The 32 -year -old pregnant woman was dyed for a long time. As a result, as soon as the fetus was born, the whole family regretted crying!

Lili was 32 years old in recent years. In fact, she has been married to her husband Xiaokun for many years, but Lili has been concerned about the image. She feels that she will have a shape after giving birth to a child.

Near birth, the family was very excited to welcome the arrival of new life, Lili chose to give birth and gave birth to a girl. The mother -in -law immediately disappeared when the smile on the face heard the news.For the deformed foot, the mother -in -law suddenly passed.

Lili stayed in place after hearing the news, returned to God, cried, and wanted to hit the wall, but was stopped by the medical staff around him.

Why is the fetus deformed?

It turned out that Lili was more beautiful and had white hair. In the past ten years from the age of 22 to 32, Lili went to the barber shop to dye her hair every two months.

When she was pregnant, Lili was not good at the fetus, so she bought a hair dye on the Internet. It is said that this hair dye can be used by pregnant women, and Lili dyed her hair with peace of mind.

The doctor reminded: Do not use hair dye dyeing hair during pregnancy. Each person’s resistance is different. Hair dyes during pregnancy will affect the fetus!

What other behaviors can cause fetal deformity?

1. Drugs

Drug abuse of drugs during pregnancy will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus in the body, and sometimes cause premature birth, miscarriage, or dead tires. Therefore, once you find that you are pregnant, you must carefully check or give up your pregnancy.It is most common in antibiotics, including chloramphenicol, tetracycline, rinomyrinin, scatomycin, galcinicin, chloribacomycin, ashinycin, and Metromycin.Fetal deformity.

2. Smoking and drinking

Smoking pregnant women will cause the fetus to delay, lose weight, prone to premature birth or congenital heart disease, and also affect the child’s intelligence.Pregnant women’s alcoholics can make fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome, causing fetal malformation.

Third, cats, dogs and other pets

Do not contact pets such as cats and dogs, otherwise it may cause pregnant women to infect various germs, such as toxoplasma infection, and directly infect the fetus to cause the fetus deformity.

Fourth, pay attention to diet

High -sugar, high -fat, fried food, pesticide residue food, expired/moldy food, pickled food, strong tea and other pregnant women cannot eat it.

What do you do to help give birth to a healthy baby?

1. Regular life and rest:

The life of pregnant women must have a certain law, so as to go to bed early and get up early.Generally, the sun falls in the evening, and the temperature decreases slightly.Getting up at 6-7 in the morning, you can participate in some housework and sports activities that can be appropriately available, which is conducive to improving the temperature adjustment function of the body temperature and enhancing the tolerance of heat; after lunch, proper nap.

2. Supplement α-linolenic acid

The baby’s brain is constantly developing, so during the whole pregnancy, be sure to eat enough α-linolenic acid foods. Α-linolenic acid is the essential fatty acid of the human body. Medical research shows that α-linolenic acid is the "brain gold" DHA of DHA.Basic substances are necessary nutrients that constitute fetal intelligence and visual development.If the expectant mothers fully supplement α-linolenic acid during pregnancy, the child’s IQ will increase by 20%-30%.

α-linolenic acid can be metabolized into DHA in the body and has 16 functions on pregnant women. The most important of which is: control gene expression, optimize genetic genes, transfer cell material raw materials, control nutrients into cells, affect the growth of fetal infant brain cellsdevelopment.

Among daily foods, α-linolenic acid has very little content, while Suwum oil, flax kernel oil, walnut oil and other vegetable oils are high, and vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol, which tastes good, especially suitable for maternal supplements.It should be noted that: high temperature heating should be avoided when consumption, otherwise its nutrients are prone to oxidation, which can directly drip it in porridge, soup, bread and other foods. You can also stir 100ml of yogurt with 5ml of solo oil (or flax kernel oil) to eatThis method of consumption can also play a role in moisturizing and laxative, which can help pregnant women prevent the problem of constipation during pregnancy and postpartum!

3. Sleeping position must be correct

Many people recommend that pregnant mothers sleep on the left side.That is, the left side of the body is below, and the right side is above.This is because the increasing uterus will compress the large blood vessels and affect the blood flow.And because the vein is easily affected than the arteries. The largest and most important vein of the human body. It is the lower cavity vein. It is located in the right front of the spine, most of which are at the level 5 of the lumbar spine.Therefore, the pregnant mother after 20 weeks, it is best to lie on the left side, especially be careful not to lie down to avoid pressure to the lower cavity vein.

4. Exercise during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers will not walk very tired during pregnancy, and can achieve a certain effect. Look at the surrounding scenery and make their moods much wider.

However, in the process of walking, pregnant mothers need to be accompanied by someone in the family. It is best to walk in the small garden downstairs. Do not go too far.

Try not to approach the noisy boundaries of the people in the downtown area and the road. After all, no one can say that anyone who accidentally bumps.

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