The 7 -person small workshop reaches 16 million players. This group of "Blizzard rebellion" is forcing MMO Rongguang

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X.

The world has changed too quickly, and it is all the strange things that happen to be beyond our imagination. You do n’t think of Microsoft ’s real purpose of acquiring Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion. Is it actually to enter the mobile game market?IntersectionIntersection

The most terrible thing is that after the Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer was interviewed by Bloomberg, after exposing the truth, we must let the survivor Blizzard focus on the establishment of a mobile game platform, and the backhand ushered in the British market competition and the Market Authority."Anti -monopoly" survey.

Yes, these British guys actually believe that the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard will have a impact on the British game market, especially the cloud game and mobile games.

Blizzard, who has begun to create the myth of the MMO online game, is essentially the "small broken developer" of the mobile game platform.

Human sadness and joy are not connected. At the same time as a series of well -known IPs such as "World of Warcraft", Fans of Blizzard are about to "mobile game", while "Fighting Battle 2" created by "Blizzard Base" ArenaNet Studio ushered inThe 10th anniversary birthday.

On the big map of "Fighting 2", players who are still working together to push the boss are still all overwhelmed. That lively and energetic, it can be described as crowded, gongs and drums, and there is a lot of recasting MMO online games.

At the same time, according to the recruitment information released by ArenaNET, they are recruiting a batch of senior technical content designers who know the unreal 5 engine to create a mature online MMOPRG online game sequel.Talent.

Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, on the one hand, the "World of Warcraft", which is about to be controversial, is about to move towards mobile game; on the other side is eager to try, want to start the new era of "Fighting War 2" …

In the past two decades, what kind of grievances are there between Blizzard and "Blizzard’s rebellion" ArenaNet studio?Today, Dr. X will take you to find out!

Priority 1: Leaving Blizzard’s independent portal?Three young people who dare to scream with Warcraft

There are many "ups and downs" in the history of the game to surpass "World of Warcraft", but you have heard of it that someone will want to make a one before the World of Warcraft., More free, and more suitable for players to experience MMO masterpieces?

Such a dramatic scene took place in February 2000. The three migrant workers made the decision to leave Blizzard and stand their own portal in the late night of a certain overtime.The work of "more bullish" online game comes out!

(Mike O’Brien)

These three young people who say "go away" are the main design of "Warcraft", Patrick Wyatt, Vice President of Blizzard, "Diablo" image engineer, Mike O’Brien, the father of war network, and "StarCraft" designDivision and Blizzard chief programmer Jeff Stration, the top is the ceiling level in the industry.

If they did not leave Blizzard in that year, as long as they were officially released until the "World of Warcraft", they could easily realize the wealth freedom of annual income and live a "simple and boring" rich life.

(Patrick Wyatt)

However, there is no regret medicine in the world. Compared with the Blizzard employees who are comfortable in the office building, these three "Blizzard rebellion" can only be squeezed in the Patrick Wyatt’s home that is small.In the spare bedroom, they exchanged their views on MMO online games and recruited four like -minded work partners.

In order to avoid fierce quarrels that affect the schedule of Patrick Wyatt’s family, seven people chose to move Mike O’Brien’s new home in Seattle in the summer of 2000.Computers, officially established a studio called Arennet.

And this is all the stories that belong to ArenaNet in the early days of the founding. There is no twists and turns story of the ups and downs. Only a cavity of blood from Blizzard has a bloody blood, and the confusion and regret of the unmanned.

(ArenaNet’s environment when it was just established)

Of course, for the raw and free Mike O’Brien, Patrick Wyatt, and Jeff Stration, they always believe that the premise of exploring a new world is to burn the vessels retained as a back road so that you can be more active than anyone else.Go to explore.

Therefore, the humble office environment in the living room of Mike O’Brien is far more comfortable and loose than the Blizzard Building. It is more suitable for game developers to show their fists and go to the new World of Warcraft.

Priority 2: Is not the ultimate goal beyond Warcraft?The first game company in history only serves players

Although in the eyes of many players, Blizzard rebelled in person, and the "Guild Wars" series of "Guild Wars" series of "Fighting War" series of works such as the traditional RPG settings and the label across the Times MMO online game work.World of World of Warcraft ".

Especially in the formal release of "Fighting War 2", it rely on the proud sales of 3.5 million copies to become an online game with the most annual sales in the history of the game. Almost all media and players regard it as a "Warcraft killer"It is an excellent work with the ability with the front of Blizzard.

(Sales record beyond Warcraft)

However, in the view of the founder Mike O’Brien, the ultimate goal of the "Fighting War" series games is far more than surpassing "World of Warcraft".

