The 6 skin care brands used by pregnant women with confidence are online. Who said that pregnancy is not a girl.

Yesterday, my girlfriend told me that they had a big plan: they had to start preparing for pregnancy ~ Okay, good to say good to enjoy the two after marriage

What about the world?Her next sentence is: I stopped all the makeup products and skin care products I used before, and I was afraid that it would have an impact on the fetus.

Do you have to give up your beloved LAMER, La Prairie, Xantica, CPB?of course not!Pregnancy 美 Give up to become beautiful

The skin will become sensitive in the early stages of pregnancy, which is easier to dry and dehydrated than usual. Due to hormones, some pregnant mothers even have acne, redness, itching

Do not care at this time, and more troublesome postpartum.

If you want to be a small face with a small face Q, you don’t have to look at the composition table frown. Today, let’s share a wave of specialty for pregnant mothers.

The professional skin care brand of the sound, how can I not step on the mine ~

"The safest Guide to Love Aesthetics" is taken away without thanks

1. Cleans

FANCL Fang Ke Smooth Moisturizing Flour

Even if you are pregnant, you cannot ignore the cleaning problem of the face of the face. This cleaning flour is pure and natural without adding, mild and non -irritating. Pregnant women are available.

The color powder is delicate, the powder is very delicate, and there is no grain.The oily skin is refreshing, dry skin and neutrophil moisturizing.Cleansing is thorough, smooth after washing

It is not tight, moisturizing and moisturizing, and it must be used up within 2 months.

Clarins Mild Foam Cleansing Milk

This is very gentle, the smell is light and not irritating, the foam is also very delicate and rich, and it can clean the residual on the face.Keep the water and oil balance, make the skin make the skin

Soft and smooth, full of healthy luster, which is suitable for pregnant women, but the price is expensive, and the girl with a lot of pockets can consider starting.

2, lotion

Fresh rose lotion

This lotion does not contain alcohol. The taste is a faint rose taste. It is very comfortable and moisturized, but it is very gentle and non -irritating. It is suitable for oily

Pregnant women with skin and sensitive muscles.

3. Essence

AHC hyaluronic acid essence

The essence of the hydration effect is great. The ingredients are very mild, the pregnant woman is available, the texture is thick, and the hydration effect is great, so it is easy to absorb and push away. It is said that it is also

It can effectively eliminate red blood silk, which is suitable for pregnant women with big dry skin.

4, cream

LAMER Essence Cream

This is called a magic cream. It can be used during pregnancy. Some pregnant women will be sensitive and dry after pregnancy.

Use in the autumn and winter.Summer will be a bit greasy, but there should be no burden for large dry skin. The hydration and repair effect are very good.

Frost.But the wife is too expensive ~ lady cream.

5. Shampoo

Germany tender folic acid shampoo

This shampoo is a German authoritative Orthahn Laboratory. The entire process of product development and production has undergone strict control, and the product quality is trustworthy!

In addition, it is a solid pure amino acid shampoo. The main ingredient is "edible level of folic acid", which can reduce the probability of fetal deformity; secondly it also contains a variety of amino acids we are most concerned about.The components of these two types are combined, and the moisturizing effect is great!And it also has a certain cleaning power, so that the pregnant mother can also challenge for three days without washing their hair on the basis of reducing their hair!

In the end, I want to talk about the biggest highlight of this shampoo is that there is no trace of flavors!The texture is smooth and easy to bubble!This shampoo is a necessary item for pregnant mothers!

During pregnancy, skin care products are needed than ever before, because of hormones and other reasons, large pores, dry skin, pigmentation, and pigmentation,

Dark circles may make Ma Ma "faceless" during pregnancy. So, cleansing and moisturizing cannot be lost, or a hard -working little fairy.

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