Tell me about my pregnancy childbirth

Suddenly remembered that Baidu had an article. People said how much sin did she suffer. After finishing, there was a "great power" commented below: How difficult is you to have a child?It is easy to have children as eggs.Seeing this comment, I watched how many people scolded her and sprayed her.

Human individual differences are different, and their physical fitness is different.Just like when I was pregnant, I was okay. I had a stomachache in half a month. At that time, I thought about not being pregnant.I did n’t dare to go to the ground. I did a check director and said that you had seen it ten years ago. I ca n’t help it in bed. As long as you do n’t bleed, you can go to work.Then I started the days of the first half of the month and half a month vacation.At the same time, a few colleagues who were pregnant, a nurse vomited blood to be hospitalized, and a fetus was kept for four months. When I heard that I was more uncomfortable than her, and she came to work.The child’s feet ran out, and finally the director asked her to lie down.And I spit it for five or six months, my stomach hurt to birth, and I sat sleeping and sleeping in four months.When you are born, you are roughly produced, and the nursing is improperly sewed.This is a happy one, the second child … I doubt how I insist on

When I was in the second child, I started pregnancy in 17 days and started to care about it. I was pregnant for 22 days. At that time, I had a stomach pain and vomiting. Then I couldn’t eat or drink.It hurts for a long time when turning over, and I started sitting and sleeping for more than four months. At six months, the left rib pain was painful. Later, the side rib pain was painful.When I slept, I heard my ribs sounded.Eight months of bleeding, fortunately, I couldn’t move in order to keep the needle legs, but fortunately kept.I started to absorb oxygen twice a day, and I couldn’t sleep when I was holding my breath at night.The pain when I was born, the pain on the right side was like the stomach was about to explode, the pain spread to the knee, the legs could not move, and the child was sleeping!Twelve hours finally met, and the postpartum stomach was too painful. The contraction had to infusion to promote contraction. God!When I was in the boss, I could n’t squat for eight months. The second child was healed for a few months. It ’s a big problem to stay up late after giving birth. No one has a rest in eating all night., Children can’t let go, for three and a half years, I have never slept early.

I talked a lot again, I was asleep, and finally I was able to sleep. The child was crying and crying. Now, I go to bed quickly. Good night, I will cook for the boss at 6:30.[Cover your face]

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