The 38 -year -old Taiwanese actress official Xuan was pregnant, taking nearly 200 stitches for her child, and the belly acupuncture was covered with a large piece of bruises.

Recently, Xuan Xuan quickly shared this good news with you after pregnancy.After all, in order to be able to succeed in conceiving her children, she can say a lot of efforts, so she also quickly shared with fans after having this good news.After learning that she was pregnant, fans also commented on congratulations.For her 38 years old, she is really not easy to get her first child.

After marrying her husband 19 years, she wanted a child.At that time, the relationship between the two was very sweet, and her husband had good care of her. He put all her property in her name, making her feel safe.Therefore, after getting married, both of them urgently hoped to usher in a child and make the entire family more lively.However, I did not expect that the two have been trying to prepare for three years, prepared all kinds of preparations, and tried a lot of methods, but they could not wait for the news.

After the two went to the hospital for a detailed examination, they discovered that there was a problem with her uterus, which led to the only one -side tubal left, so it would be more difficult to say if you want to conceive.And it is likely to have a miscarriage after pregnancy, but she will not give up any opportunity to ask for her heart.After learning that she had a problem with her body, she began to frequently enter and exit the hospital, seeking famous doctors, hoping to make herself a baby.At that time, she even started trying to get pregnant artificially. It can be said that she had suffered a lot.

She herself said that her people might have a fetal needle every two or three days, but her situation is special, so she needs to get injections every day.This directly leads to unable to stop even in the process of work, because injections need to be maintained every day.Once she had to get an injection when she was filming, but her husband was not with her, and she just didn’t dare to start. Later, the colleagues in the same group were willing to help her to successfully get the fetal needle.For pregnancy, she has taken more than 200 stitches on her body.She said that all the 200 stitches were all stuck on her belly, and she was almost everywhere.Due to too much needle, the belly is also a large piece of bruises.

When she heard her description, she knew how much she suffered in this process, but fortunately, she now succeeded in conceiving her first baby, hoping that she could successfully give birth to the child.Today, she has been pregnant for 5 months and has entered a stable period, so she will announce generously to fans’ friends.When she first learned about this good news, she was very excited that the God of Lucky finally saw herself.

Indeed, she finally welcomed her own children.After pregnancy, she was a little fatter than before, but fortunately, her husband took care of her very carefully, and she also relieved her body at home.Now she is better than a day a day, and patiently looks forward to the child’s arrival at home. I hope that after five months, I can hear the good news of the baby’s successful birth. I hope she can share with you on the social platform.Mom’s joy!

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