The 18 -year -old expectant mother was pregnant for the first time. After the examination, it was found that there were 8 twins: I wanted to keep four or five

On November 25, 2021, a doctor looked at the computer screen carefully, and held the B -ultrasound probe on his right hand on the belly of Ms. Xiaobai.

Earlier, accompanied by her family, Ms. Xiaobai had been checked in another hospital. The hospital stated that she was pregnant with six twins. Obviously they had some doubts about this data, so they came to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Under the careful examination and repeated confirmation of doctors of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, this number was refreshed.

It is not easy to be pregnant with twins, and the trigger is even more rare, and Ms. Xiaobai is like a lottery ticket. She is pregnant with the twins in her belly.

"The doctor suggested that I wouldn’t let it. My aunt said that she couldn’t bear it. I might have to reduce the fetus." Xiaobai was a slightly fat young girl. Her long hair was dyed with yellow, with a faint makeup, wearing a mask.

Listening to her tone of speaking, she still didn’t know what to do without the world and childishness.

"I was very happy at first, and now I am a little scared." But from the expression on the little white face, it can be seen that joy is obviously greater than fear.

Accompanying her to check her mother -in -law is not so relaxed and excited. Although she smiled on her face, her tone was slightly heavy: "With 8 children, I feel that the burden is a bit big, afraid that adults can’t stand it."

However, Xiaobai himself is more heartbroken and wants to open it. She thinks more.

"If the two of us are planning, there are four or five if the most intended."Xiaobai seriously stated that according to her statement, it should be discussed with her husband.

"Four or five?" The reporter interviewed at this time was very surprised and felt incredible. It was tired of ordinary people to bring one or two babies. I did not expect that she wanted to keep a few more.

Xiao Bai heard the reporter’s doubt, and immediately laughed again, smiled soaring his shoulders, and raised his eyebrows. The expression on his face was vivid and naughty.

"Look at the physical condition of adults, leave two children, don’t have so much, more adult’s body can’t stand it." My mother -in -law really wanted her daughter -in -law to really want "four or five", and I was in a heavy mood.Essence

Every time her mother -in -law speaks, her emotional intelligence is very high, and she will add a phrase "afraid of adults’ bodies" later. In the words, she is thinking about her daughter -in -law. In fact, she is more rational.

Xiaobai’s mother -in -law was very young, painted with a faint makeup, with big eyes, and they looked like sisters.

If you really want four or five children, you must not bring it, and you have to need the help of the mother -in -law, so the mother -in -law also has the right to show it.

Netizens have made suggestions: "Eight Immortals and Fan, Gift to Heaven, each showing magical powers, must be born."

"I hope not to reduce their tires. If you want to keep these eight children, you have a chance that the world is rare in the world, so you must find a way to keep this world miracle!"

"This mother -in -law is still rational. It guarantees that the daughter -in -law’s health can also get the children of the twins. Ming Dali speaks science, two are enough."

"Girls want four or five, convinced, and I guess I will regret taking the baby in the back confinement."

Most of the netizens who said that all of the netizens were ridiculed at the excitement. In addition to a few children, more importantly, considering the physical condition of pregnant women and listening to the opinions of professional doctors.

Dr. Guan of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital said: "These eight babies are naturally pregnant, but she uses ovulation -promoting medicine to cause a multi -pregnancy."

The doctor also said that this situation has also been encountered before, and ovulation is not regulated, which leads to multiple births in multiple pregnancy.

In addition, doctors analyzed that because young and white, there are more follicles on the ovaries, but they do not ovulate, resulting in multiple births.

"We all need to advocate a single pregnancy. From the perspective of our doctor, we can only leave up to two embryos at most." Dr. Guan said very seriously.

Multi -fetal pregnancy may lead to various complications of pregnant women, such as diabetes, hypertension, and the incidence of various heart disease is also very high.

Multi -fetal fetuses are more likely to produce premature or miscarriage. Children who are extremely premature children have a very high rate of cerebral palsy, and they will be dangerous for adults, which will seriously endanger the life of adults.

However, Xiaobai still wants to leave the children as much as possible.

Xiaobai and her mother -in -law have a live account on a social platform. In the video, the two also greeted netizens. In the video, Xiaobai said that he would like to try to keep his child.

Xiaobai took out her own pregnancy checklist for everyone: "I am pregnant with eight twins, I’m really shocked and happy."

There are two dark gray photos on this "Ultrasound Report Form" of Reproductive Medicine. In the photo, you can see that there is a black gestational sac of different sizes in the abdomen, which says 8 gestational sacs in the uterine cavity.echo.

The size and size of the eight gestational sac are clearly written, and the size is different. The four of the gestational sacs are tire buds and the heart tube beating, and the other 4 have not seen the original heart tube beating.

"I hope everyone will help me introduce a good doctor and help me keep a few more babies. Thank you."Xiaobai closed his hands in the video of the social platform, and his attitude was very sincere.

It can be seen that Xiaobai also knew that she had so many babies, and the risk was very high. It was impossible to keep it all, but she still wanted four or five.

On social platforms, there are many videos of twins and triple twins. The volume is very high and very hot. Those cute children are neatly lined up and reported. It is very cute and really attracts everyone’s attention.

And Xiaobaiguang was pregnant with eight children, and she was already on the hot search, which made everyone very concerned about her.

