The 20 -year -old daughter was deceived to become pregnant. The man came to the door to be crazy and arrogant. Netizens: I met a knife

Some people, some feelings, learn to let go decisively, do not waste precious youth on the wrong person!Knowing how to let go and stop loss in time is to truly protect yourself.

Sister Duan lives in Taiyuan, Shanxi.Some time ago was harassed by a 30 -year -old man, which troubled their family.

This man always came to find the eldest sister’s daughter Mao Mao, threatening that Mao Mao owed him money.He claims that as long as he gives him the money, he will not come to find them anymore.But Sister Duan didn’t know what money he owed him.

So what’s going on?

According to Sister Duan, this man is called Xiao Yang, a former boyfriend of Mao Mao, who broke up two years ago.

Xiao Yang and Mao Mao met from the Internet. At that time, Xiao Yang was 30 years old and Mao Mao was 20 years old. They lived together before they fell in love.Sister Duan didn’t know her daughter was in love at first. When she knew, her daughter had been pregnant for two months.

For this relationship of her daughter, the elder sister Duan was strongly opposed.Sister Duan said that Xiao Yang is 30 years old, and Mao Mao is only 20 years old.The two people are so much age, no parents will agree.Coupled with the situation of Xiao Yang everywhere, Xiao Yang did not have a job, and it was basically a mixed type in society.

There is no job, no money, plus a child, what should he get to support his family in the future.So Sister Duan and husband would not agree with them anyway, but Mao Mao couldn’t hear the parents’ hard persuasion, thinking that she had conceived Xiao Yang and insisted on marrying him.

Xiao Yang always thought that he and Mao Mao really loved each other, and Mao Mao had to leave him because of being forced by his parents.

Sister Duan said that her daughter had never mentioned in love with them.When her daughter happened, Duan Sister Duan also blamed herself.Mao Mao’s younger brother has been in bad health since he was a child. Sister Duan put most of his energy on his son. Her husband worked abroad all year round, so he ignored the discipline of his daughter.Mao Mao started working everywhere due to poor academic performance.There is usually something to say to her, when she knows her daughter’s love, she is already unmarried first.

Sister Duan believes that because her daughter is too simple and too young, she is deceived by Xiao Yang’s sweet words.When she strongly persuaded her daughter and Xiao Yang to cut off, Xiao Yang went to propose.

When Xiao Yang came to Mao Mao’s house, he kneeling down the elder sister Duan again and repeatedly that he was sincere to Mao Mao. He hoped that they could become full, but the elder sister Duan resolutely opposed it.In his anger, he picked up the fruit knife and deliberately scratched himself, so as to force Duan’s husband and wife to agree.Seeing Xiao Yang’s crazy move, Sister Duan immediately reported to the police.

Under the persuasion of the police, Xiao Yang temporarily left Duan Da’s house.It was just that the police had just left the front foot, and his back foot came downstairs to the elder sister’s house, and he was scared to report to the police again.What this made Duan Duan did not expect that from then on, Xiao Yang would run to her house to make trouble, causing them to be painful.

Because of Xiao Yang’s extremely immature treatment, Mao Mao also lost confidence in this relationship.Soon after, she called Xiao Yang to explain everything downstairs.

As a result, as soon as he met Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang conflicted with Sister Duan, because Sister Duan always said that he was a liar, and in the anger, he beat Duan Duan to death, grabbed her hair, hit her head and hit the ground.Pull her eyes.In the end, Sister Duan’s husband and Mao Mao rushed over to open the two.

After Xiao Yang beaten the elder sister Duan, he threatened Mao Mao: Do you do n’t want to spend it with me? If the two are not, they will do all, burn you, and burn me.

In order to scare Sister Duan’s family, he deliberately sprayed fire at the place where the electric car was stopped. In this conflict, both sides were injured and finally reported to the police again.

In this incident, Mao Mao’s child had no fetal heart and finally went to the hospital for surgery. Xiao Yang regardless of Mao Mao.

Xiao Yang’s behavior was more crazy at a time, regardless of her, and even beat her family, and the child was gone.Mao Mao decided to break the relationship with Xiao Yang, and after discharge, he resigned and went to the grandma’s house to recuperate.

I thought that Mao Mao and Xiao Yang broke the incident after the relationship ended, and Xiao Yang’s behavior was even more exciting.He believed that in the last conflict he was beaten, and the elder sister Duan also hid Mao Mao to prevent him from seeing him, so he was going to find them theory. This time he specially took a bottle of chili water and put it in his pocket.

Xiao Yang has been squatting at the door of the community where Sister Duan lives to find a chance to meet Sister Duan.One day, after I found that Duan’s car’s car, I opened the door directly and went up.When Sister Duan saw Xiao Yang, he scolded him a few words. Xiao Yang said without saying that he took out the pepper water and sprayed it. Sister Duan’s husband was sprayed on the driver’s seat.

After getting out of the car, Sister Duan picked up a stick to protect herself.When Xiao Yang took the chili water to him again, he was hit by a stick.In the end, both sides were taken away by the police, and Xiao Yang filed a case for suspected provocation according to the actual situation.

Xiao Yang not only always sought the trouble of Sister Duan, also often followed Mao Mao, tangled with her, and asked Mao Mao to reunite with him.Even the grandmother who remained Mao Mao’s house harassed, and when he saw Mao Mao, he refused to reunite with him. He took a lot of videos near her house and published it on the Internet:

"Look at this is a liar house"

"Mao Mao, I will always love you, no matter where you go, I will find you!"

Contact Mao Mao’s friends and relatives and friends, give them messy things, spread rumors that Mao Mao lied to him and cheated him money.

Mao Mao was forced to collapse by Xiao Yang, and then she found that she didn’t understand Xiao Yang at all.She said that because she was not sensible at the time, she now paid a huge price for this.

Xiao Yang did not admit that he had threatened Mao Mao. He said that he had made the efforts to be with Mao Mao.He never thought he had done something wrong, and his attitude was very arrogant.

In June 2020, Xiao Yang was sentenced to one year and three months in prison for provocation.

Then the matter did not end with Xiao Yang’s imprisonment. After Xiao Yang was released from prison, he came to harass Duan Duan’s family again.

After Xiao Yang was released from prison, he went to Duan Duan’s house for money. He said that when he was in love, he spent money to buy a car and buy a house, and then said that he still had feelings for Mao Mao and hoped to be together.Xiao Yang said that Mao Mao never said to him. If he was willing to continue with him, then he would not have the money.

Mao Mao said that she had no money to spend Xiao Yang at all. Xiao Yang had no job or money. There was only one broken house for family conditions. How could there be money to buy a car and buy a house.The money they used when they were together were her salary or her credit card.

Regarding Xiao Yang’s repeated harassment, Mao Mao said that she would be polite if so.At this time, the reporter also persuaded Xiao Yang to consider that he has just come out today, and if he is a guilty, he will be punished with heavy punishment.In the end, Xiao Yang left Duan Da’s house and said that he would not come again.

Regarding this relationship, Mao Mao was not decisive enough, nor did he explain to Xiao Yang.Xiao Yang always thought that Mao Mao was willing to be with him, only for his parents to be forced to separate.

Girls like Mao Mao, if they broke up, simply said that they would not be entangled.Those who really love you will not use threats, intimidation, harassment, beatings and other means.If the other party can do this, it can only explain that there is a problem with the character, leave early and stop the loss in time.

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