The 47 -year -old pregnant woman went to the hospital to protect the fetus, but took a 6 -day contraceptive and bleed!Dean: Posted the wrong medicine

Ms. Zhu is 47 years old. More than a month ago, she was pregnant. For the whole family, this was a good news.However, a few days ago, the hospital’s operation made Ms. Zhu’s family unacceptable.

Incident, Jiangxi Ping Township.More than 40 days ago, Ms. Zhu learned that she was pregnant. On August 29, she went to the local Hanhe Hospital for treatment.Insufficient progesterone.

Ms. Zhu took the prescription to Hanhe Hospital’s pharmacy to take medicine, but it was "You Siming". The scientific name-Que ketone (Que) estrogen tablets. The indication was for women’s contraceptives.

Ms. Zhu said that she did not carefully check whether the medicine on the prescription was consistent with the actual medicine, because she believed that the hospital would not have such a mistake.After taking the medicine, Ms. Zhu took the "You Siming" twice a day according to the dosage of the doctor’s order, that is, the dosage of the musch tablets.

When Ms. Zhu took 6 days in a row, she felt her own discomfort, so she found that she had taken the wrong medicine.Ms. Zhu said, "This is the killing."

On September 8th, the reporter came to the hospital involved. The dean Huang Xiaoling said that the distribution of "You Siming" to Ms. Zhu was also a pregnant woman.After the incident, they visited Ms. Zhu and rectified inside the hospital.

For Ms. Zhu’s family, the most concerned is whether there are hidden fertility hazards to take this contraceptive pill.In this regard, the dean said that she was also inquiring about some documents and consulting some related experts, but whether it was impact and could not guarantee it.

On September 12, the WeChat public account of the WeChat public account of Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province issued a preliminary investigation:

Patient Zhu Moumou was pregnant in Hanhe Hospital in Pingxiang on August 29, 2019 due to pregnancy. The pharmacy of the hospital was taken into the doctor’s pilotinel tablets to be taken for patients.After the patient found that the drug was wrong, he called on the morning of September 6, 2019 to complain to the comprehensive supervision and law enforcement bureau of Pingxiang City Health and Family Planning.And on September 9th in accordance with the law for investigation and punishment.

At present, the specific situation of the incident is under further investigation and handling, and it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law. The subsequent treatment will be announced in a timely manner.

Source: Look at the news, Beijing News, Hot Pot Video

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