The 67 -year -old aunt was pregnant and would rather leave the relationship with her children. What happened later?

On October 29, 2019, in the Shandong Zaozhuang Woman and Child Health Hospital, a newborn fell to the ground with the hands of medical staff, and the delivery room was filled with a festive atmosphere.

This was blessed by many of the couples Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju who had just given birth to the children. They looked at the babies in the middle of their hearts and were sincere.

However, many reporters have been surrounded outside the door of the health hospital. Their interview target is the two couples. This can’t help but be confused. They are celebrities?What’s more special about this child?

In fact, it is really shocking. It is the age of the woman Tian Xinju. She is 67 years old this year, and her husband is even 70 years old!

As we all know, when a woman is more than forty years old, she is already a old mother who is nailing on the board. Forcibly that the child is not only troublesome, it may not be able to produce smoothly, and may even be in danger of life.Essence

Therefore, Tian Xinju’s producer is called "breaking the limit of fertility", which has aroused widespread attention from the public and news media. The two elderly people not only have to give birth, but even if their original children are cut off the relationship, they still insist on giving birth.This is also curious about the reason behind everything.

We pulled the time back to the long -term 1971. That year, Huang Weiping was only in his 20s, and Tian Xinju was only 19 years old. They were working in the unit and studying in school.

However, because of a chance, the two were able to meet and love at first sight, and quickly established a relationship. They were generally married earlier in that era, so they told the family to their families a year or two.

However, the parents of the Huang family did not agree with the marriage, because they had a good part of the daughter of a large local family in their son. For Tian Xinju, who was ordinary and her ability, she did not have any advantages.

But the relationship between the lovers was strange. They stood together firmly and did not give up. In the end, they couldn’t help but endure their son Huang’s parents.couple.

After the marriage, Huang Weiping continued to work in a fixed unit, and Tian Xinju also entered the local maternal and child health hospital to become a nurse. The situation of the two was relatively stable, so the family also stepped forward steadily.

In terms of emotion, they did better. The intimacy of love at the beginning of the year continued for a long time. In the decades later, they almost did not quarrel. They were recognized as model couples in the eyes of people around them.

The couple later gave birth to their own children. They were a male. With the opening of the national "second child" policy, they gave birth to another daughter a few years later.

Time rushed away like flowing water. In a blink of an eye, both of them were already pale. Even their bunch of children have already become family and their living conditions are very good. They are very happy.

By 2010, the granddaughter of the two elderly people of Huang and Tian all reached the age of college. A big family was lively. They were extremely happy. The two of them also paid attention to exercise and health for a long time, so there was no pain in the whole body.After retirement, the welfare benefits of the unit are also very good, and the pension is relatively rich.

Therefore, they live very leisurely on weekdays. In addition to a series of activities such as square dance, potted plants, and Tai Chi, they help bring their grandchildren and granddaughter.

But it seems that God is unwilling to make the life of the couple so bland. In the next time, a series of unexpected turns appeared one after another.

Although Tian Xinju was a medical worker, he knew how to keep health, but his body was worse than her husband, so in 2015, Tian Xinju’s body was suddenly a little uncomfortable, making her often feel dizzy and chest tightness, and her limbs were weak.The diagnosis of old Chinese medicine said that this is just a common "qi stagnation and blood stasis" commonly used by the elderly. The problem is not big. Just take some medicine.

Tian Xinju took the medicine on time and added more. It really recovered, and her mental state was even especially before. Such a situation lasted for three years, but three years later, she suddenly suffered from cavity cerebral infarction.

This kind of cerebral infarction sounds serious, but it is not difficult to treat. Most patients can recover. Tian Xinju was hospitalized step by step, and then recovered smoothly.

As soon as a person comes up, it is all here, so it is normal for Tian Xinju to have a wave of twists and turns, but shortly after the discharge, Tian Xinju often feels uncomfortable.

Because of the first healing, she didn’t doubt anything at all at first, but after a few days later, she was stunned after going to the toilet. As a 66 -year -old lady, she had stopped menstruation for ten years, but now, she has actually actually turned out to be.Re -menstruation!

The two scared old people hurried to the hospital, but the doctor only said that it should be affected by drug stimulation during the treatment, and it would be fine after a while.

During this time, Tian Xinju came to menstruation on time every month, but after a few months, the situation disappeared. The old couple saw that the doctor said it was right., Continue to live a bland life.

Until one day in 2019, Tian Xinju suddenly had an intra -abdominal colic and was rushed to the hospital after being sent to the hospital. Finally, the doctor told them that Tian Xinju was fine, but she was pregnant.

Just pregnant!

The news made the two elderly people almost fainted. They strongly asked the hospital to check it again, but the results were exactly the same. They looked at each other, and they were full of incredible eyes.

Helplessly, the old couple had to inform their children the news that it was not difficult to imagine that they were surprised when they received the call.This is really …

The husband and wife Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju first held a small family meeting themselves. The two of them were surprisingly consistent. They wanted to give birth to the child. They did not want to give up this little life. They felt that this incredible child was the gift of heaven.Essence

After learning the idea of husband and wife, the pressure came to the hospital. Even the most experienced obstetrics and gynecologists could not grasp this special situation. After several experts metThe most reasonable suggestion: Give up this child.

