase to more than 10.Through the "teacher with apprentices", business training, inspection, first aid drills, etc., the theoretical, clinical, and operating skills of the pediatric team has been significantly improved, and doctors have comprehensively improved clinical diagnosis and treatment and first aid capabilities.At present, the pediatrics have passed the review of the key specialty of Liangshan Prefecture, and are actively welcome the review related work.

Dr. Wang Luying promoted the obstetric MDT diagnosis and treatment into normal

Wang Luying, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and children’s center hospital of Chengdu Women and Children’s Center, went to Xichang at the same time as Dr. Zhang Ning.Before being stationed in Xichang, she was studying at the obstetrics department of Beijing Union Hospital and mastered many advanced management concepts and diagnosis and treatment skills.

On September 17th, Wang Luying’s first day of work at the West Chang Women’s Institute, she began to work with doctors in the obstetrics, and conducted the first lecture "18 medical quality and safety core system training" on the same day.EssenceA very novel way of learning, the case of real, vivid, and close to clinical work, how to avoid risks, etc., so that everyone is refreshing and benefited a lot.The strangeness of the beginning of the day disappeared.Based on this, the first job of Dr. Wang Luying in Xichang was to require the doctor to resolutely implement the most basic 18 core system -starting from the handover system, then regulating the medical record writing, establishing a rescue process for patients, and standardized doctors’ inspection rooms.And childbirth evaluation.

On October 5, 2021, when Wang Luying checked for a 37 -week pregnancy, Wang Luying keenly discovered that there was a problem with the "contraction" of the pregnant woman. The left side of her belly was harder and the right side was harder.After a little attention, I will ignore it … After careful examination, Wang Luying initially suspected that the "contraction" of the pregnant woman’s "contraction" was caused by the inflammation of the appendix.Foreign hospitals visited and urgently contacted Surgical experts from Xichang People’s Hospital to the hospital for MDT consultation, and finally confirmed the results of the diagnosis.She came to power with the clinic expert to remove the appendix of gangrene when the cesarean section was carried out at the cesarean section.

Dr. Wang Luying not only helped Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital to achieve the integration of medical specifications and medical resources, but also carried out the hospital’s MDT diagnosis and treatment technology for the first time. The new method of working has really benefited the patients.At the same time, hand -made teaching, business training, and obstetric first aid drills have gradually become the norm of the hospital, opening a new journey of obstetrics development in the hospital.

Technical+management output allows patients to really benefit

Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital and Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital established a cross -regional maternal and child specialty medical union. The goal is to transport and manage through technical transportation and management to allow Women and Children of Xichang to obtain medical care services with homogeneity with Chengdu.In addition to helping the local women’s insurance houses to improve the local women’s insurance house, they should also act as a bridge to make the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital clearly know what the West Chang City Maternal Institute is needed in time, so as to provide timely providing their development in a timely mannerneed.

Hu Qian, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology of Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital, has played a "bridge" role well.

The use of single -hole laparoscopy at the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital allows female patients to enjoy advanced technologies that have less trauma and recovery faster and not affecting their aesthetics. After Hu Qian sent to Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital to perform their duties at the gynecology department of the hospital,It was decided to take the lead in "leading" hysteroscopy, incomplete cervical function, and cervical rings from the adults, and promoted the day surgery mode of the children and children to Xichang through the "bidding band" and other methods.The development of day surgery has greatly reduced the cost and hospitalization time of patients, which is greatly convenient and benefited from local gynecological patients.In just a few months, Dr. Hu Qian led her team to create a new mileage of minimally invasive technologies of the Xichang Maternal Insurance Hospital with the concept of "more natural, safer, more minimally invasive, and more beautiful".With the continuous improvement of the hospital’s popularity, there are more and more patients in the region and even nearby cities and counties who choose to go to the hospital for daily operations.

Make up shortcomings to care for women and children’s health

Bo Qiufang, deputy director of the delivery room of Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital, responsible team leader and teaching team leader.She has more than 20 years of experience in giving birth.She taught her apprentices through standardized processes and hand -to -hand teaching to her apprentices; in order to improve the natural childbirth rate and effectively reduce the pain of the mother, she will adult a woman and children’s advanced prenatal evaluation, painless painless painlessness, no painless painlessnessThe technology and concepts of childbirth, moderate perineal protection, and side -bed delivery were brought to the Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and sorted out and improved the production room process specifications in accordance with the actual situation of the birth room of the West Chang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Through technology+management output, the safety of maternal and newborn in Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital has greatly improved, and the situation of stagnation and perineal tear has been reduced sharply.

In one year, the clinical health care work of Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital has achieved multiple zero breakthroughs.In 2021, the number of emergency consultations in the whole year increased by 120%compared with the same period of previous years. The number of obstetrics in hospitals increased by 68%.tower.The combination of high -quality medical resources sinks the base layer, the combination of "blood transfusion" and "hematopoietic" enhance the ability of the grass -roots level, which facilitates the masses to seek medical treatment nearby.

Four experts who sent Xichang said that in the past year, their biggest change is to allow them to think, understand problems, and solve problems from a higher and wider perspective."Our job is to give full play to the role of technical radiation and driving, improve the health service capabilities of women and children in Xichang, improve the quality of health care of the Xichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, thereby benefiting the people of one side."

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