The 6 major causes of back pain after giving birth, it is recommended that pregnant mothers prevent early prevention

Postpartum back pain is a problem that plagues many mothers

The three aunts and six wives all said:

It must be painless when having a child, damage the lumbar spine!

Although painless delivery is currently recognized as the safest and most reliable analgesic method, it is easy to connect back pain with it because it is punctured on the waist and back.In fact, after recalling, there are no mothers who have painless children around you, and many of them will have back pain.

Why is this?Because the culprit is the first person.

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6 categories of postpartum back pain

Some time ago, the novice mother came to our hospital anesthesia clinic for consultation:

"Doctor, I had painless pain when I gave birth to a baby. At that time, there was really no pain and easy and smooth. But about 15 days after giving birth, I started to have back pain. Is it a side effect of painless needle?"

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After examination and diagnosis, Xiao He was just muscle fatigue on the back and back pain.

It turns out that she usually holds the baby, does not wet urine, and takes a bath. She has done everything herself, and has always used the left lying position to breastfeed. The breastfeeding posture is incorrect.

Under the guidance of a doctor’s treatment, Xiao He’s back pain disappeared half a month later.

Doctors of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital stated that there are mainly the following reasons for low back pain:


Hormone affects pelvic relaxation and deformation

In addition to estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, there is another higher level of hormone -serum relaxation.

In order to take delivery during childbirth, the serum relaxation relaxes the ligament of the pelvis, and the increased uterus, fetus, and amniotic fluid placenta will increase the support of the waist.


Abdominal increase during pregnancy

· The abdominal increase during pregnancy and tilted forward and downward, causing the physiological bending of the spine to imbalance.

In order to maintain the balance of the body, the back muscles of the pregnant woman are tight, causing the waist muscles to be in a state of not relaxing.


Excessive fatigue after childbirth

Improper breastfeeding posture

· In the second birth process of childbirth, the mother needs to use a special position to give birth to the fetus for several hours. After the birth, the mother needs to bend over and take care of the baby, adding a huge burden on the waist.

If Bao Ma’s breastfeeding posture is not right or discharged from the dew, it will cause pelvic blood stasis, and it will also cause waist pain.


Rectus abdominis separation

· Due to the separation of rectus muscles in pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are weak and weakly cause the core muscle mechanical imbalance, and it can also cause postpartum back pain.


Physiological calcium deficiency

· Bone density is closely related to calcium.Mother breastfeeding mothers will provide the body absorbed by the body to maintain their growth through milk, which will cause the maternal calcium loss and easily cause osteoporosis.


Less postpartum exercise and weight gain

· Many mothers eat better from pregnancy to postpartum. When confinement, they often lie on the bed and recuperate. They exercise less, gain weight, increase abdominal fat, increase the load of the waist muscles, cause lumbar muscle strain to cause back pain.

In addition, the original lumbar spine disease, too tight waist, and postpartum sacred joint dislocation can also cause waist discomfort.


How to prevent back pain after giving birth?

Knowing the possible cause of back pain, how to prevent and control?These 4 suggestions for pregnant mothers, please accept it ~

Diet in a reasonable prenatal, avoid obesity

Obesity will not only increase the burden on the waist, but the fetus is too large to the mother’s childbirth.Controlling weight has become a key to prevent production injuries.

Pay attention to postpartum position

Maintain adequate sleep after giving birth, and often change the bed posture.Avoid bending down, standing for a long time, and too hard, do not run too early, walk away, so as not to cause back pain to cause the back pain in the uterine or the uterine prolapse.

Proper calcium supplementation during the enclosure period

Drink plenty of milk, eat sesame and other calcium -rich foods, bask in the sun, and promote the absorption of calcium, which is also conducive to providing sufficient calcium for the fetus and babies.

Take a timely treatment

If low back pain occurs, it is not possible to relieve the appropriate waist massage and physiotherapy after physical therapy. You should go to the hospital in time.

The pain of in vivo of the in vivo and muscle nerve relief and stagnation of the in vivo of the pain point of the pain point of our hospital is an effective way to treat chronic low low back pain.

This also explains again that painless delivery will have the concerns of the sequelae of low back pain, which is unnecessary.


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