The 21 -year -old Diana was pregnant with her pregnant belly, and Charles guarded her like a guard. After 15 years, she replaced her lover Dudy

Have you ever loved Diana?This is really a difficult problem for Qing officials to break housework.Perhaps he still has a little love for Diana, but after all, the two are not all the way. Even if there is no Camilla, they are destined to part ways, but no one can wipe out the sweet time they have had in the early days of marriage.

The 21 -year -old Diana’s picture of the pregnant belly and Charles played at the beach are the rare bright colors in their bleak marriage.This bright color has supported Diana through countless sleeping nights, giving her the courage to persist in marriage.

As a princess of the royal family, the queen of the British royal family in the future, Diana is impeccable from her appearance to her life.Although there were gentle and small Camilla, and countless Wenxiang soft jade surrounded by her side, Charles couldn’t help being attracted by her when she saw the lively and charming Diana.

The princess of the British royal family was Diana’s sister selected by Charles. Charles had dated her several times, but never called. Instead, she was very interested in Diana, who was so tender and ignorant.

Charles, who lacks mother -in -law since childhood, is particularly fascinated by the girls of the elder sister. Camilla, who has found Charles, can eat him.

However, when you look gentle like water, you will be tired. When he sees Diana, who is as fresh as spring breeze, Charles is in front of him, only to meet the candidates of the future princess 12 times.

In the final analysis, although Diana was selected by the Queen Mother and Queen, in the end, Charles nodded and agreed. No one could force him to be the groom.

Perhaps Charles was a little hesitant to Diana, but Diana was pouring at Charles and looked at Charles’ eyes.Faced with such a girl who is purely loved by himself, Charles’ self -esteem has been greatly satisfied, and he is also more satisfied with Diana.

In a dating walk, Charles said to Diana fiercely, "You may be the British Queen in the future." This careless sentence made Diana instantly red eyes.

In July 1981, Diana and Charles held a global wedding.At the wedding, the queen who always paid attention to the manner couldn’t help but grinned. As the parties, Diana and Charles were full of smiles and immersed in joy.

Although the life after marriage continued, she disappeared in Diana’s forbearance and tolerance.Facing the generous tolerance Diana, Charles also reported to Li, and the couple spent the happiest and happiest marriage time.

Prince William came at the moment when his parents were most loving.In November 1981, when Diana attended the event, she couldn’t help but doze off.Diana, wearing a pink purple off -the -shoulder dress, sat on a red chair. Although she was reluctant to support it, she still couldn’t stop the menacing sleepiness.

After this photo was circulated, the British royal family quickly announced the good news to the public: the princess is happy!The good news from the sky has caused Britain into the carnival. The happiest person is Charles, who is about to be a father immediately.

In order to make my wife a good mood during pregnancy, Charles proposed to accompany Diana to the beach for vacation.The warm and warm sunlight and the beautiful scenery of the sea made Diana feel new.

With beautiful scenery and lover, Charles’s mood is also very good. He always protects the pregnant wife at all times. The small eyes are all Diana, just like the most loyal knight around the princess, and carefully look Diana as a peerlessness as a peerless.Treasure, for fear that Diana would lose a little.

Diana Girls was also a sportsman, especially good at swimming.Although she was with her children, she couldn’t hold back her excited mood when she saw the endless ocean. She couldn’t swim and went to the sea to play water.

The couple who were tired lay on the lounge chair and enjoyed the sunbathing.Although the Charles and his wife tried their best to avoid exposure, they still couldn’t stop the ubiquitous media. The pervasive cameras accidentally took a scene of Charles "romantic".

The Charles in the photo, with dense black hair blessing, looks like a handsome guy, Diana is not willing to show weakness, a long leg of white flowers directly pressed on Charles’ legs.The "harmful" couple did not realize the sneaky media at all, and flirted with the seaside.

This warm and harmonious, loving picture is just a glimpse in the marriage between Charles and Diana. After the honeymoon passion splurge, there is only endless quarrel and torture.

Slowly, Diana found that Charles’ heart was not on her, nor was she on two children.Charles gave Camilla all his love, because Charles also loved Diana, so after Charles did not love, Diana could feel it.

She didn’t understand why Charles became so fast, and she did nothing wrong, but Charles just didn’t love.Even if Charles didn’t go out to play, staying at home for a day, he might not say a word to Diana.Diana was "cold violence" by Charles. Diana, who had lacking family warmth in her childhood, regarded this marriage as her whole.

However, Diana lost very thoroughly. Even if her stomach was angry, she gave birth to two male heirs one after another, and she could not get Charles’ love for her.Especially after Harry was born, Charles was even very disgusted, and asked Diana why did she give him a daughter?Is a high student at Cambridge University who really does not know that boys and women are determined by men?Or deliberately find fault?

In 1996, Diana and Charles finally ended this tortured marriage. They waving their lives and giving birth to each other, and each ushered in a new life.Diana changed his boyfriend after another, and Charles finally got his wish and stayed with Camilla.

In 1997, 15 years have passed away from Diana with William.Diana and her lover Dadi went to the southern France for vacation. Once again, they enjoyed the warm sunshine of the sea with their lover. With the sound of waves, the two walked on the beach and found the former romance.When playing in the water, did Diana remembered another person who was with her 15 years ago.

In addition to Dudi, who accompanied Diana to the beach this time, there were two sons William and Harry.At this time, the mother and son did not know that this was their last time.

After Diana was completely disappointed to the British royal family, Charles found 7 lover. Among them, the seventh lover who accompanied her was the wealthy Egyptian businessman Dudy.Even so, Diana has always been a good mother, and she cares for her meticulous care to make up as much as possible to make up for the lacking father’s love in the process of growth.

Unfortunately, on August 31, 1997, Diana and her lover Dadi returned to the hotel together and suffered a car accident.Before the accident, she also called the two children and asked them if they were good. The two children later recalled that they had no time to talk to Diana to say that they loved her, and they hung up in a hurry. This is also this.The two children have always been knotted.

Things are non -affairs. Diana’s soul has passed away. As early as 2005, Camilla turned a small three and wrote another dusk love with Charles.Two old people with white hair also came to a seaside journey. They were still the sunny beach bikini. The sunglasses were in the sunglasses, but the person accompanied by the side was not the one.

Looking at it now, there must be Camilla where Charles attended.And Charles finally had a bright smile, which was completely different from the indifference around Diana.It is a pity that the best Diana in the world has been wrong after so many years.That year Lihua Xingyu, you said you were Prince Charles, and asked me if I would like to be your princess, I should say unwilling …

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