The 39 -year -old Zhu Dan took a pregnant photo to celebrate his birthday, his hands stroked the pregnant belly, and the second child was still in a good state.

Unconsciously, I have accompanied everyone in "I Love the Lyrics" to spend one -day female host Zhu Dan who has been 39 years old.

On August 4th, Zhu Dan, who ushered in her 39th birthday, exposed a group of pregnancy photos on social media. She looked very good in her state.

In the photo, Zhu Dan strikes a pale yellow slim skirt with elegant temperament.Compared with before pregnancy, her face has become a bit round, but her figure is still very good, and there is no obvious blessing.She put her hands on her pregnant belly, and smiled when she looked at the camera.

From the background of the photo, Zhu Dan stood in front of the mirror barefoot.I saw her exquisite makeup and attracted red lips. While using her hair to make her hair behind her ears, she tilted her head and showed a sweet smile, looking good.

In another photo, Zhu Dan dangled softly on his cheeks. Her right hand stroked the pregnant belly, and looked down at the gently when she looked down at her pregnant belly.

Although he is older with a second child, Zhu Dan’s status is not affected and his complexion is very good.She is looking forward to the little life and she also goes to the temple to make a wish for blessing.

In the photo, Zhu Dan was wearing a white dress, a white hat on his head, and a camera hanging on his shoulders.Standing in the temple, she closed her hands with her hands, her expression was devout.

As a prospective mother, Zhu Dan wrote a good wish for the baby who was not born in social media. She said: "If the wish is really useful, I only hope that my baby will give my mother the greatest support to the mother.Occasionally wayward effort … Today, beautiful … ".

It is understood that in 2017, Zhu Dan got married with the four -year love on Monday and confirmed pregnancy.The first daughter of the two was born in the same year.

In June of this year, Zhu Dan appeared in the live broadcast room, and announced the good news of his second child to the audience.During the live broadcast, she faced the camera sideways, held her belly gently with her hands, and moved carefully.

Zhu Dan, who couldn’t hold joy, also revealed that his mother was very unsuccessful in the live broadcast. He always thought that he was uncomfortable with the stomach, and the second child was not in the plan. It was not good to find the good news of pregnancy until the nausea during pregnancy.

In addition, she also explained the reason why the news was announced in 3 months, saying that she was an older mother after all, and the reaction during pregnancy was fierce. I was afraid that the accidents would be disappointed after the announcement of too early.The news.

After the second child, Zhu Dan’s concern for her eldest daughter did not decrease. Not long ago, some netizens took her to play with her daughter with a pregnant belly.

The birth of a new life is always an exciting thing. I hope that Zhu Dan will go well and look forward to the birth of the baby.

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