They want to create the first game company in history that only serve players, to become a loyal user of their own games, and make their favorite gameplay step by step without being limited by anyone and capital.

In order to achieve this romantic goal, Mike O’Brien and Patrick Wyatt have abandoned the traditional office model. They did not even have their own offices, and they directly moved a dining table in a happy office in the corridor.

The most exaggerated is that the big boss of Pingyi’s loved ones sometimes is sometimes a new intern, as a hygienic cleaning uncle.And Mike O’Brien will also be interested in going with the interns who just come to discuss some questions in the game in order to change some unreasonable gameplay.

Such a relaxed working environment has created a large number of sky -high gameplay creativity in the early days of "Fighting War 2", such as the world dynamics that changes at all times.Interesting festival activities.

By the way, before the release of "Fighting 2", almost all Arena’s employees had already played in the test suit for 3 years, and this is also the biggest base for them to launch this game -a one that allows the game to make the game allowThe long -term game of designers will inevitably create enough fun for players.

Point three: Not only "Fighting 2", these masterpieces that want to surpass Warcraft are all made by Arenanet founder?

Although the industry has always regarded Mike O’Brien, Patrick Wyatt, and Jeff Stration as the founder of the entire "Fighting War" series, and the iron triangle of the new generation of MMO online games.

But in fact, "Fighting War 2", which subverts the traditional MMO online game framework, was leaned out by Mike O’Brien alone.

According to relevant information, when ArenaNet first launched "Warcraft 1" but lost to the peak period, Mike O’Brien, Patrick Wyatt and Jeff Strain still compromised helplessly to compromise and angels.Investor NCSOFT made a certain degree of concessions, and this also laid a foreshadowing for Arena’s "forced separation".

In 2008, NCSOFT took away Jeff Stration from Arennet on the grounds of assisting the expansion of new markets and appointed it as the game development director of the new NCSOFT North American branch.Immediately afterwards, NCSOFT transferred Pat Wyatt to the project team of "Eternal Tower" and appointed him as the main designer, and was responsible for the design and debugging of the "Eternal Tower" gameplay.

It is worth mentioning that under the careful tuning of Pat Wyatt, "Eternal Tower" has also become one of the competitors to challenge the rule of World of Warcraft.

Perhaps, I realized that the NCSOFT was unwilling. Jeff Stration and Pat Wyatt, who were forced to separate, chose to leave NCSOFT for one year after being transferred from Arena.

Jeff Strain turned his head and hugged Microsoft’s thighs and established an undead laboratory to create a generation of classic lost game IP "Rotten Country", while Pat Wyatt is even more absolutely.The accumulated experience ran to "Blue Cave" to make a new generation of action online game "TERA" that also subverted the traditional MMO settings.

To be honest, ArenaNet left to the entire game industry, which is by no means just as simple as the "Fighting War" series.

Especially the running Jeff Stration and Pat Wyatt, they have more absolute dominance in "World of Warcraft", injecting a rebellious spirit in the industry, bringing a lotMany virtual worlds that can be divided into autumn with the Azeroth continent have created the golden age that belongs to MMO online games.

Point 4: Nirvana Rebirth, ArenaNet, who wants to recast MMO Glory

Of course, the accident of Jeff Stration and Pat Wyatt still has a great negative impact on the game operation of "Fighting War 2" itself.

From 2012 to 2016, both of them used personal charm and influence to take away a large number of outstanding R & D talents from Arennet, which led to the update progress of "Fighting War 2".The film "Decisive Mai Guma" delayed for more than three years.

According to incomplete statistics, from the stunning of "Fighting War 2" to the release of the first expansion film, at least 60%of the players in the game have missed the best opportunity to surpass Warcraft.

Fortunately, Mike O’Brien, who stayed in ArenaNet, promptly adjusted the direction of the game update in time, and also made a certain concession to some of the traditional MMO.

Starting from the second "Flame March" expansion film, "Fighting War 2" gradually strengthened the concepts of gameplay such as mounting skin, time -limited achievements, Zhou Chang copy, etc., which provided full reasons for everyone to spend time on the Tailia mainland.Essence

In the third part of this year’s line, "Dragon Dragon", "Fighting 2" completely "let go of itself".

ArenaNet is no longer entangled in subverting a traditional MMO gameplay, or pondering the creativity beyond "World of Warcraft", but to return to the original intention of how to make the player cool, how to do the original intention of the game, the fun of professionalism for professionalism, the fun of professionalism for professionalism.The difficulty of Zhou Chang’s copy has been adjusted to a certain extent, so that the number of players changed from loss to growth, and finally broke through the 16 million mark!

According to Dr. X’s view, "Fighting War 2", which is born of Nirvana, can indeed be called the hope of recasting MMO online games in the past.

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