The "zinc storage" in the pregnant mother’s body is related to the ending of pregnancy, and knowing how to supplement zinc is the eugenics

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Why are some pregnant mothers obviously have good constitution and their nutrition during pregnancy is not bad, but there are always adverse conditions such as premature birth, natural abortion, difficulty in dystocia, or even expired pregnancy.

In fact, the good ending of pregnancy is closely related to a trace element in the pregnant mother’s body, that is, you may lack "zinc", and all this chain reaction makes you have to bear great pain.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are the most supplemented by calcium, iron, and vitamin C, vitamin E. Calcium can promote the development of fetal bones and teeth. Iron can prevent pregnant mothers from having anemia during pregnancy.One of the indispensable elements, and the "zinc" affecting the ending of pregnancy is often the easiest to ignore.

▶ Why is "zinc" related to pregnancy ending?

Zinc role

Zinc is an indispensable trace element in the human body. It not only participates in the synthesis of comprehensive synthesis of medical protein, sugar, nucleic acid and fat in the body, but also the activation gene of more than 200 enzymes in the body’s metabolism. It is also because of the existence of zinc.Only to allow the physical function to be effective and exchanged by energy.

Influence of zinc deficiency

It can be said that zinc plays a vital role in the human body, and so is ordinary people in this way.Throughout pregnancy, the metabolism of mothers is faster, and the zinc in the body will be consumed in large quantities. If zinc supplement in time, the body of the pregnant mother will inevitably be affected. The most serious problem is to reduce the uterine contraction ability.

Consequences of zinc deficiency

As we all know, the strength and weakness of the uterine contraction ability are the main factors that affect the production power during childbirth. The weakness of uterine contraction can cause tension and weakness.Seeking to choose the second crime of pregnant women after a cesarean section, the fetus is also facing great risk of hypoxia in the belly.

Secondly, the weak tension of tension will greatly increase the probability of postpartum bleeding, which undoubtedly adds a heavy risk to the mother.Therefore, sufficient zinc during pregnancy is the most important point to improve childbirth and pregnancy ending. It can effectively reduce the incidence of premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, reduce the incidence of postpartum bleeding, and increase the childbirth rate of vaginal delivery.

▶ "Zinc" can not only change the pregnancy ending, but also the key to the development of the fetus

For pregnant women, zinc is the key to improving the ending of pregnancy. Deletion of zinc will not only cause a series of serious consequences, but also have an irreversible impact on the fetus.First of all, zinc deficiency of the mother can lead to delay and dysplasia of the fetus, affecting the development of important organs such as the brain, heart, and thyroid gland. In severe cases, there will even be low intelligence or intellectual obstacles.

If the fetal chromosome abnormalities have a disease, this is not to be blame the mother, but if the zinc deficiency affects the child’s intellectual development and even a more serious disease, the mother will become the biggest sinner.As soon as you lose all the time, who is the mothers in the world who are willing to make the baby have such misfortunes. If you understand the importance of zinc, you will know that this matter must not be sloppy.

In fact, when the human body lacks a certain element, the body will send a signal as soon as possible, and there will be many performance in zinc deficiency. If you have these symptoms as a pregnant mother at this time, you must check in time to understand your own situation.

Skin damage is not easy to repair: When you have trauma, such as accidentally cutting the skin, the wound is not easy to heal. In addition, it is easy to suffer from dermatitis, refractory eczema, and recurrence of oral ulcers.

Lisatial appetite: Pregnant mothers with zinc deficiency often have loss of appetite, and some even reduce the taste and smell function, the digestive ability is also weakened, and it is not very sensitive to the odor.

Easy hair loss and memory decrease: When you find that your hair is thinner, shallow, and easy to fall off, the memory is not as good as before, and it is better to check it.It’s right.

Severe pregnancy reactions: Some pregnant mothers will increase their pregnancy reactions after pregnancy. They are unwilling to eat or even vomit frequently. It is likely to be a manifestation of zinc deficiency and insufficient intake.

Low immunity: Zinc deficiency is easy to cause low immunity for pregnant women, so the most likely to cause is easy to get cold. Pregnant mothers who have frequent colds should pay more attention.

Generally speaking, pregnant women need to consume double the amount of normal people a day, about 25-30 mg, so as to ensure the storage of zinc internal zinc, so as to better ensure the healthy development of the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Food supplement: It is three poisonous medicines. The first choice for zinc to supplement is food supplement. This can supplement nutrition for ourselves and fetuses, but also allow zinc to effectively ensure reserve.

There are many foods containing zinc, such as beans, eggs, fish and animals.

Bananas, apples, kiwi, spinach, white radish, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, lentils, kale, etc. in vegetables, all contain high zinc.Secondly, the seeds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds in nuts are also good choices.

Of course, we must also recommend oysters, because the zinc content per 100 grams of oysters is as high as 100 mg, which is the first of the best zinc.In addition, other seafood also contains a lot of zinc. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their own taste, but it should be noted that foods with high zinc content should not be finely processed, otherwise it is easy to cause nutritional loss. The zinc supplement effect is greatly reduced.Essence

Medicine supplement: Although the most taboo during pregnancy is to take medicine, when pregnant women cannot consume enough physiological needs, we can only choose medicines and foods.The demand for zinc element in this is not only ensuring the smooth progress of childbirth, but also not caused the fetus to be affected by drugs.

Zinc is one of the indispensable trace elements of the human body, and it plays a very important role in the fetus and pregnant women. However, in the case of insufficient zinc in the body, we must follow the doctor’s advice to supplement it, rather than the random crazy tonic supplement.Essence

Because the excessive zinc replenishment can cause zinc poisoning, and it will also affect the absorption of iron in the human body. Reasonable supply according to the opinions given by the doctor is the correct move.

Knowing that zinc supplementation is the responsibility of pregnant mothers, and also the obligation of pregnant mothers, because this can better achieve eugenics and eugenics, which can not only avoid certain childbirth pain, but also give the baby a healthy body.Two happiest things in life.

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