The 36 -year -old "pregnant husband" in the United States was pregnant and successfully gave birth to a baby boy!Is "he" a male or female?

Many women now are very afraid of fertility, and even want to push the major of fertility to men. Although it seems impossible, men do have such an example of pregnant and having children abroad.

The man named Bente Caspa-Williams was named a baby boy at Los Angeles in October 2020 in October 2020.The "pregnant husband" was 36 years old at this time, and he had a thick beard, a thick throat, peaceful and frank chest.

From the perspective of doctors and nurses and others, all his appearance characteristics look like a rough man. Compared with the child’s father, he is more like a child’s father.He usually lets others call him the father of his child, but it is also true that he is pregnant and has a child through surgery. What is going on?

Bened’s life is not as smooth as ordinary people. Since his birth, he has been raised by his parents as girls, but he also felt his difference in the process of getting along with his friends.

Fortunately, his parents never put pressure on him. When he wanted to do whatever he wanted, his parents’ understanding also made his psychology greatly comforted.Therefore, Belnett learned to sing and dance with girls when he was a child, and also practiced empty -handed with the boy.

Nevertheless, in adolescence, the differences between him and ordinary people became more and more obvious.Bennett found that in addition to breast development, his throat knot was gradually prominent, and the beard on his face was surprisingly fast.

At that time, his mother told him that he had wearing underwear, but he was not excited because of this age. Instead, he felt that underwear made him feel very uncomfortable, so he always took off his mother with his mother and waited until he returned home.Put on again.

Although his perception of gender is very vague, he also had an appointment with others during school. Of course, he not only dated girls, but also dated boys.

But at the age of 18, his voice began to become thicker and thicker, and the beard was full of face. At this time, except for the reproductive organs without men, there were no differences from a rough man in other places. At this time, at this time, at this timeHe began to interact with women, and at the same time, his special physiological structure also caused him to attract many homosexuality.

Later, the doctor told him that he was actually a bisexual.Immediately afterwards, he performed a degeneration surgery in 2014, removed the breasts, and began to take testicular hormones. He wanted to be a real man.But he did not have the surgery of reproductive organs.

By 2017, Bened and designer colleagues Malik Kaspa fell in love, and soon the two decided to form a family.Bened hesitated not to perform the reproductive system because he considered whether he wanted to have birth. In the end, he decided to prepare for pregnancy after ending hormone treatment.

In the end, he was naturally successful in February 2020 and gave birth to a baby boy 8 months later. In the end, he did not give up his life because of physical physiological reasons.Your own happiness.

It may be that in the cognition of many people, there are two reproductive organs that have two sets of reproductive systems and men’s and women’s shapes. People with two sets of reproductive systems do exist, but the number is very small. GenerallySexual people are only a person with a reproductive system.

Bisexual people are medicines in medicine as authentic bisexual malformations and pseudo -sex deformities. True bisexual malformations are people with two sets of reproductive systems just now, and they have the reproductive function of men and women.The system can also work normally.

There is only one reproductive system in the body with false gender deformities. Generally, only a male or female gender will only be shown in appearance. The traits and appearance they show before adolescence are not much different from other children, but once adolescence is reached,Later, the traits of their bodies will be very contradictory.

Bened is a typical female pseudo -sex deformity. The main reason for bisexuals is that their gonads do not match their chromosomes after their own mutations, which can cause female bodies to develop male second sex in adolescence.Develop a second sexual characteristic of women.

In the end, the bisexuals are not terrible. With the current medical technology, we are completely cured. We should not laugh at them or look at them with strange eyes. After all, their destiny is already very bumpy. What we need to do is to do it.Look at everyone with the same eyes and give everyone recognition and respect.

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