In addition, for a expectant mother, it is not easy to make a choice, and I always feel reluctant.

Some netizens considers from the perspective of the fetus, thinking that no one to stay is unfair, and simply does not leave one. This is good, and I do n’t know if the fetus is healthy.

Some netizens think that the four fetuses with fetal hearts should be left, after all, they are all small lives.

When Xiaobai was showing a pregnancy checklist, many sharp -eyed netizens found that the age on Xiaobai’s pregnancy examination form was only 18 years old. Everyone’s attention immediately changed, and quickly quarreled.

When some netizens saw Xiaobai’s age, they asked, "Why should I take ovulation medicine at such young?"

Xiaobai replied that she did not take ovulation, but at that time, because of irregular menstruation, she went to the hospital to prescribe Chinese medicine to regulate her body, but she accidentally conceived 8 twins.

Xiaobai’s sister said during the live broadcast that the age on the checklist was filled in, and the actual Xiaobai was in her 20s.

The reporter called Xiaobai’s husband to verify that her prospective husband, Mr. Wang, also said: "The age of his wife is indeed 18 years old. The family may be afraid of the bad effect, so she has no positive response."

At the age of 18, people are really surprising. After all, girls of normal age are still studying in school.

Netizens are not calm, and they feel that this is not easy. Some netizens also make up a story of developing dark love stories, thinking that there may be a situation of cheating or pregnancy.

On November 27, 2021, Xiaobai’s quasi -husband Wang told reporters the love story he and Xiaobai.

The two met online 2 years ago. They belong to the more popular online dating now. Mr. Wang is from Zhoukou, Henan, and girl Xiaobai is from Yuxi, Yunnan.

After the two talked about love online for a while, Xiao Bai Qianliyu followed Mr. Wang to Zhoukou. The two were together vigorously and lived a living life.

Netizens have calculated that Xiaobai’s age is even more difficult to understand. Some people even feel "distressed". How old is Xiaobai two years ago?

However, fortunately, Mr. Wang and Xiaobai’s mother -in -law are more reliable people and have not let Xiaobai suffer. The ceremony of the office has been handled, but because Xiaobai is not enough, the two have not received a marriage certificate.From the perspective of relatives and friends, the two have long been husband and wife.

Mr. Wang was five years older than Xiaobai, and it was obviously more mature than his wife. He said that when he conditioned his body, he found that he had polycystic ovary syndrome. Therefore, under the diagnosis of the doctorNeedle.

Mr. Wang is also more rational than his wife. He said: "Unexpected pregnancy is what we didn’t expect. Since there are children, we also hope to keep one or two."

Today, Xiaobai has finished the tire reduction surgery. The couple did not announce the number of tires and specific time to the abroad. Only enthusiastic netizens were speculated on the Internet: left two babies.

At the beginning of the examination, several other embryos did not see the germ. After the germ growing out, it can be seen more clearly, which is convenient to implement tire reduction surgery. The tire reduction surgery will evaluate several embryos, and several embryos that are not developed.Subtract and leave a healthy embryo.

There are two main types of tire reduction surgery. One is to use tire reduction needle puncture to enter the target gestational sac, and use negative pressure to attract the germ tissue to eliminate;

The other is to let the embryo die through the injection reagent. Such tire reduction surgery is a minimally invasive surgery and has certain risks, but the risk is not high.

In addition, a series of inspections must be performed after tire reduction, but there is no need to worry about the remaining babies.

In 2022, Xiaobai’s account on social platforms was unable to inquire. When she lived on social platforms at the time, some netizens thought she was "wanting to be red, having a gimmick", and hype to make money for live broadcasts.

Some netizens on the Internet questioned that she was no longer the first child, and their young couple were not enough to be legal. According to the current laws in my country, the woman reached 20 years old and the man was 22 years old to get a marriage certificate.

Born at the age of 18 is not a criminal, but children need to pay a certain social support fee when they are hukou.

Generally, two times the disposable income of the per capita household registration in the last year, the couple pays twice the each. If the actual income is higher than this level, the actual income is paid according to the actual income, and the specific local policy shall prevail.

Xiaobai’s age and ovulation needle, plus the number of twins, is enough to attract the attention, and various doubts come over.

Such public opinion pressure will have an impact on a pregnant woman, so the family still decides to reduce attention and fade out of the public’s sight.

Xiaobai, hometown in Yunnan, can also be regarded as far away. His parents are not around. Occasionally, auntie helps her with great suggestions.

In addition, the Women’s Federation is also regarded as a "mother". The staff of the Zhengzhou Women’s Federation once said that they will intervene in understanding the matter and see if they can help the parties.

The staff of the Women’s Federation also sent someone to visit it, explaining to Ms. Bai the pregnancy examinations during pregnancy.Essence

In addition, the staff of the Women’s Federation also said that Xiaobai was indeed the first pregnancy, not the second and third babies questioned online.

When many 18 -year -old girls are still on campus, Xiaobai is going to be a mother. It can be seen that everyone’s outlook on life and values are different.

It is difficult for everyone to refute her as a mother who wants to ask for a few more children, but it is really not as easy as she is imagined.

A girl with a windy and fascinating and lustr is just a mother who is childish, and she is responsible for the responsibility of taking the baby. She needs to bear very much pressure.

In any case, I need to respect her destiny and choice. I believe that the doctor’s professionalism and wisdom is willing to be safe, and everything goes smoothly.

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