The 11 -year -old girl had ovarian tumors!Doctors remind

Fangfang (pseudonym) was more than 10 days due to fever and abdominal distension. When she came to the outpatient clinic of Li Zhifei, the chief physician of the Pediatrics Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University in Zhejiang, Dr. Li, who had been medical for more than 30 years, was also taken aback -the 11 -year -old girl, the 11 -year -old girl.The stomach is swollen like a pregnant woman!After careful inquiry and medical examination, Dr. Li considered a huge tumor in the belly of Fangfang, and was also accompanied by infection.

After explaining the condition to the patient’s family in detail, Dr. Li suggested that he will be hospitalized immediately and contacted Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Xiaoming for consultation. Dr. Zhou agreed with Dr. Li’s judgment after he checked his physical examination, considering a huge pelvic tumor, and immediately arranged for relevant examinations.The tumor logo inspection found that many indicators have increased, which fully confirms the judgment of the two doctors.From the magnetic resonance examination, it can also be seen that the tumors in the abdominal cavity occupy most of the space, and the surrounding intestines have been crushed and shifted. The intestinal tube is shown in the intestinal tube and expansion. This is why girls feel abdominal discomfort.

Dr. Zhou combined with Fangfang’s various inspections and physical examinations. First of all, this may be a malignant tumor that comes from the ovaries. Immediately arranged MDT (multi -disciplinary work team) discussions, and finally discussed and developed surgery to retain fertility functions.plan.

In the end, Zhou Xiaoming’s team successfully "disassembled" for Fangfang. Postoperative pathological tips: The right ovary malignant mixed reproductive cell tumor.This is a relatively rare ovarian genital cell tumor. According to the condition, corresponding evaluations need to be performed after surgery to formulate the next treatment plan.

Dr. Zhou Xiaoming introduced that ovarian tumors are not the "patents" of childbearing age and elderly women. There are many children with ovarian tumors, and there may be benign and malignant.

"The types of ovarian tumors have a variety of pathological types and can be developed at any age. In recent years, children’s ovarian tumor cases have grown and aging has occurred. So far, due to ovarian tumor reasons and mechanisms have not yet been completely clear, it has not done it.Effective methods to prevent it. Only by checking can early detection and treatment early. "

Dr. Zhou said that if girls have frequent urination, difficulty in the stool, increased abdominal, abdominal block or abdominal pain, parents should be vigilant.

Parents who have daughters at home pay attention:

If the child shouts that his stomach pain or feels uncomfortable, even if he is young, don’t simply think that she is coquettish, and even ignores the child to endure the child tolerance and perseverance.

First of all, common diseases such as cold or unclean diet cause acute enteritis. Secondly, consider gynecological diseases. You can touch your child’s stomach. If you find that your belly becomes larger and press it hard, you must take your child to seek medical treatment in time. Do not miss the most.The timing of good treatment.

"Most ovarian tumors are good after healing, and children recover quickly after surgery, which basically does not affect growth and development and fertility. However, there are also a few malignant tumors. If early surgery, it is relatively good.So do not delay the timing of treatment. "Dr. Zhou Xiaoming said.

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