The 53 -year -old Jennifer Aniston Xiu has no blocking abdomen and is very tight. It is first recognized for the first time as a baby struggle

On November 9, local time, Jennifer Aniston became the focus of the figure again. Wearing a small black skirt with a very saved material. This 53 -year -old Hollywood old female star showed her still slim posture to everyone.And the full -fold skin, it is easy to make people shine.

On the cover of the magazine, Aniston showed out the tight abdomen without cover, and the vest line was really clear enough.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, the one that Aniston wore a very small corset was a work of "Grandma incense" in 1995. At that time, it was often on the runway.Bluni, the former French first lady, has shown it, and the fabric is more saved than the Aniston’s.

Just four years ago, the live -action actress Kim Kardashian also put on it, and shared Meizhao to social media for fans to appreciate.It can only be said that after Kardashian put on it, it makes people feel that this corset is too small.

Aniston appeared on the magazine and generously showed the tight and fit. It seemed to want to tell people that it was not terrible to tell people that it was not terrible, and it depends on how you live.

Although the image was very eye -catching, the thing that Aniston told was the reason why she boarded the "hot search" this time. For the first time, she publicly acknowledged that she had struggled for pregnancy.

She is subjectively not wanting to have a baby.

Aniston had two marriages. For the first time, he was particularly famous. He was a combination of "Golden Boy Jade Girl" with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

From the perspective of many fans, the two can no longer match it. Whether it is appearance or reputation, or personality, the combination is so seamless, but I did not expect that only for 5 years, the marriage ended.Of course, Angelina Julie’s intervention is the main fuse, but Aniston has fewer words for people who have destroyed their marriage for many years, nor have it been too excited about her husband.Pitter felt that he couldn’t afford her.

Jennifer’s second husband is Justin Cyloss, and he is also an actor like Pitter, but he is inferior to his reputation.

Anisiston and Cyloss’s marriage only maintained for 2 years, and when they broke up, there were rumors that the 51 -year -old Sirlocks divorced because his wife could not have birth.

And this time Aniston responded to these rumors, saying that whether it is with Pete or Cex, not to divorce because "it will not give them a child", "this is definitely a lie. I have nothing to do at this point."

But she really worked very hard to give birth to a baby.My regret, "If someone said to me when I was young," freezing your eggs and helping yourself a busy ", I will hesitate at all costs." "But no one really tells me, so I can only do this."" ".

Aniston added that it really feels a bit liberated now. "Unfortunately, I don’t have to consider these anymore."In addition, she also plans to publish a book, telling her experience of fertility, and also to tell some "truth."

Anniston’s story of struggling for the baby soon became a hot topic in social media.Social media praised Aniston, "You never know what people have experienced behind the scenes … Stop assumption and judge every little thing! Thank you Jennifer Aniston to share your story."

Whether the 38 -year -old "Penny" has been struggling with a baby, the outside world is unknown, but she is now pregnant, and Tom Pelphrey, the third husband, is about to usher in aFemale treasure.

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