The 13 -year -old girl who was 7 months pregnant was forced to induce labor, and the man was still easily obtained by the bail pending trial for half a year.

In this beautiful world, we always believe that kindness and justice will defeat all evil and injustice.However, reality often breaks our beautiful imagination and lets us feel endless grief and despair.Cruel reality will make us bear unbearable burdens.

The 13 -year -old flower season girl is the best time in life.At that time, she was innocent and cute.She is thinking about the future and is conceived her ideals and pursuit.She envy the freedom of adults, eager to independence and control her destiny.

However, a person’s sinful behavior has caused a disruptive change in the life trajectory of the 13 -year -old girl.She had been destroyed in her simple heart, and her body suffered unimaginable damage.

In November 2020, Guo used his work as a bait to deceive Xiaobai to a gaming hotel for shameful sexual assault.After that, he even threatened revenge in the name of Xiao Bai’s family, forcibly had a relationship with her, and did not give her any chance of resistance.

Xiaobai seemed to be a helpless bird, captured and trapped by the hunter.She couldn’t escape, and she had nowhere to seek help.It was not until she was 7 months pregnant that she was discovered by her parents.This cruel fact made her family sad.They know that this means that Xiaobai must face an inevitable choice: giving birth to a child or termination of pregnancy.In the end, they decided to make the right choice for Xiaobai and let her have an induction surgery.

However, this is not all the pain that Xiaobai has.Although the police have been reported, the other party has not been investigated for legal responsibilities, but has already received bail pending trial.

In the face of such a bad behavior, we can’t help but question: Why have this man being held legal in these years?

According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law of my country, young girls under the age of 14 will be severely punished.Even if this young girl voluntarily agrees, as long as men have sex with them, they will constitute a crime of rape.As a 13 -year -old child, Xiaobai’s sexual cognition is not yet mature, and special protection is needed.

However, the reality let us see the scenes that are chilling.Xiaobai and his family have been around for years, but have not waited for a fairness.All of this made us have to question: Where is the legitimacy and authority of the law in this society?

All the evidence has been submitted to the police, but what he got was such a ridiculous reply: "The police claimed that the evidence that Xiao Bai was enticed by Guo was inherit."

I just want to ask three questions here: Was the police have made every effort to investigate for so many years?Is there difficulty evidence or other technical problems?Do you need more time to accumulate evidence and review.

Hope to give the public a reasonable explanation.Don’t let the government’s credibility question.

Although Xiaobai and her family encountered difficulties when seeking legal sanctions, they did not lose confidence in legal justice.Under their persistence, the case has been transferred to the local procuratorate.It is believed that under the legal trial of the law, the criminals will be punished by the deserved, and the justice will eventually be stretched.

The pain experienced by Xiaobai and his family should attract the attention and reflection of each of us.We need to pay more attention to the protection of minors, adhere to justice so that every victim can be fair.

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