The 28 -year -old 3 marriage woman is pregnant.

28 -year -old Wang Shiqi was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. She should have entered the marriage hall to form a family. However, because of the normal love, but because the child’s arrival was split, her boyfriend Liu Ren ignored Wang Shiqi, and even said that the child said that the child wasNot his own, Wang Shiqi believes that Liu Ren made such a poor excuse for escape responsibility. Is Liu Ren intentionally evading or Wang Shiqi?

Wang Shiqi led the reporter to find Liu Ren, and the situation of the two sides was very nervous. Liu Ren admitted that although he and Wang Shiqi were in love, he had no cohabitation. He repeatedly found that Wang Shiqi chatted with male friends and exposed the location of his rental house.Invited a man to visit, and the sudden appearance of the child made Liu Ren have to doubt.

Wang Shiqi was very calm about this. She didn’t feel that she was playing with friends with the opposite sex.When Liu Ren said that when he was with Wang Shiqi, he found that she kept in touch with a man named Li, and was very close. Wang Shiqi explained that it was her ex -husband, but Liu Ren knew that Wang Shiqi’s ex -husband was not surnamed Li at all.It is because of this mysterious man, did this couple leave? What does this man have to do with Wang Shiqi?

Wang Shiqi did not answer this question positively. She only bite Liu Ren as a irresponsible man. Liu Ren, who was anxious, said a secret. Obtained a chance to find that Wang Shiqi had a face -to -face red envelope record on Wang Shiqi, and transferred Wang Shiqi’s red envelope.It was the man named Li.

Wang Shiqi began to explain that after divorcing her ex -husband, she did have a relationship with the man named Li after divorce, but later, in order to ensure her strong virginity in love, she had broken contact with the man surnamed Li.Liu Ren was unwilling to believe in Wang Shiqi’s words, and he was excited to blame his girlfriend. Liu Ren, 34, once experienced a marriage because his ex -wife was derailed. Last year, he met the young and beautiful Wang Shiqi under the introduction of his family.Love.Liu Ren originally thought that Wang Shiqi had divorced and with a little daughter, he would definitely cherish the family and operate his life.

Soon after, he found that Wang Shiqi’s personal relationship was more chaotic, and the ambiguous information on his mobile phone caused Liu Ren to be humiliated.Liu Ren learned from Wang Shiqi’s daughter that Wang Shiqi often went out to meet Uncle Li. Liu Ren’s bedroom wall was hung with a task card.The festival, he wanted to wait for all romantic things, and got married with Wang Shiqi. He paid 100 % of the sincerity of Wang Shiqi, but was regarded as a spare tire by Wang Shiqi.trap.

In order to prove her innocence, Wang Shiqi made a call to the man named Li Lei. Although Li Lei on the phone denied that the two had an unfair relationship, they said a word.What’s the matter!

It turned out that Wang Shiqi had a marriage with Li Leide after the first marriage failure, and divorced after getting along for a short time. Wang Shiqi was a little proud after hanging up the phone.Liu Ren’s emotions became even more excited.

He said that he had been with Wang Shiqi for half a year. Although he did not live together, he paid too much on Wang Shiqi. Wang Shiqi did not work, but he would spend money. In half a year, Liu Ren’s 780,000 yuan deposits were all spent by card.Liu Ren must not only pay Wang Shiqi debt, but also take care of the three children of the two. Now he can only send his own child and a daughter to his parents to raise it. Even the property fee is arrears for several months.With the obligation of supporting his family, Wang Shiqi’s infidelity made him feel that his dedication was not worth it.

Faced with Liu Ren’s accusations, Wang Shiqi directly said that since he didn’t want to be responsible for his child, he should give me compensation to deal with the child.In Wang Shiqi’s mouth, the first two marriages, big daughters, and the children in this belly are like jokes, can be obtained at any time, or can be easily given up.

She and Li Lei got married for more than a month and left. When she was still broken, she began to fall in love with Liu Ren. She still did not learn cautiously when she was so old, which made her face the embarrassment today.Liu Ren no longer has any hope for Wang Shiqi. He is willing to take out 3,000 yuan to let Wang Shiqi kill the child. A small life from passion, so under the ridiculous agreement of his parents, he lost the opportunity to come to this world.Essence

That night, Liu Ren transferred to Wang Shiqi 3,000 yuan. He suddenly found Wang Shiqi in anger, insisting that Wang Shiqi had not divorced his ex -husband.Ren was unwilling to believe that in the face of the facts, he still couldn’t let go of his unwillingness in this relationship, and eventually the two completely ended the relationship under the community mediation.

A full -fledged love, from the beginning, has not had enough hidden dangers because of insufficient understanding. In the end, because of Wang Shiqi’s casual treatment of love, and Liu Ren’s suspicion, the lover became an enemy!

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