The 27 -year -old woman has an inexplicable miscarriage 5 times, and the results of the physical examination turned out to be normal.

Ms. Fu and her husband in Sichuan were married 3 years ago. Less than 4 months after marriage, Ms. Fu was pregnant. The family was naturally happy. The in -laws were looking forward to the birth of the grandson every day.

But the good times didn’t last long. Once Ms. Fu went home, she suddenly had a stomachache and had a miscarriage when she was taken to the hospital.The couple thought that because Ms. Fu went out for too long, she led to abortion of the fetus, but after that, Ms. Fu has been pregnant 4 times one after another, and they have been aborted inexplicably within 3 months.Ms. Fu and her husband also went to the hospital for a series of examinations, but strangely, the test results showed that everything was normal!

Later, Ms. Fu and her husband went to the province to find a large hospital for examination. She finally found the problem. It turned out that Ms. Fu lacked an antibody to protect the tire, which was called a closed antibody, which led to habitual abortion.After knowing the results of this inspection, Ms. Fu couldn’t help crying on the spot. She thought about 5 pregnancy, but she regretted missed because of this reason.

The habitual abortion refers to women with more than 3 times of abortion, and the main reasons for women’s habitual abortion are mainly the following points:

1. Largeronic function incomplete

The luteal functional discomfort directly affects the chance of women’s pregnancy, and even if the pregnancy is successful, it is easy to have a miscarriage.Therefore, if women have more than 3 continuous and natural abortion, they must go to the hospital to check whether their luteum function is sound.

2. Men’s sperm quality

During pregnancy, the men’s sperm quality will also affect the chance of the woman’s pregnancy and the development of the fetus during pregnancy.When the man’s sperm is too small and the ability to move is poor, it will also directly lead to abortion of the woman.

2. Genetic factors

If the husband and wife are married, it is more likely to cause abnormalities and deformities in the fetal chromosome abnormalities.Therefore, for the next generation of health considerations, the marriage of close relatives is strictly prohibited in my country.

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