The doctors have made a detailed analysis -Tian Xinju has been nearly seventy at the moment. According to the reason, women’s fertility ability will be highly reduced after the age of 40, and like her, the ovarian function has almost degraded. In fact, even pregnancy is even pregnant.You should not be able to conceive.

Tian Xinju itself has chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. These problems make her body fragile, and her physical strength is far less than young women. Many dangerous conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, postpartum bleeding, and amniotic fluid embolism are likely to occur.These will lead to the most terrible consequences -one body and two lives.

However, after all, the health hospital is a third -party institution. They can only persuade, but the children of the elderly are different. This is important. Even if a pair of children work in the field, after hearing the mother’s decision, they still ask for leave.My hometown.

In front of the bed, the original harmonious family has gradually evolved from the controversy to a big quarrel. For this reason, it is believed that everyone can understand:

The first is the safety issue. None of the children of Tian Xinju are unwilling to see her mother dangerous due to production accidents, and this possibility is still very high.

Secondly, what if the child really gave birth to?After all, parents are all rare people. Do you really have enough energy to raise a child from an early age?How much pressure is the pressure from milk powder to school to talking about marriage.

The daughter of the Huang family is upright, and she simply says: "You are so old now, can you really care for the child to develop adults? In case of any situation, my brother and I have no small pressure on my family. Who will come at that time, who will come at that timeWhat about this child? "

Although this is direct, it is also extremely realistic, which represents the unanimous view of family members.

In addition, there is a reason why it cannot be ignored: if Tian Xinju gave birth to this child, then he is the youngest child in the family, and it is precisely speaking with others.

But now Tian Xinju’s granddaughter is 18 years old. At that time, the children in this cricket will be the elders. Tian Xinju’s other two forty -year -old children will use this child as their younger brother and sister.It is also quite awkward.

Under the accumulation of various factors, the two sides fought fiercely with a fierce battle, and in the end, they saw that their parents were dead. The two children of the Huang family fell directly to the door and even threatened that if the mother insisted on giving birth, they would be with them, and they would be with them.Disterpretation of relationships.

In contrast, the two husbands and wives, why are they firm?There are probably three reasons.

First of all, as an old health doctor who has been in the industry for decades, Tian Xinju has seen countless children’s tragic situations in her life. When she is old this year, she does not want her child to experience such a thing again.

Secondly, the current welfare treatment of the old couple is still quite good. The two retirement benefits are added together and can get more than 10,000 yuan per month. Their own expenses are very small, so they feel that they are fully capable of raising their children, and they also have the ability to raise their children.Do not put pressure to others at home.

Furthermore, the two elderly people felt that the child who suddenly came, and it was the fate of God to heaven, otherwise how could there be no precedent in China, so he was unwilling to give up.

In the following period of time, after many weighing weighing, the couple made the final decision -let the hospital observe the situation of Tian Xinju closely. If there is abnormalities, it will not be born.

And God once again showed a miracle. During Tian Xinju’s hospitalization, after the supervision of the experts, her own physical condition and the fetal condition were very good.Massage and chatting are extremely excited.

The old couple had already named the child in advance. Huang Tianci, obviously, this name means that she is a gift from God, including her parents’ blessings to her.

In this way, in October, the birth of the fetus was fleeting. On October 25, 2019, with the escort of the dozen health hospitals of obstetrics and gynecology, the dean of the Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zaozhuang City, and the super -old woman Tian XinjuThe nurse was pushed into the delivery room for a caesarean section surgery.

In the extremely intense atmosphere and the attention of countless people, this operation was finally successful, and the mother and children were both able to preserve. The Huang family has since added a new family and a lovely daughter.

Not only is the festive taste inside and outside the ward, but media reporters from all walks of life have also broke through the threshold and scrambled to report the "oldest natural pregnant woman in my country".

Tian Xinju’s son was most worried about the safety of her mother. After hearing her successful delivery, she quickly accepted this newborn sister. Although Tian Xinju’s daughter still did not go home for a while, she later spent time.After seeing the cute appearance of the little sister, she finally chose to accept and took the initiative to go home to help her mother take care of her sister.

And Huang Weiping is undoubtedly an absolute father. Due to his bad health, he has always been hard -bone.The original leisure life suddenly became as busy as when he was young, but he was happy.

It is true that as Huang Tianci gradually grows up, the costs they need to get more, but in order to be closer to their children, the two elderly people also strive to learn various modern knowledge.After opening the account, not only sharing the life and experience of children, but also brought goods and sold some infant supplies.

To this day, there are hundreds of thousands of fans of the couple’s account. The money obtained through this channel has also greatly improved their lives. In the face of some netizens, in case the unfortunate death, what should children do?,,

Huang Weiping said openly that he was born in a longevity family. Grandma and father died until 96 years old, and his mother lived to 87 years old. He believed that he could also live for a long time.

The world is unpredictable, and there are tens of millions of people in the world, but the parents of the world’s parents are the same. Everyone will make different choices, and they will also gain different happiness. At least for the two elderly people, everything is worthy of everything deserves it is worth it.of.

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