The 20 -year -old virgin was found to be pregnant, and it was impossible, and the doctor’s words made her cry and laughed.

With the current concept of love, many men and women, as long as they determine the relationship, often live together soon.Many of them will have some intimate contacts.But some women may be more traditional, and they are not willing to accept intimate contact before marriage.

However, now because they are very tolerant of men and women, and there is no intimate behavior between men and women, it seems that they feel abnormal. Women often consider boys, but they are afraid of pregnancy, so they often "stop" in vitro.

Even so, I am still worried that I will get pregnant, and I usually pay attention to the time of the physiological period and judge whether I am pregnant.If it is normal, I will be relieved, and if it is postponed, I will feel anxious.

Mengmeng was 20 years old. Because of the abnormal physiological cycle, he went to see the doctor. After examination, the doctor found that Mengmeng was still a virgin, but the examination also reached that Mengmeng had been pregnant for more than two months.

Such a result shocked Mengmeng, and surprised her boyfriend who accompanied her.One is that they are still young and have no ability to raise their children, and the other is that they feel that there is no real "intimate contact".

For Mengmeng’s questions, the doctor also performed a confirmation test, which was indeed pregnant, and Mengmeng was still a virgin.This situation is really rare, making doctors feel incredible.

In the end, the doctor also made a lot of information inquiries for this. It was found that when they had intimate behavior, they encountered Meng Meng’s ovulation period, and the quality of the "small tadpoles" of her boyfriend was particularly good.It is also easy to cause "small tadpoles" to enter the body, which has caused Meng Meng’s pregnancy.

Therefore, if you do not want to get pregnant during love, you must take protection measures.

What are the common contraceptive measures?

1. Aphrostication contraceptive method

This is the most common way of contraception and one of the safest ways. It can not only isolate the combination of "small tadpoles" and eggs to achieve contraceptive purposes.

At the same time, condoms also have the effect of isolation disease infection, which is almost applicable to all groups in this way.Therefore, during love, take good measures to avoid greater harm to the body.

2. Safe contraception method

Women’s ovulation has a certain period of cycle, and women basically count their own ovulation period.For example, some women, because they can count their own ovulation period, have always used the method of contraception during ovulation, when they do not want to have children, they are not pregnant.

And after the first ovulation period until the second ovulation period, this time range is called a safe period. This period generally does not get pregnant.

3. Short -acting contraceptive pill

Short -acting contraceptives are also contraceptives used by many people, which are generally used for emergency contraception.Especially many young people like it very much because they pay more attention to experience.

Although this contraceptive method is simple and convenient, there are certain side effects, such as causing irregular menstruation, so it is necessary to use it appropriately to reduce harm to women.

The above three methods are suitable for unmarried and unmarried women.

If you are a married woman, you can also use the "upper ring" to achieve the role of contraception.

Women should pay more attention to their own health and safety. Do not blindly satisfy men in order to consider the feelings of men. As a result, they hurt themselves. Maybe men still have no attention at all.

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