Tell you one minute, what are the pregnant women who can’t touch after pregnancy?Follow first, otherwise you can’t find it anymore

"Don’t wear high heels when you are pregnant, danger!"

"Tabies if you are pregnant, you can’t eat crabs"

"Putty is poisonous, it’s not good for your children, don’t wipe it when you are pregnant."

… …

After pregnancy, a woman’s life has changed dramatically

This can’t be touched, so I ca n’t eat it

Various information rush to your ears

I want to say it is a rumor, I’m afraid it’s true

Every information must be broken to study

I’m afraid to affect the little baby in the belly

After all, "can not suffer children no matter how hard you can"

Just suffer the prospective mothers

It’s not easy to give birth to a baby

I have to learn to pay attention to these daily chores

Study alone

Also verify these taboos in the ears

What are the things that pregnant women cannot touch in daily life?

For expectant mothers

There are many foods during pregnancy that can’t be touched

Vegetables, onions, purslane, fungus, leeks

Longan, mango, litchi, hawthorn, sugar cane, apricot in the fruit

Crab, turtle, pork liver in meat

Including pickled sauerkraut, barley, ice cream, etc.

We should know

The nutrition absorption of the baby in the abdomen depends entirely on the mother

The food eaten by pregnant women is directly related to the baby’s life safety

The above foods will have a adverse effect on the growth and development of children

Special crabs, turtles and other cold foods can also induce abortion

In addition, coffee, strong tea, smoke, alcohol

It will also affect fetal growth and development

Causes fetal development defects, so you can’t touch it

Pay attention to as a expectant mother

Many cosmetics can not be touched during pregnancy

Many cosmetics are harmful to the fetus

Such as nail polish, essential oils, lipsticks and perfumes

The chemicals and harmful substances contained in

It will be absorbed into the fetus

It has a certain impact on the growth and development of the fetus

May be exposed to daily life

Chemical toxic substances such as paint, insecticide, disinfection, disinfectant and other chemicals

It is also the existence that pregnant women cannot touch

Pregnant women who raise cats should pay attention to avoid contact with Meow’s feces

The choice of medicine also needs to be treated carefully

Can’t take medicine at will

Otherwise it may affect the baby

See the food you love

Favorite cosmetics

Both are beaten on the label of "danger, pregnant women’s ban"

Do you think life is no longer happy?

Wandere in October, restrain your appetite

Suppress your beauty of love

Dang Mom is undoubtedly hard and suffer

But just think of

The baby in the tire is what he expects

Every time the little fetal movement makes yourself happy

Do you feel like you can grit your teeth and survive it?

Come on, expectant mothers, you can!

Open a new way of healthy life with the new view of the sun

Learn more about health care of health!

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