Tell my husband in the most unique way, I am pregnant!

When I found myself pregnant, I wanted to tell my husband this good news.But I want to surprise him again, what should I do if I do n’t do so directly?

The baby’s heartbeat must be the most pleasant voice in this world. When you do a pregnancy test, you may wish to record your baby’s heartbeat with your mobile phone. After returning home, he will be released to your husband. I think he will sleep happily all night.No matter

When I went to the supermarket to buy food with my husband, I told him that you can’t eat what foods starting from now and what you want to eat most.If your husband is still puzzled, you can use his eyes to signal him. When he sees you touch your stomach with his hands, you will naturally understand, but you must immediately stop him shouting in the mall.

There was a special mother on the Internet who told her family’s pregnancy in a very cute way.Just before they go home, write on the wall, xxx, you have to be a father, xxx, you have to be grandpa.So if you have such a childlike heart, you can also do this, you can definitely leave deep and beautiful memories for your family

Agree with your husband, come to a mysterious date, tell him, you want to give him a little surprise.He covered his eyes and took him to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital.I believe he will change from anxiety to surprise and excitement

bathroom.Your husband will go to the bathroom after get off work every night to take a bath.You can write on the mirror of the bathroom with lipstick in advance.When your husband is preparing to take a shower, I see these four words when I get pregnant, and I will definitely be too late to wear clothes.

When the bill must be filled with daily trivial items, when calculating the cost of living with her husband, he saw the column of the pregnancy test stick appearing in the bill, and he would definitely jump up from the sofa.

How to declare pregnancy is not important, this is just personal preference.Welcome to a new little life for a family is the most gratifying thing. In addition to sharing such a big happiness with their husbands, I hope expectant mothers can also share with the elderly in time and share happiness with everyone.At this time, happiness will double, and I believe that the little angels that my mother can feel can feel everyone’s joy.

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