Test tube pregnancy is a key step

Each sister who is a test tube must go through the ovulation phase. At this stage, what the sisters need to do to actively cooperate with doctors to promote exclusive needles. They also need to retract the level of blood to monitor the level of hormones in the body everywhere.So today, let’s talk about the precautions during ovulation, and hope to help everyone.

Ovulation -promoting is also known as controlling super ovulation. The English abbreviation is COS or COH, which is one of the key steps in IVF technology.It is different from the natural ovulation cycle. In the case of each natural cycle, that is, when there is no exogenous drug intervention, human beings usually have only one egg to mature and ovulate, forming embryo pregnancy.The ovulation promotion cycle is to promote the growth and development of multiple follicles with exogenous ovulation -promoting drugs. By ovulation surgery to obtain multiple eggs, multiple embryos are formed.

Patients who have been test tube babies know that not all eggs can be normalized into good embryos. If only one egg is taken in the natural cycle, the probability of fertilization to form embryos is relatively low.If more eggs are obtained by ovulation -promoting, the probability of forming embryos can be greatly improved. Therefore, ovulation -promoting treatment can significantly increase the success rate of IVF, especially the cumulative pregnancy rate of ovulation treatment.

In COS treatment, do not stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, and maintain adequate sleep; in terms of diet, to ensure nutritional balance, you can appropriately increase the proportion of high protein foods. Pay attention to the safety and hygiene of diet. Do not eat spicy food.It may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort; maintain moderate activity, not too much or too severe exercise, and exercise moderately; maintain a happy mood and peace, don’t worry too much.

1) In terms of dressing:

In order to facilitate the treatment after the week (such as blood drawing, injections, B -ultrasound, etc.), it is best to wear comfortable soft and loose clothes, such as the cuff cuffs and trousers too tight clothing should be avoided, conjoined clothes or high -waisted leggings, etc.It is not easy to check and avoid it.It is best to choose flat and comfortable shoes to travel.

2) Diet and meals:

Pay attention to the balanced nutrition, choose rich and diverse foods; choose light and easy to digest food, try not to eat foods that may cause constipation or bring bloating food; fresh vegetables, fruits and meat can be eaten more appropriately, but pay attention to the amount of control.No matter how good it is, you must not eat it too much; you should try to avoid cold, greasy, marinated, grilled, spicy and exciting diet; do not blindly supplement. If you want to eat food, you need to consult your doctor in advance.

3) Residential environment:

The preparation period of the IVF, as well as the couple should stay away from a toxic and harmful environment (new decoration venues), and environment with serious air pollution after entering the week, and even after pregnancy.Pay attention to whether it is the living environment or the office environment, in short, the environment that often contacts must be safe.The newly renovated room must maintain a good ventilation state, test the environmental indicators, and then check in.

4) Sports aspects:

Although IVFs need to pay attention to all aspects, we do not want to take too much rest, we still need to perform some exercise appropriately.Sports selection in different periods will be different. In the later period, it may be more relaxed and soothing exercise with the increase of the number of follicles and the increase in the volume of the follicles.Prevent ovarian reversal, such as jumping, running and other movements should be avoided.

The monitoring of ovulation promotion is related to the quality of the eggs. The fertilization rate of sperm eggs can be used with the number of embryos and the number of embryos frozen. It is a key process in the auxiliary reproductive technology. The result will greatly affect the final success rate to a large extent.Therefore, in the process of ovulation, please follow the doctor’s advice.Finally, I wish you all good luck!

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