The 13 -year -old girl’s belly bulge every day, and her mother repeatedly asked: Is it pregnant?The results of the inspection were shocked …

In the past 5 months,

Xiaojia’s mother always thought,

His 13 -year -old daughter may just get fat,

As long as it is not hurt by the bad guy,

"No problem."

I didn’t go to the hospital until Xiao Jia was in pain.

The doctor saw her like that like

The huge belly of five or six months of pregnancy,

I can’t help but breathe.

What exactly is going on?

The 13 -year -old girl’s abdomen is increasingly bulging

It’s not pregnant, but …

Xiaojia’s early tide was 11 years old, and menstruation was usually regular.

At the end of last year, Xiaoga found that her abdomen seemed to be a bit bulging, but she had no other symptoms. She thought she was fat and didn’t take it to heart.

In February this year, Xiaojia’s mother also noticed that her daughter’s belly seemed to be bigger. The first reaction was that her daughter would not be pregnant by the bad guy?After repeated confirmation with Xiaojia, after a negative answer, Xiao Jia’s mother also felt that "maybe she just eats fat."

But Xiaoga seemed to go further and further on the road of "fat".In addition to the significantly bulging lower abdomen, constipation and abdomen will occur.

Xiaojia’s mother repeatedly asked Xiaojia again if she was pregnant.Xiaojia is also very aggrieved: "I haven’t done anything to get pregnant, how can I get pregnant!"

Although the daughter’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, it does not look like pregnant.Xiaojia’s mother said that after using the pregnancy test strip test to eliminate pregnancy, "thinking that as long as it is not pregnant, it is okay, so slowly rest assured."

It wasn’t until Xiaojia’s body suddenly appeared obviously uncomfortable and her stomach had a bad stomach. The mother and daughter went to the local hospital for treatment.The result given by the doctor surprised the mother and daughter -children, there was no; but a huge cyst, there was indeed one.

Because the cyst is too large, the local hospital also recommends Xiaojia to a more authoritative hospital. The mother and daughter then came to Lan Yibing, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College.

Knowing that it is 30 cm huge teratoma

Mother and daughter panicked God

After the B -ultrasound examination, the doctor saw a huge sacity mass in the abdomen, almost filled with the entire abdominal cavity, and even pushed to the lungs.

After diagnosis, this is a huge ovarian teratoma, with 30 cm.

The mother and daughter knew that the "baby" who was on the size of five or six months of pregnancy turned out to be a huge tumor, and she had already supported the same size as a walnut, like a full balloon, and panicked for a while.I don’t know what to do.

Director Zhou Jianhong and Deputy Director Lan Yibing of the women’s Third Section of the hospital considers that Xiao Jia is only 13 years old this year. It is very young. In order to reduce damage, it is also based on beautiful reasons.She carried out tumor resection.

After several hours of surgery, 30 cm ovarian teratoma composed of fat, hair, large nerve tissue and other forms was cleared.Fortunately, the pathological slices during the operation show that Xiao Jia’s tumor is benign, and most of the normal tissues of the ovary after the operation have also been retained.

Xiao Jia’s weight before the operation was 57 kg, and it was 48 catties after surgery -the 18 pounds dropped, most of them were the weight of ovarian teratoma.

The surgery is very successful, and only a small incision on the navel, almost no traces of surgery.

Xiaojia’s mother and daughter’s heart finally let go, and changed from the pre -operative "headache crying" to "laughing."


Some time ago,

A pair of twin sisters were also found out of teratoma!

Twin sisters in the third grade

Ovarian teratoma has been found

Xinxin (pseudonym) and Yueyue (pseudonym) are a pair of twin sisters. Their facial features are almost exactly the same, and their height is almost the same.Not only are their appearances very similar, they are also the same as they are suffering.

Her sister Xinxin went to the hospital for examination because of abdominal pain, and accidentally found ovarian teratoma.Subsequently, her sister Yueyue also went to the hospital for a examination, but also found ovarian teratoma.

In the summer vacation, Xinxin always felt a stomachache. When taking a bath, he could still touch the bulging mass on his stomach.

Because the pain is intermittent, the mass is not very obvious, and Xinxin didn’t care much at first.It wasn’t until some time ago that there was a painful stomach, and she told her parents.

Her mother quickly took Xinxin to the hospital near her home for examination, but found that there was a high -density block in her ovaries on both sides of her ovarian, with a diameter of 15 cm on one side and 8 cm diameter on one side.Early abdominal pain was caused by these two masses.

After evaluation, Lin Kaiqing, chief physician of the Gynecology Department of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, performed surgery for Xinxin, hit a few small holes in the abdomen, and successfully removed the tumor in the ovaries on both sides under the laparoscopy.During the operation, it was found that the mass on both sides of Xinxin was a benign teratoma, and there were hair, sebum, bone and other substances in the mass.

After the operation, Xinxin recovered quickly and was discharged home on the third day after the operation.

Although Xinxin’s surgery was successful, her mother still had concerns.Because Xinxin and sister Yueyue are the twins of the ovary, now my sister has found ovarian teratoma, will the sister also have a problem?

Although Yueyue has no symptoms of discomfort at present, her mother still decided to take her to the hospital for a examination, rest assured.

As soon as the examination, Yueyue’s left ovaries also had a high -density block with a diameter of 5.7 cm.

The doctor subsequently performed surgery for Yueyue and successfully removed the tumor. Postoperative pathology confirmed that her tumor was the same as her sister.

Doctors are performing surgery for Yueyue

Favorite tumor can occur at any age at 20-40 years old

Forex tumors are divided into mature teratoma (that is, benign teratoma) and immature teratoma (malignant tumor).Generally speaking, benign teratoma contains many types of ingredients, including skin, hair, teeth, bones, oil, and nerve tissues.

Of course, these are not tissues, hair, hair, and teeth in the real sense, but are the same as the ingredients such as hair and teeth.The differentiated tissue of malignant tumors, no or few formation tissues, the structure is unclear.

"Because there are various tissue components such as skin, hair, teeth, bones, etc. in the teratoma, many people mistakenly think that it is a patient’s twins, but it is not able to develop an adult and parasites in the patient.It is caused by abnormalities during embryonic development. That is to say, this is a congenital disease that has been formed in the mother’s fetus. "

The chief physician of Lin Kaiqing said that in popular terms, it is during the development of the embryo, because the primitive germ cells are residial during the differentiation process and ran to other parts of "settlement".These "homes" cells developed with growth and development, thus forming other human tissues such as teeth and hair.

It is understood that more than 95%of the teratoma is a benign mature teratomanoma that can occur at any age. Most of them are 20-40 years old, mostly one side.The tumor is full of fats and hair, and sometimes the teeth and bone slices are visible.Most patients do not have obvious symptoms. They often find that abdominal pain can occur when the tumor is large, which can cause the attachment to reverse necrosis.


Gynecological tumors may also "attack" girls

Find the problem to deal with it early

Dr. Lan Yibing said that for young girls like Xiaojia, many parents will feel that gynecological diseases have nothing to do with them.Some parents do not know enough about gynecological tumors. It is confirmed that the child’s stomach is not because he is not pregnant, and he feels that there are no major problems. He may delay treatment.

But in fact, patients like Xiaoga are very young, but patients with ovarian cysts or other gynecological tumors often see them in the hospital.Because the tumor was not big at first and there was no obvious discomfort, it was also delayed to 10 cm.

Lan Yibing reminds: Parents need to pay attention to their children’s development and weight changes. If there are doubts, or if abnormalities are found during the physical examination, they must be confirmed in an authoritative hospital in time to avoid delaying the diagnosis and treatment of related diseases, and reduce the relevant damage to to the relevant damage to the relevant damage to the relevant damage to the relevant damage to the relevant damage to the relevant damage to the relevant injuries to tolowest.

Dr. Lin Kaiqing also reminded that the occurrence of teratoma may be related to many factors such as heredity and environment. Most of the early tear tumors have no obvious clinical symptoms, and most of them are accidentally found during physical examinations.Especially in the abdomen in the abdominal cavity, early clinical symptoms are not obvious, and it is easy to be ignored.However, parents should pay attention to some suspicious signals. If the child has symptoms of abdominal pain, it is recommended to take the child to the hospital for investigation in time.

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily Comprehensive Qianjiang Evening News · hour News, Metropolis Express-Zhejiang Medical Online, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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